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1. An Omen Of Sorrow

"Let me tell you a tragic tale."

Over mountains, across streams:
No earthly mass can veil my dreams.
She is the night; my dark bride;
The only being for which I'd die.

Six hundred years; I have not slept,
For her love; awake I kept.
Beyond the lakes, the castle calls me
Towards her graceful mystery.

The night calls me,
Am I still dreaming?
His words speak to me.
Am I still screaming?

Through distant forests and fields,
I crept swiftly and silently.
At the gates my sorrows drowned;
To look above at a gargoyle's mount.

I stole a rose from her dead garden,
With the hope that it may charm her.
But when I arose, I heard a wail,
From an ugly figure in a dark veil.

All hope is gone,
Am I still waiting?
The end is near;
The end is here.

Oh, how my heart bleeds
To see her lifeless body,
Gathering dust from centuries past.
Now I must believe
That I can go on hoping,
Taking each day as if it were my last.
But, my soul is crumbling,
Every time a tear falls,
I die.

All hope is gone.
Am I still waiting?
The end is here;
But I'm still alone.

2. A Forgotten Misery


3. Winter Rose

Remnants of beauty; shards of dreams,
Drifting endlessly down distant streams.
She cried out with no avail;
Her tears and sorrow then set sail

Under a weeping moon,
She cries out for her loved one.

I am the mountain; a King of old,
A snowy cell where dying flowers grow.
Look to me when skies are burning;
I am the call of constant yearning!

The rose which she seeks,
Only blooms in midwinter.

I am the ancient God of loss and despair,
Too old and proud to lend a caring hand.

"A child's life rests in my hands;
Where to turn, where to hide?
The mother will never rest,
She will always believe he's still here,
Until she finds his bones in a frostbitten tomb!"

The rose which she seeks,
Only grows on a child's grave.

4. In Slumber

I wander, aimlessly through this garden of stones.
A gathering of sad faces cast their gaze upon me,
With their stone cold eyes and their broken smiles,
To lead me to dismay.

Let me fade away into your distant memory.
Let me suffocate,

I'm sinking, drowning in a pool of unclear memories.
Each time I gasp for air I fall away with the tide,
For I know these depths and the enchanting darkness,
I only wish to fall.

Let me drift away into your slumbering dreams.
Let me drown.

Sometimes I glimpse a flicker of your light,
Only to be drenched in depressive night.
And sometimes I hear your sweet nothings,
Soon to be revealed as silent nothings,
In the end.

I will lie beside you in your silence struck grave.
I will die,

5. Beauty

Time is fleeting
Asleep but still breathing
We're all in keeping
With death and his thoughts.
They surround me
I'm blind, yet I still see
I glare at the unseen
This time, I must let go.

Into you, I will fall
Deeper still, I will crawl

Love is fading
With all my daydreams
Flying, cascading
Just a momentary loss.
I lay still.
Dark clouds are coming
Closing, suffocating
What have I become?

From the weaving hands of fate,
All of the beauty must die.

Keep breathing, keep dreaming,
Don't leave me behind.
Keep breathing, keep sleeping,
Keep beauty waking.

Wretched soul of mine,
Empty shell entwined,
Mortal coil unleashed,
Septic wounds diseased.

Your misanthropy,
My lycanthropy,
Two in one combined
The death toll will climb.

As death enraptures me,
And God forsakes thee,
Lucifer comes to me,
Laughing as Jesus bleeds.

For this lost empire,
Alight my funeral pyre.
The ash and oak will burn,
For we will never learn.

We will falter in these hours,
For we're frail and withering flowers.

In the dark I wait for her to cut the rope: my hands are tied.

I will falter in these hours,
For I'm frail and sick with patience.

Ask the witches why the cry,
All the beauty must die.

From the weaving hands of fate,
All of the beauty must die.

Clare Webster — Vocals, Keyboards, Programming, Lyrics, Songwriting
Rob George — Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Production, Keys, Programming, Songwriting

Thanks to ashlinn.snow for sending these lyrics.

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