Dark Lyrics


1. Into the Sun


2. Symbiote

Once I was complete, a man
Righteous, tall, of threaded stock
My fragmented memory sees so clear
This final tale I'll truly know

How I long for sweet oblivion
The balmy Lethe on the downs
I wish the void would break
And nothingness take away my fall

I saw a demon face peering
Or maybe looking through the mirror
It seems so crowded in my head now
Inside of me… (in front of you)

Oh, Eternity
It just keeps on going
On, and on and on…

My rites of passage started then
I'd lie to say I didn't know
Three men died upon my blade
To sate the blood lust, to turn me cold

I let her drink the blood of each
Before I slit her lying throat
And in the quartered bloods I saw
All to be ahead of me (behind of you)

My screams were lost in sound
My flesh was torn by piercing star-winds
And as I was lost the beast was found
And fire hit us all around

Oh, Eternity
It just keeps on going
On, and on and on…

Since that day I (we) roam the worlds
My (our) new form horrid, vile
I (we) tell truths to many men
And lies and both and I (us)

I (we) have made a thousand demons
Million darkest shrouds
Trying to bring them as me (us)
In front of them (behind of me)

Their supermassive pain and misery
Feeding the nothing within
Nothing I'm and naught I'll be
Such is the price of Eternity (my sanity)
That just keeps going
On and on and on…

3. The Queen in the Ice

Then came the days when shattered moons
Have swept the gray and dying earth
With the morose light of bygone days
And wonder went out of the minds of men

When concrete hulks reared to a sky
As ashen-gray and cold
As the hearts and minds of those who beheld
And dreams of sun and bliss were made no more

I left a half-life done in darkness
I've made my world anew
Carved in profoundest South's blue ice
My own imitation of life

And here I reigned supreme, alone
The queen of ice, of shivering cold
With sky and sea and ice of blue
No life to care, no love or dew

And countless eons came and went
The cities gone, the smokestacks dead
The skies cleared, the memories fade
A new race of Man went on the earth

And in my ice, my ice of old
As dead and gone as my heart, as cold
And I sit sill upon my throne
And I'll be, I'll be alone

4. Death of Time

I want
To become

Forever dies

For I am
A sinful man
In an unforgiving land

I have sinned

No forgiveness


And I now I hate myself
Until the death of time

5. Time-Delay

The walls are closing over me
My coffin world, its closing lid
I'm battering I can't escape
Outside of time
The walls are closing over me

Outside of time is all I see
Outside and I'm not looking in
Inside my half-life prison
The flames rise
Outside of time is all I see

The flames rise and beckon me
Embrace me now and none I see
Delighted burn me and I'll be
Ashes gray
The flames rise and beckon me

Ashes gray I see no end
Then ignite and rise again
And fall and all I was to be
Forgotten void
Ashes gray I see no end

Forgotten void I breathe it in
It fills me whole and incomplete
The Tower's empty just like me
Forgotten void I breathe it in

Time-delay I live, I be
Forgotten void that raptures me
To ashes gray surrounding me
To flames rising burning me
Outside of time all I can be
The walls are closing
Walls are closing
Walls are closing
Over me

And not until the walls alone
Void and flame both shattered, gone
Within these coffin walls I'll strive
To live my time-delay life

6. Sunset

And although I lie here dying,
Broken-bodied, spirit torn to shreds
And the desire that fed my longing
Lies dead and bleeding by my side

I can feel my burning power
A red giant slowly seeping away
My flesh to become as the mountains
And my blood to feed the sea it once held

A breeze whispers over my body
This carcass of molten flame
Healing the crags and the gashes
In a soft-focus twilight I drown

The breeze becomes a torrent
With my spirit ushered far and beyond
And my frozen pursuer is rising
To be broken again by mourning dawn

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