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1. Syrian Desert


2. The Temple Of Baal-Seth

There’s a life to win and a night to die
Alone I invoke the gods on earth
I hear a scream of pain, a shout from hell
While a wizard stands on the Temple of Baal

I want to go far away where the wild wind blows
I want to be on my own locked in my soul

Peste Negra , sangue sujo,
caem do céu sobre os campos do ódio
poderàs ver o tormento e a morte
quando a lua fica vermelha e chora

A father kills his bastard son
A mother eats her evil child
I hear a scream of hate, a shout from flames
While a wizard speaks from the Temple of Seth

3. Kukulkan

Hard is the way to come back
Among the houses and stones of our past
The forest is full of black shadows
They move slowly behind the trees
Nothing and no one will be free
The sun no longer rises

Bullet the sky
Refuse the master
Resist and live
Kukulkan is over us
Shout to the sky
Deny the master
Resist and fight
Kukulkan is killing us

High is the moloch to climb
Among the skulls and bones of our slaves
The village is full of black lava
It moves slowly into the souls
Nothing and no one will be free
The life no longer rises

4. Necrogod

I am the Necrogod
I am the Necromind

Hades, oh Hades
I see a world that’s falling
In Kali Yuga time
I am the God of Terror
Of Chaos and Fantasy
I sacrifice the virgins
On the altars of my rage
I am the doom maker
My name is Hades

Osiris, oh Osiris
I see a peace that’s ending
In Kali Yuga circle
I’m the God of the Afterlife
Of the Dead and the Underworld 
I sacrifice your plans
On the altars of my will
I am the death maker
I am Osiris

5. Ishtar (Al-‘Uzza)

“And now I’m falling on my way, I look back and down.
The sun of summer now is gone, with its warm breeze I die”

Sacrifice is starting, the prophecy unfolds
Lost into your memories, you’re victim of the fate
Rise above the ruins, you want to cry alone
Armageddon warrior, waiting for the end

Oh Motherless Children who walk across the river
For you all I pray Ishtar (Isis), dying for salvation
Oh Motherless Children who crawl across the mud
For you all I pray Al -'Uzza (Inanna), dying for salvation you’ll rise

In the claws of time you become thy enemy
Nothing now can scare you, let your fire walk
Day after day you live with your obsessions
Night after night you hold your vocation

6. Anubis (The Incense Of Twilight)

Now we are on the border
And the cold is upon us
While everyone is sleeping
In a dream of storm

Open the eyes of your mind
and look to the mountains of lies
admire the blaze of the gold
the incense of twilight has come!
Anubis god Anepu
arise from the necropolis!
Osiris god Asar
command from the afterlife!

Standing on a grey tomb
We’re waiting for the sign
Look high to the moon
In a dream of fear

7. Kali Ma (The Mother Of The Black Face)

The stars are covered, the clouds will bring a storm
Darkness in the air, in the roaring wind
I see the souls of the dead escaped from prison cells
Uprooted trees with roots, swept away by rage

The sea is as black as the endless night
Like the sky without peace in a time of suffering
The darkest mother gives disasters and pain
Dancing crazy with joy, terror is her name

The Death is on her arms
She brings fright to your life and destroys a world forever
She is the Mother of the black face
Kali hear the cries
Our flesh burns, a shiver down the spine we feel now

A flash rips the sky from the ashes of hell
Through the gates of fate as a stream of a snake
It will give light on the sand, gold in the dust
A mirage of salvation hidden by a mask

Have you the strength to love the pain?
Can you embrace the death?
Dancing in Destruction…

8. Leviathan (Seas Of Fate)

Every night my soul walks across the seas
To hear the abyss speak, feeling no more pain
Blinded by the lightning I cross my memories
Whispering in the breeze I hear their ghostly speech

The best things in this life are the treasures we can’t get
When the sand is red our years have passed away
You could look into my eyes now I’m a lifeless bone
Dressed like a pirate, hands raised to the sky

Now I sing for you and I’m hunting you
It’s an Evil symmetry that leaves you in despair
Now I celebrate the black mass of fate
An Evil liturgy that gives hatred in the air

Every night my mind goes through the rocky cliffs
To listen to the east winds, feeling no more hate
Blinded by the moonlight, I walk through my mazes
Whispering in the breeze I hear the screams of the undead

In the deep of Leviathan we sit in the court of agony
In the abyss of all sins we join in blasphemy

9. Voodoo (Daughter Of Idols)

Voodoo Houngan, Voodoo Mambo
Voodoo Mystère, Voodoo Vévé

Now you're afraid of the darkest curse, you are no longer safe I'll come for sure
The hour is now late to change the plan, and my evil doll will strike again

Enter the cave and kiss the goat, write with your blood your name on the stone
Beyond the matter is your dream, witchcraft will change your reality

You'll come back, you are mine
slave of the black demon, ruled by the saint ku-bha-sah
mìrame yo soy Bokor!
And you'll enjoy, daughter of idols ,
daughter of the blood you will lick
Comme un serpent sur mon corps
You have now decided that in your dark fate
There is no peace, join me as you are
Never hate me too, I’ve you in my eyes
I give no life, I will never love

Now you are trapped into this doom, forever sad and without hopes
The light has gone out to draw a trail, but you know the way under your steps

Your soul now bleeds, you feel so strange, you fear that this game will never end
You run through the swamps of misery, because now you kneel in front of my name

Memories from the past come back here dancing around fires
I can see all my thoughts, I whisper to my spirit at the sunrise

10. Winds Of Horus


Miguel José Mastrizzi – Bass, Vocals (backing)
Sicarius Inferni – Keyboards, Piano, Vocals (backing)
Mancan – Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
Nikko – Guitars
Demil – Drums, Percussion

Thanks to gianfrancomancusi for sending these lyrics.

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