Dark Lyrics


1. The Force Within

2. Shadowplay

Fly upon a brainchild
With unashamed delight
Bending over backwards day and night

Our world's collapsing
Like a house of cards
A stagy farewell waits without regard

We are hanging in the balance
Are we beyond and remedy?
It was taken out of our hands
And we face a tragedy

Why, why are we here
On wild soil we roam
And love to call it home
We are vibrant with life
The will to survive
Ways to go astray
In this shadowplay

Skimming stones on water
Only yesterday
Into cosmic dust we now decay
Kindred souls and spirits
Bound by energy
Who can say what is reality?

Do we flog a dead horse?
Just eternal bliss
Leaves us back to hope for
The former times we miss

We are driven by emotion
And pray the bond won't brake
So strong is our devotion
Our being is opaque


I have seen the cascade
The souls between light and shade
Not a drop in the ocean
Forever we
The spirit of infinity


3. Paramount

When voices trail away
Into silence gone
Impassioned I may stray

Boundless and pristine
The miracle unseen
The windows of the soul caught in between

Home free I am
Come closer to my heartbeat
And kiss my tears away
Not once in a blue moon

Don't turn away
Beyond my dream
You're paramount to anything
You have the midas touch to save infinity
Come rain or shine
Forever mine
You're paramount in your design
A hope of stardust left in time

My passions running high
Going round the bend
Mirages mystify

One time we gave our vow
The time to keep is now
So say goodbye to "holier-than-thou"


One hope
One fate
One life


I live and I breathe you
So come to allure me by and by
I feel and I follow you
Cause you don't leave me highland dry

4. Undying Devotion

The darkest hour's just before the dawn
The bottom dropped out of my world
My mind's reeling caught in no man's land
Break this deadlock for the life of me right to the end

Wake me, take me
Come ease my pain
Take a stroll down memory lane
Hope for those who remain

Undying where we dare
A diamond solitaire
Be and end of all
It is the clarion call
Devoting all
So carry the day

Consumed by passion, words cannot convey
And I'll be waiting in the wings
There is more to this than meets the eye
I live and breathe to brave the storm and kiss the night goodbye


[2nd Chorus:]
Jewel in the crown
Can't keep a good man down
The force chasing the game
Us restless that we became
A winding lane
For those who break new ground

Undying where we dare
A diamond solitaire (solitaire)
Be and end of all (end of all)
It is the clarion call
Devoting all
So carry the day
Jewel in the crown
Can't keep a good man down (good man down)
The force chasing the game (chase the game)
Us restless that we became
A winding lane
For those who break new ground
Undying where we dare (undying where we dare)
A diamond solitaire (a diamond solitaire)
Be and end of all (be and end of all)
It is the clarion call (clarion call)
Undying devotion

5. Adamantine

As the lights went slowly
The line of vision broke
In the face of reason it flies
Right when I awoke

You spoke beneath a whisper
And angry clouds arose
You began to brood at night
And damned how fate chose

We still endeavor for the precious stone
For accolade until we are alone
A cornucopia of flattery
We only see what we want to see

Can't break my will
(It is adamantine)
Can't bar my way
I am ready for fray
(I am adamantine)
And reverie
(And there isn't a line)
Still it is life's melody

You can tilt at windmills
You get a fire alight
Pass with flying colours
You are taking it with pride

Beyond the dreams of avarice
You master your own way
Never bend before the wind
No way to lead you astray

And we still wanna go the extra mile
On cobbled streets of artificial smile
A cornucopia of memory
Fills our hopeless vacancy


Our workers of fate
Are like the dreams we create on and on
Cause life is a wide open space
And then some, so much to embrace
A cornucopia of mystery
One more page in our diary


My will
(So adamantine)
My way
I am ready for fray
(I am adamantine)
And reverie
(And there isn't a line)
Still it is life's melody

6. Whale Rider

In a time
When the land was filled with void
And we wished to be loved
To be redeemed
By someone who will lead our way

Is there still the sadness in your eyes
When the answer's at hand
I am the chosen one

And I bear this name with pride
Feel the power in me
Take the legacy and call them
When all hope will fail
I'm not unheard it is my trail

(I'm) not a prophet but I know
We will all go our way
Words can't convey
In waters the deep is still and sound
Where I found, where I am bound

I will steer you back to life
I can feel your pounding heartbeat closely
I am one
I will follow you into the deep
As a young bird has to learn to fly

Whale rider
Whale rider
Whale rider

7. Remember Me

Hey you
You were second to none
But time has stolen your crown

Can you
Remember panning for gold
(but) your star has waned into sundown

The writing's on the wall
You're by the way to fall
So take your final curtain call

Until kingdom come remember me
Take me back into the sheen
A bag of dreams one final reverie
The seamy side of life unseen

See the meteor rise
Every step all of the way
You got a fire alight cause you're came to stay

You've got oceans of time
A meeting of minds at all
You wished for the moon, could not hear the call

You wither on the vine
All along the line
Elation from a far off time

Seek and you'll find
The answers behind
Will you remember me?

[chorus x2]

8. Fallen From Grace

What if I was born to love
Is hate another part of
Like a sin in flesh and blood I feel

When Adam's built to love his god
Then why can't I be with you
Blood and electricity what's real, oh what's real

Where are you now?
Caught in a memory that lives on and on
We set the world on fire

Fallen from grace
Where am I, forlorn in this cold place
Come away o human child
Hope springs eternal inside

The best laid schemes of mice and men
A closely guarded secret
Dreams to find are lost beyond recall
(Lost beyond recall)

But I won't bid my hopes farewell
Am I just a lotus eater?
(To cross) the great divide to find it all, find it all

Kiss me goodnight
Give me a new lease on life
Lay my fears to rest
A new dawn is here


Ah ah uh uh uh uh
By the light of the moon
Time is fading away
Your life's mortal clay
Oh where am I now?


9. Place Of Higher Power

The rain abates
A new dawn waits
Will I be back on dryland?
Our restless mind
It's a jungle out there

Those barren years
And vast frontiers
We are drifting worlds apart
The apron stage
A golden cage
But beauty's only skin deep

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
It's just a world of make believe
But what a tangled web we weave
We dream on consecrated ground
(We're spellbound)

[Chorus 1:]
Framed into this world
All along the line
Take me outside space and time
Working like a charm
Burning down the harm
In a place of higher power

I hear the bell
Tolls the knell
Can we cross a boundary
Shining streams
Recurring dreams
Take me out of this world

I'm tired and drawn
Goes on and on
Inquire into mine own heart
The inner twist
Can I resist
In a lucid moment

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
I'm chasing horses in midstream
I follow my recurring dream
And leave the nadir, meet my fate
(Can you await)

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2:]
Ardour and despair
On a wing and prayer
A panacea in my veins
Lode star on my sky
Shine and purify
In a place of higher power

[Pre-Chorus 1]
[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

10. MyEarthDream Suite (For Guitar And Orchestra)

11. MyEarthDream

[I. The Road Ahead]

We, to tell dead straight
We harbour an illusion
Estranged, all got out of hand
There's method in our madness
We crave for greenfield land

Plaintive cries
Our demise
Evil hour

No dim glow just pain
We're leaving behind a stain
We're casting stones in the glass house of our promised land
(Never, Neverland)

[Chorus 1:]
Haunting beauty, second to none
Creator of life, under the sun

[Chorus 2:]
Myearthdream, oasis of light
(The) road ahead, powers unite
Myearthdream, oasis of prime
Karma cleansed, turn on a dime

What if, the twain shall meet again
As in days of old
Blind alley, an aimless walk
We bite the hands that feed us
But who cares when money talks


When time is of the essence here
We learnt to live in abject fear
We take it for granted and claim the moral high ground
And compound

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

[II. Pristine]

[III. Agent of Change]

Our world restored to former glory
Writing a new story
Before the sands of time running out for us

[IV. The Uninvited Guest]

The green lung bleeds, this path misleads
We came and smiled, grinded the faces of the wild

What goes around will come around
We reap the bitter harvest here

And we threw all caution to the winds
(We're) covering a multitude of sins

Further afield, is our fate sealed?
Agent of change
Where are you, come to rearrange
Return to grace, a newborn place
It is never to late to mend

Fools rush in where angels dare to tread
Truth will out, see to where our hopeless way has lead

[V. The Last Card]

Can you tell me why?
We didn't hear the call
The bigger we are, the harder we fall

Smoke and mirrors rule
An irony of fate
We fight at every turn, destroy what we create

Plaintive cries
Our demise
Evil hour

Human, hopelessly
A long way to learn
Some little crumbs of sense, full steam astern

An enlightened age
Should create a force
To put the world to rights, let nature take its course

Myearthdream, oasis of light
The road ahead, powers unite
Myearthdream, oasis of prime
Karma cleansed, turn on a dime

The last card to play
Myearthdream, a world in shine
Back to the grand design

[VI. Slumbers]

It is five to noon, and I still wish for the moon
Our restless pace has slowed
We have come to the end of the road
At the crossroads where we are
Hello, this is our last card
Let the slumbers never end
Believe for a moment in time
No more grey and dreary deeds
Just a sliver of light
My earth dream

Sabine Edelsbacher : Lead Vocals
Lanvall : Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards & Piano, Bouzouki, Pipa
Frank Bindig : Bass, Growls on "MyEarthDream"
Max Pointner : Drums

All drums on the album played by Sebastian Lanser

Guest Musicians:
Robby Valentine : Backing Vocals & Choirs
Dennis Ward : Backing Vocals & Choirs
Karl Groom : 3rd Guitar Solo on "Shadowplay"

THE CZECH FILM ORCHESTRA conducted by Jaroslav Brych

Produced by Lanvall.
Music, Lyrics and Vocal Melodies by Lanvall.
Orchestral Arrangements by Lanvall.
Orchestral Score by Enrique Ugarte.
Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Acoustic Instruments recorded at
Farpoint Station Studio (Austria) by Frank Pitters.
Drums recorded at Wild One Studio (Austria) by Jakob Grabmayr, Frank Pitters and Karl Groom.

Robby Valentine's Choirs recorded at The Isolation Cell (Netherlands) by Lanvall
Dennis Ward's Choirs recorded by himself at The Trakshak (Germany)
Orchestra recorded at Studio A of the Czech Television (Czech Republic) by Milan Jilek
Orchestra Pro Tools Engineer Pavel Ridosko
Orchestra Contractor Zdenka Pelikanova
Orchestra Coordination Jan Vacik.

Mixed by Karl Groom at Thin Ice Studios (England)
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios (Finland)

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to oceansoul1987 for sending track #7 lyrics.

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