Dark Lyrics


1. Mystic River

Naked eye
the mirages of twilight
you´re passing by
a silhouette pristine
privy caves
dalles, a lurking peril
downstream the waves
the shining mazarine

a brooding silence fills the air
(into the air)
and i hear voices in despair
(voices despair)
the apparition down below
(down here below)
an anathema long ago
(so long ago)

the elevation glows
silently it flows
entangled never leaves you
and as the night is drawing on
the light of day has gone
the mystic river seizes you

black as coal
woebegone the story
not one lost soul
the essence of the past
lunar sky
dreams of pain and anguish
a lonesome cry
voices fading fast

glaring colors is all i see
in this river of mystery



2. Alight A New Tomorrow

Fraying, straying
decaying, the world´s at sea
are we resigned to our fate ?
Lying, denying
we´re walking aimlessly
trying, slying
saving face no longer

the world is waiting for
a change within our hearts
the last card for us all, a new era starts
so hit the road out there
alight a new tomorrow
recall a far off time
step out here and follow

why, wherefore
hell-bent we should leave
we think we´ve got oceans of time
(Bridges burn)
a decisive turn
it will be waiting to happen
a heavy load, this dusty road
can´t lead us too much longer


the world can´t wait
a change within our hearts
it´s for us all
alight a new tomorrow

3. Star-Crossed Dreamer

Back all those years
when all just used to be
those memories in me

palisades surrounding
deep in my torn heart
the reality it won´t ever start

when a parting kiss is all that will remain
and the feelings of remorse will retain
needs must when the devil drives

what is done is final
and cannot be undone
when all was on the verge and on the run

the path is preordained
the workers of your fate
but it´s your own world you´re free to create

and in the next world i am perfectly alright
all the novels i´m creating day and night
far beyond dark brooding clouds

take me on and on
i am just a star-crossed dreamer
a fancier is all i wanna be
when i return
i´m flying in the face of reason
now and for crying out loud
a poet i´ll be
cause the flame burns in me
and the dreamline is my mystery
forever i´ll shine
the whole world is mine
a dreamer, a fancier am i

4. The Invisible Force

A lurid silence
inside me
reliantly i´m waiting
the affinity
the sweetest destiny
the worlds i am creating

a straw in times disheartening
an insolation clear and pure
the legacy within me
a light to fall on hard times
my ministering angel leads
me all out of the mystery

stay within
you´re the energy, an unfailing source
guided by worlds unseen
the invisible force

bound to give a new lease
on life, the great endeavor, my
road starts deep within me
a field of vision open
an everlasting sunset glow
is tearing down the boundary

the flows shall have no ending
a perfect remedy
every cell electrified in me
the reason of existence
essential key of mine
a neverending road within the shine
so shine



5. Into A Sea Of Souls

Cold, dark
silence at night
feel, seclusion
in the absence of light

bygone, so hopeless
in this solitary shell
seamless, painless
too late to bid you farewell

there comes a light
a cone of rays
and when the last bell tolls
homeward bound am i
leave an angry sky
into a sea of souls

out of the mortal remains
so strange, so bizarre
all just illusion ?
Watching me from afar

my perception
crossing the great divide
life hereafter
to the other side

i see a light
a cone of rays
and when the last bell tolls
homeward bound am i
leave an angry sky
into a sea of souls
they wait for me
as i arrive
and when the last bell tolls
i leave the world terrine
on to fields divine
into the sea of souls

now it´s done, i am there
time is out of joint now, i am here
to understand all is to forgive all
this eternal sea of light

6. Far Out Of Reach

It´s the waterfall falling
it´s the cross on the hill
it´s the fork on the crossroads
it´s the freedom i feel
and it´s tearing my heart
if i must leave again
it´s the beauty of nature unseen
it is endlessly green
i feel a little bit closer

it´s the air that i´m breathing
it´s the spirit of life
and the snowfields i´m crossing
it´s the power alive
it´s the tinge of the forest
the moss under feet
it´s the rocks that i´m climbing
the pounding heartbeat
and if the sky is the limit
i would walk on and on
the power within me
the miles i have gone

feel me
you are so far out of reach
where my heart flies free and i feel
the power, the spirit to heal
from that day forth
i am entranced by you
you are so far, far away i feel you

i have seen their faces
i have seen in their eyes
all celestial places
where dream and day allies
the sky clear as if it´s drawn
bespangled in the rain
the mystic haze of next dawn
the sound of birds refrain
the present of contentment
out of plainness here
the knowledge time is just lent
a minute, hour and year
the fragile being of mankind
immensity high-flown
humility should fill our mind
don´t let our hearts turn to stone

come and

7. Shadows Of My Memory

I cry in anger
i cry in pain
i lose my bearings
can´t break the chain

once i heard that wonders never cease
let me get my second wind please
do i have to burn my boats behind ?
Do i have to break the ice in mind ?

just let me see the daylight now
and find the ways and means to carry on somehow

no smoke without fire
no love without pain
only the memories remain
it tears at my heartstrings
a past reverie
the shadows of my memory

i eat my heart out
day out, day in
go rack to ruin
cause i´m all in

did i burn the candles at both ends ?
Cannot tell when all got out of hand
all i feel is trapped in daily round
how can i get out here safe and sound


now, i see daylight now
in this evil hour
i´m weathering the storm
when my ship comes home

for a fleeting moment in a dream
i am changing horses in midstream
heaven only knows
where the journey...goes

8. Death Is Not The End

Going round in circles
another dreary day
any crumb of hope could save
an animal at bay

the prime of life has gone by
caught in no man´s land
no rosy dawn can light my day
neither family, nor friend

and in a lucid moment
it was all so very clear
the time is right
to overcome the fear

taking a stroll down on memory lane
one moment, one lifetime, we´ll meet again
cause i still believe, death is not the end
(it´s) all mortal clay, but my soul transcends

the gloomy thoughts have come back
i couldn´t find my way
what could have been, could i have seen
why led it astray ?

One day i was hoping
to set the world on fire
and looking back now in the end
left is the desire

but please enshrine the memory
and build a place for me
i´ll be there
always lean on me


for the life of me, i´ve gone my merry way
not lost beyond recall
time will pass and ease your pain
and all the good things will remain
don´t cry, i have come to rest
i´m safe back home


9. The Bonding

[The one]
here, here you stand
all seems to be in the air
for no reason at all ?
Facing the world in despair
if you could only come to know
this hope, the infinite now
the dream to arrive
floating in seas of doubt

i´m beyond belief
the one, you will recall
i´m the timeless now
the reason of it all

it´s how the waves can change their form
but the ocean stays the same
a different wave born in a storm
the same water to tame

[the disbeliefer]
how can i feel you ?
When it´s all all beyond belief
why can´t i see you ?
Is your being to deceive ?
How can i touch you ?
As it´s my philosophy
when i can´t hear you
it´s beyond theology

i am unborn and immortal
i am the light in the dark
eternal formless power
the guardian of the arc

[the one]
i am the boundless now
the well that can´t run dry
infinity in deep
there´s no beginning no goodbye

it´s the void of shaping anything
existence has begun
ring´s not gold and gold´s not ring
but the golden ring is one


humans and flowers
stones, water, trees
feelings, intensions and our dreams
mountains and planets and even the sun
i stay untouched, i am one

[the one]
the world we know may drown
in death it won´t go down
the outer form will die
the journey to ally
it´s timeless what we are
the children of the brightest star
an if you arrive, you know
it was forever there
the last step to be aware
the secret we all share

ain´t arising when we´re born
doesn´t vanish when we mourn
it´s not venus, it´s not mars
and it´s not a thousand stars
beyond the realms of time
it ain´t evil , it ain´t fine
it´s the void that´s taking form
an endless journey back
the witness beyond every act
the light that tears the black

you will know it was the same
long before birth gave you name
before your elders could engage
before an endless age
decline is not decline
it´s progress to a new design
a new beginning, another shine
this world may drown in tears
without hope, within our fears
then we are aware
the bonding is there
the timeless now

Lanvall ‒ Guitars (rhythm), Keyboards, Guitars (lead), Guitars (acoustic), Bass, Piano, Kacapi
Sabine Edelsbacher ‒ Vocals
Max Pointner ‒ Drums
Dominik Sebastian ‒ Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm)
Wolfgang Rothbauer ‒ Bass, Grunts on track 7

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