Dark Lyrics


1. Ascending


2. Starlight Reverie

facing the constellations high above the sky
if I could fly along and sway the milky way
when Venus has its row, great bear and polar star
I see them dimming from afar, it's so bizarre

starry sky
so come by
forgotten traces so nigh
your beauty repeals the laws of time

my starlight reverie
in my sparkling eyes
just take me through the grand bright moonlight night
your eyes can only see
what your heart truly feels
then it is time to turn and flee
into my starlight reverie
see tails of comets glowing in the outer sphere
red giants in their spectral light, tonight
the solar system of Orion there appears
lightyears away from mother earth, a star's birth


3. The Palace

a place of power's rising
a place so deep within
in that stormy night when I came in
the fence that penned me in
in times when my heart tried to flee
from the serpent camouflage's melody

the corridors I'm walkingthe walls point waits at me
the pictures in their ancient frames
have eyes but will not see

one silent scream
came straight into my dream I still here in these
unwritten pages of stories
the spoken word
is often quite unheard
in this old gallery
of splendid unbroken memory
I can hear
the palace in your heart will grow
uncovered the rivers will flow
plastic balls of forlorn memories
rolling on and on
for one more wish you're yearning and they're gone
the valleys of your soul
they still can let the light shine in
the symmetry of your heart grows within

the mourning hours are history
in my enchanted land
the belfry dies away down here
the road shall have no end

for years I've tried to feel
for years I've turned the wheel
for all that's said and done it is so clear
the crystal moments shine above eternal nights of fearing here


4. A Moment Of Time

yesterday when we were young
like a flower in the desert sand
so transient the cycle of life

within a moment of time
within a while of a years' decline
the brightest of stars above
in night-time skies divine
it is an everflowing stream
when they are coming to redeem
us from the night
that never sees the day

within a moment of time
within a while of a years' decline
the brightest of stars above
in night-time skies divine
and when the years passing by
no one will answer no one will cry
the solace in sea of tears
into a new sunshine

glory ascending
from days neverending
unfold your dreams right now


5. Fly On A Rainbow Dream

fly, forever fly along
let your wings just breathe the air tonight
to foreign skies fly on a rainbow dream
she's straying from reality
her imagination leaves her mind
like a falcon she is passing her old home
she's calling the spirits up there
she's freeing herself from clandestine eyes
awaiting brightened skies

I will bring this dream to you believe
I will lead you everywhere

fly, fly on a rainbow dream
just glide into the gleaming sky
eternally away from staring eyes
fly, forever fly along
let your wings just breathe the air tonight
to foreign skies fly on a rainbow dream
she enters horizons unseen
away from the whispers of the night
in a reverie she's heading on and on
she's passing Elysian fields
ascending on wings of a glorious ride
she feels the falcon's pride


is it stardust of time
in these pictures of infinity?
all the memories appearing one by one
are reflections in me

fly, fly, flyspread your wings and touch the sky(high), high, high
one more time I face the falcon eye to eye
before the rainbow's fading
then gold is at the end
right on your dream through time
forevermore, fly on a rainbow dream

6. Color My Sky

I believe in the secret path that's hiding from
our eyes, the night-time skies
are weaving a web of haze
golden shores are so far away from silver dreams
arcades cast platinum shades
way back to the early days

the stardust angel spreads his wings
and rides the winds of time
touched by the moonlight's sonant symphony
color my sky
forsaken am I
from out of the shadows
there's a light to rely
unbroken wings
the rising of kings
to a new age we're waiting
for the dawning of springs
I believe in calling spirits of the trees
per chance, we're staying in trance
we summon the coming age
listening to the tunes of whales and dolphins here
our seas, mistreated and squeezed
will turn into furious rage

color my sky
forsaken am I
from out of the shadows
there's a light to rely


7. Into The Light

when the lake of despair is so serene
when the tempest in your heart's breaking in
still there is no horizon here
through troubled waters I swim
the saving sheet-anchor will appear
before I'm drowning in rapids near

so what if the darkness rules your mind
just follow into the light
and what if your whole world stays behind
it's robbing you of your sight
I'll find my way back to the light
in the mirror the shades of the pictures fade
look behind the charading games they played
take those chains here away from me
don't pour some oil into the fire
shake off the past and you will agree
will-o'-the wisps they will be never leading me

don't dream of life just live your dream
and use the power of believing
I am eternal, into the light I ride
into the cosmic force beyond the other side
I am a traveler in time
And I will find my way back into
my way back into the light
right into the light I ride
way back into the light

8. Suspiria

in the shades of night this phalanx is our home
we're hanging on a string we're waiting
below electric skies in times of need we call
she is taking care she loves us all
do dark horses dream of cybertronic sheep?
do we fear she's laying back to sleep?

ancient suspiria
save our prayers give us a sign tonight
illusions can deceive
but we're dying when you leave
lead us into the light
in a night like this it all seems so obscure
between the walls of dust and velvet dreams
behind this plastic moon reality can be
the sweetest moment of our lone damned colony

where is the final end?
save our holy land
your appearance is a mystery
shining in energy
guide our colony
our virgin goddess of a thousand souls
where is the final end?
save our holy land
your appearance is a mystery

9. Winter Winds

the fallen leaps are withered
the cycle of the seasons takes it's turn
the northwinds blowin' over the land
the heart of spring is waiting to return
and the glacial winds are breathing one more time
for the birds of passage now the hours chime

the winter winds are leaving
desolation seems to have a meanwhile end
by a long forgotten feeling I believe
in the dream of a summer's eve
the snow-capped mountains gleaming
like the ocean in aurora fades away
the sunlight's streamin' over the land
to the rays of sunshine flowers like to sway
birds of springtime catch a rainbow in the night
hear 'em whisper from the trees that yearn for light

the summer's eve is there
there's magic in the air
and the neverending story of the seasons will go on
in the tears of autumn rain
leaves are falling in the lane
to announce the soon return
of glacial winter winds

10. Arcana

here where the dream of Eden waits
the rivers running easy
in their valleys they are slumbering
there the mysteries reveal
by the clearness I can feel
and an island in the stream appears before my eyes
I am hunting lonesome traces in the sand
and someone speaks my name from far away
the ruins of yesterday will disappear
I will reach for the sources of light
as we are all finding our new hemisphere
I am turning just yearning to feel
feel your dreams, don't toss them away

ancient myth arcana, Elysian seas of time
the stones of wisdom shine again, the moonlight hides the rhyme
in long gone days of yore, one thousand years before
the odyssey was in our dreams, arcana we explore
here I can feel the inner flame
could forget what we became
and the false mirages can't deceive, deceive me no more
I am facing countless shadows in despair
but I won't follow them into the gloomy calm aside of light

thorns of roses that I feel, secrecy under the seal
hear the tolling of the bell, bring me under your spell
see the mysteries in twilight they're turning away
from darkness to light (into infinity)
here where the dreams of Eden's near
leaving to a distant sphere
to Elysian seas of time we ride
I am longing for infinity
arcana, arcana
tonight this journey seals my fate
far beyond the open gate
to the secret places never seen before
for this final odyssey into
arcana, arcana

11. Velvet Eyes Of Dawn

[bonus track]

deep within my heart
I've been searching my way through
as the river is spreading the hue
from green to blue

carry on the flame
try to rule the lion's den
storm the fortress of standstill again
and again

the powers that be
shall try to break free
don't ever try them to deny
they all could have wings
and then become kings
holding the one the emerald eye

velvet eyes of dawn I see
the miracle within
velvet eyes of dawn in me
outside looking in
the times are gone
while the clock ticks on and on
by the years we're holding on
for the velvet eyes of dawn

color the pale sky
try to find the holy grail
and the guardians of time will stand by
and praise your tale

the time to begin
the battle to win
before the night obscures the sky
the shadows of eve
will come to deceive
before the well of life runs dry

one growing blossoms' smile
in moonlight for a while
announcing one new spring
dreaming to be king
come joining the parade
turn down your masquerade
free as a bird of prey
sail your ships off the bay


12. The Whispering Of The Ages

[bonus track]

Twilight has fallen
So deep like a hurricane's eye
The empire's predictions
Came falling from the sky

The voices keep calling
They're speaking of fate to be sealed
The riddles and rhymes
Of existence keep concealed

The shrine to behold
And not their hearts unfold
For a lifetime
Faithfully following leaders they adore

And in their sleep their last dreams fade away
The whisper of the ages coming by to stay
To dream those dreams away
Gone by forevermore
Into the never they are leaving
Whispers lead astray
To dream those dreams away

The symbols of power
Are melting the ice we are in
The elegies written in candlelight begin

The dices are rolling
Into a direction unknown
The gods they are fearing
Have come to take the throne

The phoenix will rise
Tearing off his disguise
He is flying
Into the sun of a million dreams away

[Chorus x2]

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