Dark Lyrics


1. The Rhinemaiden's Song


2. Thistle's Cairn


Among the rocks and roots,
Lay bones as old as time;
Resting in a deathly moot
Beneath a velvet sky.

A cairn built for kings
Holds me within the deep.
A dreams broken wing
Protects me while I sleep.

Walking through silken moors all dressed in white:
Here comes the earth mother with a wand of fiery light.

Hear me, see me,
Touch me, feel me
And rise, my deathly one.

Walking through silken moors all pale and grey:
Risen from Thistle's Cairn, a ghost from a Celtic night.

3. Obsidian

Follow the trail through the dark hills
Beneath a moon that shines like the sun:
You'll find the place where we belong.

I gaze upon the world in fear of what I've ruined!

Through fire and stone I was expelled.
I am the dark one: the obsidian queen!

Hollow are those who seek to destroy
The homes, the lives of those; the quiet.
We beg, we choose: no one will come.

I hide from the evening sun in fear of being burnt alive!

With tears of ash and songs of grief,
I am the sad one: the obsidian queen.

Witch! They call me.
Witch! They hung me.

Hold fast my soul.

4. Dark Wings, Dark Words

Laying under skies, dreaming of stars.
Sleeping with ghosts: dances with wolves.

Hold me close to devilish skin; protect me from a world of sin.
A beloved martyr, a saint and father:
Must we suffer, lost and departed?

Open wounds drag me deeper,
In these hours I'm feeling weaker.
Sinking beneath violent waters,
Waves of vengeance: my immortal.

When I awoke I couldn't see
For austere tears were blinding me.
All lost fears had risen forth
When a raven rapped at my door.

Dark wings, dark words
Lost, forgotten birds.
Black hearts, black deeds,
Cruel words: they bleed.

Falling from grace, I weep for you.
Writhing in pain, I bleed for you.

Broken, fallen, scattered.

5. Wolves

Branches with a muted pallor
Crown this void; cold and forlorn.

Songs of darkness, words of light:
Listen, and you will hear...

The children of the night
Bewitched by a full moons light,
Creating tales of grief and woe,
Singing softly; deathly groans.

Ghostly lights drenched in quietness
Reflected in a pool of nothingness.

Visions of splendour in pale moonlight:
Look and you will see...

When all is quiet and the woods are still,
They commune together like a pack of wolves.

I am the witch of the woods; an ancient wood wife.
I am the forest keeper; a she-wolf brought to life.

6. Made Of Mist

Pale lights calling to me,
Speaking to my misery.
Lost in the dark and unknown:
Lead me to a perpetual home.

Deep in the dismal dark,
A faint, flickering spark.
As ghosts swim through the water,
I wade through the marshes.

Will-o'-the-wisp dancing in the dark,
Made of mist: she is the dark!

A noose chokes me, yet no ropes hang me.
I'm led in shackles, yet no chains hold me.

As night is approaching,
A blood moon is rising:
All hallows eve.

Emerging from waters,
Calm and beguiling:
Oh beautiful one!

As flesh turns to ash,
A smile to anger:
Life to death.

Ensnared by the beauty
Of a mystical night,
You walk to your demise.

I walk through the veil of dreams.

I drift away,
Dreams of death and filthy lust.
My soul decays,
Eaten by disloyal trust.

She haunts my dreams,
She walks through my soul.

7. The Wyvern Child

As cursed rain fell, my soft tears dwelt.

Listen quietly: someone's crying,
Dreams are dying, watch them fly.

Sweet, innocent child:
Where have you gone?
Poor, withering and mild:
The wyvern child.

A king's last word, my screams were heard.

Halls of ruin, wreckage and loss.
Someones bleeding; cursed yet breathing.

As cursed rain fell, my soft tears dwelt.
My screams were heard, my cold last words.

8. Escaping

In her own dreams, in her own world
Seeking solitude and freedom from woe.
She finds herself, the moon is bright;
Where trees grow tall she cannot fall.

As the seasons change whispers come and go,
Sailing from the east and fading in the west.
Scattered memories lay among fallen leaves
A child with no voice, she's lost within herself!

Deep in the woods where she hides,
She's drowning in the blood that she cried.
She dies.

9. Wandering Moon

White demons fall, earthling.
Sheathed in clouds, changeling.

Falling into a weeping earth.

When I gazed into the peasants runes
I saw the wandering moon.

As pale as death, cold moon.
Languid and free, full moon.

Seven bells, seven hells.
Kiss me under dark skies in the garden of doom.

10. She Brings The Winter

Of maiden and crone;
Bathe in snow, chill your bones.

Of sword and bough:
Stone the crows, summers gone.

The oak and pine in mourning,
Branches bare, low and weeping.

Long nights, cold dark days.
Bless us with the falling snow!

We await our death,
She brings the winter.

Of stars and smoke;
Crystal rain not mortally tamed.

Of ice and snow;
Cold winds blow, unhallowed.

The lake of tears lies frozen,
A sea of bodies drowned beneath.

The old gods are hiding, watching,
Bless us with the falling snow!

Her anger storms the skies.

As one life ends, a new begins:
The circle.

The winter comes, this is our death!
But not our end.

I've climbed mountains towards the beyond.
Oh how I've looked to find some release!

I am the winter.

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