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1. Gitana

Your hair was full of roses and red snakes
Your eyes were filled with blood and gloomy charm
From the hot sunny land you reach the icy Polar Star
From the filth and the fog you reach the magic land of Spain

Your soul was full of devils and black smiles
Your hands were cold, the skin was shiny and bright
From the cold choppy sea you reach the torrid volcano
From the sand and the dust you reach the ancient land of Cain

Ah! My sweetest Gitana,
Shall I See you in hell? (in hell and pain)
Shall I find you or kiss you one more time
In the summer of the south?

2. Povo De Santo

What is this rite, my father?
It's dance and music, daughter!
This is my answer now
A memory of light
That story, however, is rooted in pain
Millions of slaves, chained by human hate

Let me show you what's inside us
Let me tell you what's behind us
Povo de santo
Let (me) invade you by the magic
Let me free you from the panic
Feel the power of black magic
We're povo de santo

What is good and why?
We suffered hard and died!
This was our tale and now
Our journey has come so far
That story, you know, goes ahead and again
A lump of flesh, of every race and faith

3. Sad Summer Night

I look at the stars over me
In a thin air and scorching wind
Night falls on earth, the dark comes down
On flocks of dark and motionless birds
There's no cry and there's no noise
Which can break this stunned silence
I sit now at the side of this lake
I'm watching the clear and cool water

The sun is dead by now
It brings the past time that
Comes back and flies away
In a sad summer night

When I touched the sky
It opened another world and then
I kissed the wet and sweet lips
Of young and virgin lives
I dreamed of a world, a world now lost
An oniric strange desire
Every smile and every cut on me
Every knife fostered my spirit

4. The Lamp

Only the stars can hold the lonely camp,
Only the desert leagues can understand this
Waterless wastes, a wilderness of wit,
Embattled cold, imagination's cramp.
Now were the desolation fain to stamp
The congealed spirit of man into the pit,
Save that, unquenchable because unlit,
The love of God burns steady, like a lamp.

It burns beyond the sand and stars.
It burns in me, my heart, my arms
The serpent creeps beneath the sea
His mother feeds his energy
O bitter love, you waste my will!
O insane love, you drain my life
Of all those springs of blood that fill
My tired flesh, that's cut by knife

And so the game of fate, veil by veil,
Burns inward, still folding over it
The broken heart of lover, sleeps in me
The angel wings now fly over the Grail

And now your knife slip in front of my eyes
Please take my hand don't tell me lies again
And all your fire rises before my mind
Please take my heart don't make me cry again

5. Nouvelle Orleans

I put my mouth on you
Like a flower on a beach
Now comes the rain and then
The beat gets near to the end

No one cries/dies Nouvelle-Orléans
(and the) river flows
'Til the house of the sun.

We get lost suddenly
Under the alcohol
Swing out from the windows now
It opens the night's doors
In every place a smoke
That rises from the coke
And summertime is gone

6. A Stranger

I've changed at every moment
I always feel like a stranger
I've never seen or found myself
From being so much, I've only soul
A man who has soul has no calm
A man who sees is just what he sees
A man who feels is not who he is

Attentive to what I am and see
I become them and stop being I
Each of my dreams and each desire
Belongs to whoever had it, not me
I am my own landscape
I watch myself

That's why I read, as a stranger,
My being as if it were pages.
Not knowing what will come
And forgetting what has passed,
"Was that me?"
Don't know my life

A weariness of existing
Of being,
A sickness of living beyond

7. Quimbanda

I am love/fire
I am the sign/light in the dark/dusk
I am hatred/ice
I am the essence of lust/filth

And I look at you and work for your damnation
And I feel that we'll lie together on blades
The scent of you is on the sheets
Your love squirts on me

Quimbanda of love
A sexual force is driving me
This night the sky will fall slightly on us
Quimbanda the obscene
The blackest entity of sin
In silence the pomba gira puts her lips on our skin

Parla piano ed osserva il riposo del mare
C'è la luna con le stelle che guardano noi
E così sia, un sortilegio ora scenda su te
Mi implori "torna indietro" ma non lo farò
No non lo farò!

And I rape your soul and smile for your redemption
And I feel that we'll burn together in hell
The scent of your rose is on my hands
Your life ends on me

8. Maldiluna

Now it's dark, shadows fall on me
I need faith but I've lost my soul
A dark room, the room of my life
Where is our future now and where is your smile?

I need you, you want me
Now the blazes burn my will
A dark room, a grim space
This is the emptiness on things
I've no words in this fog
You know that desolation kills
I cast out in the skies the venom inside

Maldiluna – now we meet again in this time full of tears and pain
Madre luna – your light shine again in this night please hear my cry

Twilight hides our sins
Violence shatters inside dreams
I close my eyes and lay on the ground
Like a great hail on our fields
I've no fear, no desire
You know that constellations guide
I cast out in the skies the venom inside

La luna è in cielo e tu risplendi in terra
Nell'oscuro mare tu sei la lanterna

9. You

This night it's raining on the streets, the sky is red and green
And we are far again
This night the memories come back to what we did and said
And now I see the end

You are the true light of these days
You are my flesh and fate
My innocence in chains
You are the sun in the night
The silence of the woods
A caress on my face

I know that your scent is my life
The only smell that I want
And your eyes are my eyes
You know I'm going crazy for you
I don't sleep anymore
We, two black stars in cold

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