Dark Lyrics


1. Entree Unique


2. Solitaire

The nothingness of life
Plunged into eternal darkness
An animal at bay
Words cannot convey
All is bathed in gray

A cold wind's blow
It's touch and go
If wishes were horses then beggars would ride
A torrid time
A strange design
Come hell or high water, come be the guide

I am here, down the ages
The road in deep despair
I'm solitaire
The diamond in your chain
The beacon fire in endless strain
The diamond in your chain

Is there a ghost of chance?
Here on this road to Damascus
The sun of eventide
Temptations misguide
The agony inside

Crash and burn
At every turn
Helplessly losing perception of time
A friendly card
A strange regard
Searching for reason and seeking for rhyme



Pylon in the rain
Beacon in the strain
Pylon in the rain
Diamond in the chain

Pylon in the rain
Beacon in the strain
Pylon in the rain
Diamond in the chain

I'm solitaire, I'm solitaire
Solitaire, I'm solitaire, woo-oo-oh

Diamond in your chain

3. Higher

Come and stay, make my day
Take away the gray
And set the wheels in motion
Down the road, what you do
Come and fall into
At the end of this day

You can flee you can be
Your own enemy
In the end you will see no daylight
And you try, by and by
Falling from the sky
Like a nine days wonder

Give a little try, give a little more try
Never fall in line for a fleeting moment
Be and end all, i am aiming high
Climb a little higher
I don't wanna see your affected smile
Not for anything, the time is nigh
Lay it on the line and run the mile
Reach a little higher

You can shine or resign
(or) lay it on the line
Or you make a bid for power
Vertigo, overflow
Just a cameo
Silent as a whisper

Raising Cain, break the chain
Gather new terrain
Time and tide wait for no man ever
And your eyes are agleam
Like you re in a dream
Getting out from under


[Chorus 1st part]

I don't want
Not for anything
So won't you run the mile
A little higher
Reach a little higher

4. Skyline's End

Followed our wind
To shape the course
Had a blueprint
We are in mid ocean
Followed our devotion

We followed traces into freedom
Into the afterglow, we left no stone unturned
Out of this forlorn place to our home
Casted adrift we are not sure if we return

Where are you?
Where have you gone to?
Where are you?
We re heading for skyline's end

Putting down the peril
No flashing light
It's just our will
Not resigned to our fate
No kingdom come
So we still wait


All untouched by human hands, we stand on hallowed ground
A beauty in abundance, the paradise we found
Following our destiny, can't feel what's wrong or right
And while away the precious time, blinded by our sight
For a moment, for a spell we put the tin lid on
The sky is getting overcast, when all is said and done

For a moment, for a spell, skyline's end, the last farewell


Where are you now?
Where you gone to?
Where are you?
Where are you now?
Skyline's end

5. Bon Voyage Vagabond

The heart of a discoverer
A poet in your soul
The moving force inside you
A vision and a goal
The advent of an era
At a cracking pace
Scouting out the unknown
With a heart of grace

Go with might and man
Over the odds
As far as you can
It's ever since
You've been a wayward child
A heart so free
To leave a legacy

(Bon Voyage)
Vagabond hold on
The challenge inside you
The dream within
Is just the launch of stories
(Bon Voyage)
Vagabond go on
Endeavor to reach a new state
(Bon Voyage)
Fly on and open the gate

The valor to explore
The other side of darkness
To open up the door
All you can ever dream of
All is unconfined
A vision deep within you
In your unconscious mind

You can see beyond
The terrine edge
This eternal bond
A-light with pride
You're still a wayward child
What makes you see
To solve the mystery


Go deep inside
Don't hide your light
All over the place you'll shine bright


6. Inward Passage


7. Come Undone

I came from miles around
To holy ground
The riddance of my soul
To take control
So where are you?
With all my heart i try
To wish away the big goodbye

Whenever you are mine
Above the timberline
I'm bound for you aflame with my desire
Whenever I am here
Abundantly it's clear
I won't turn tail and run
I come undone

You're closer to the bone
A heavy stone
(you're) Kicking up a storm
A pain so warm
Shall I give in?
As straight as die my friend
The road has come to an end


Where I turn and I steer
It's all hope and fear
The current of time
The only port of call
Can save me from the fall
Can set it all alight


8. Out Of This World

The sleeping giant
Am I
Ended in deadlock
By and by
So mine a rich seam
Do as you would be done by

Caught in this here
The sadness sincere all alone
I was shaped into form
Caught in this pain
In a world inhumane
You fight what you don t understand
Jaded am I
My well ran dry
On the slope
Is there no ray of hope
In the end, torn and swirled
I feel I'm out of this world

And looking down the ages
This treasure
We call liberty
Boundless dreams have no end
They just depend
On your will to be free


9. Further Afield

Are we beyond salvation?
Can't read the runes, can't see
Got lost in the translation
Why, why, why did we?

We're squaring the circle by powers unseen
Undreamt of till we're in between
Reality fades
Your mind in cascades
A soul-steering journey to free
(our souls from the boundary)

We are
To see behind
Out of this world afar
We arrived my friend
A straw in the wind revealed
We're further afield
All we can dream
Where no one has gone before
Where am I?
A vermilion sky
To my naked eye

It's the eleventh hour
It is no mystery
All by sheer will power
Where, where, where are we?

The whys and wherefores, outlandish they are
The alpha and the omega
Wheels within wheels
Nobody feels
Although of sound mind we are
(Over the odds afar)


A trick of the light
A trail-blazing journey astray
The back of beyond
This could be our way


10. Eternity


11. A Virtual Dream?

A state of anguish
Faintness and fear
A state of sorrow
And no willing ear

Out of the tail of my own eyes
Illusive skies
Bewildering my mind
Strange happenings turn up to scare
Out of thin air
I stare into the space
I'm out of place

Part of the machine
Is all a virtual dream?
As cold as ice in this shade of gray
Illusions that lead you astray

A state of pure grief
Of pain and despair
A state of dark void
Are we aware?


A fight in trembling and fear
Lost in this alien idea
Can fiction be stranger than reality
Illusions that blind us to see

Deus, deus ex machina


Deus, deus ex machina

12. Brothers On Diamir

The Kashmir sky
The biggest face in snow
Sixteen thousand feet
Reaching from top to toe
A sight of blinding splendor
When destiny calls

Straight on the path to fame
The king has broken a bond
The summit calls their names
Before the voice trailed away in silence
Before he was swept away
(brother, death and loneliness)

He's crawling
He's falling
He is desperately unclear
He's tracing, effacing
The memory of Diamir
The western wall
A fateful call
No answer, no warning
Just fear for a brother on Diamir

A gleam of hope, racked with pain
The way to cope, when brothers remain
Woebegone, the pangs of remorse
On and on, to follow the force
The summit alone, the ghost of a chance
The venture so unknown, a fading romance
In the presence of danger, the tag-end of will
The claws of a stranger, can stroke or can kill
Enshrine the memory, surmounting the fear
It's an icebound tragedy, the fate of Diamir

The veil of oblivion of blood, tears and sweat
Out of a clear sky as his sun is set
Pay the last honors, thoughts range the past
Hold on in remembrance, memories that last

13. Exit Unique


LANVALL: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Piano & Keyboards, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Percussion Frog
DOMINIK SEBASTIAN: Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Classical Guitar

Guest Musicians:
ROBBY VALENTINE: Backing Vocals & Choirs
DENNIS WARD: Backing Vocals & Choirs
ASTRID STOCKHAMMER: Violin on Skyline s End

All music, lyrics, vocal melodies and orchestra arrangements by LANVALL
Produced by LANVALL

Thanks to trekest for sending these lyrics.

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