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1. Naasseni


2. A Satana

Under my watchful eye
Not a creature can elude me
Your faith tumbles as I’m near
The idea of sin is an illusion

Death is what you fear the most
But it’s only an awakening
Go(o)d and evil are the same thing
Come and dance free in my circle

Join my light as I'll take you home

Salute o Satana o ribellione
O forza vindice de la ragione
Sorvola i baratri poi si nasconde
Per antri incogniti per vie profonde

If you tremble my smile’s on you
There’s no peace that I defend
If you escape me I'm on the back
I demon will conquer you

Life is tiring and trivial
And your priest is but a fool
Light and shadow same old game
In my realm of opposites

Right into the flames I will take you home

Satana luce in tenebra sarà per l’eternità

3. A Stealthy Hand Of An Occult Ghost

A stealthy hand of an occult ghost
Between the folds of the dark of the numbness
It shakes me and I wake up but in my heart
I can’t find a gesture nor a face

And I feel as if my life were tied with a thread
To an unknown hand towards the unknown
I feel that I am nothing but the shadow of a face
And I don’t exist I exist as the void.

An ancient terror unburied
I bear in my chest as if from a throne
It descends upon me without forgiveness
I am made his servant without insult

Rito Voltarnata

4. Buried In The Dark Abyss

O dei, che avete il potere delle cose
ombre silenziose muovete
date a me quanto immerso nella terra
profonda e nel buio

God of faithful murderers
Lord of disbelievers
Hand of greedy thieves
Mentor to ancient whores
God of blood and wine
Gate to filthy sex
Throne that shines on the ashes
Of incestuous cities
God that nails provokers
Inspires black magicians
Compass to errant spectra
Prompter of the priests
God of doubts and monsters
Haven to hearts gone rotten
Muse for deviate verses
Of us renegades

You who bear us in your womb outcasts of the Maker
Children of the night progeny of the wickedness
You who bear us in your womb outcasts of the Maker
Buried in the dark abyss progeny of the wickedness

5. Fiercer Than Any Fear

I rejoice as black as sin
Today Christ’s not with me
My heart craves for every lust
While the night’s upon us

Oh Dio del Male della Sorte

Away from the sky and its torment
I find solace midst the flames
I’m immortal as God
Where Light fades I wear the crown

Oh Dio del Male della Sorte

I’m Fiercer than any fear

I’ll drink the blood of pigs and you men swine
I’ll crush the love of poets and dreamers
Invert my fall and ascent of the faithful
At stake I’ll burn all prophets and seraphim

Here I come and feed my lust
Between naked corpses
Deny that abomination
That you men call Love

Each and every cry of sorrow
Is an ecstasy of pleasure
There’s no priest there’s no prayer
That can save your rotten soul

6. Voices Of Dead Souls

Il cielo è grigio e le nubi sono su di me
Voci d’anime morte vagan nel silenzio
La speranza è chiusa all’ombra di paure
L’unico uomo vive nel perso tramonto

Se fossi Dio eliminerei ogni traccia del giorno
e in un’unica e meravigliosa notte
immergerei per sempre il mondo

The sky is gray and the clouds are gathering over me
Voices of dead souls wandering between walls of silence
The hope is closed in a shadow of lies and fears
The only man is living in the sunset oblivion

Time is an illusion the trick that rules our lives
as trees and leaves fall down the day prepares to die

7. Secret Ways

All sacred codes Gospels and Bibles
have been the cause of the following errors

Separate are those two entities
Soul and Body Body and Soul
Energy’s wicked corporeal
Reason’s divine spiritual
God’s hand will punish
the hedonist who knows
no other path no other path

But the following is the one truth

No non c’è un corpo distinto dall’anima
l’energia è vita l’eterno piacere

Without contraries there’s no progression
Attraction Repulsion Energy and Reason

Right out of these springs what we call
Good and Evil Evil and Good
Good is the passive it obeys Reason
Evil’s the active Energy’s outcome
Good equals Heaven
Evil is Hell
Excess of sorrow excess of joy

8. In My Black Church

A feast day
the same old feast day …the same old fucking feast day
People who now pray …people who now pray
People who despair …despair
People who believe …what do they believe in?
People who then cry …cry
People who never think beyond
Lives who never laugh at life

Their feast comes
The same old fucking feast comes
Mouths stuffed with vain prayers
Drowning in despair
People who believe
Then cry over unheard cries
Brains shut to avoid all the whys
Lives that never enjoy life

Lies forever sealed in the name
Of a loser god of his alleged love
Yet in their eyes the insane one is me …yes it’s me
Liars who really want to feed
Their shit and lies to our thirsty hearts
Yet they still think that Evil lies in me
In my Black Church

9. Lamia

Notte nera nella stanza più nefasta
Luna morta solo sei candele accese
Le spegnerà il tuo respiro

Oh Lamia ti sento
Oh Lamia ti vedo
Oh Lamia adesso
Oh Lamia ti nutrirò

Odio rabbia tutto quello che ho dentro
Dolce Lamia ora vendica il mio cuore
Che batte già all’Inferno

10. Chiesa Nera

[Bonus Track]

E’ festa, la solita festa
La solita fottuta festa
Gente che ora prega
Gente che dispera
Gente che ci crede
Gente che poi piange
Vite che non pensano mai
Vite che non ridono mai

Gente che ora mente
In nome di un dio perdente
E del suo amore
E pensa poi che il pazzo qui sia io, sono io
Gente che davvero vuole
Dar da bere merda al cuore
E pensa poi che il male sia la mia
Chiesa nera

Mancan ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Demil ‒ Drums
Nikko ‒ Guitars
Sicarius Inferni ‒ Keyboards, Piano

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