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1. De Natura Deorum

2. Haereticus

Awful famine the soldiers are dying for bells
During the war the body of muslims devoured
Open the gates the sky is turning red
Boil in the pot the heads of the opposers

Army of Dragon moves!
From the wings of God

Darkness is complete the stars fall from the sky
Black ecstasy no beast will be so cruel
Triumphant crusade impaled women on spits
Ma’arrat is wrecked christianize this land!

Mark the Sign of the Cross eating children’s flesh
Slay the scum of the earth crucify them all!

Bafeus occhi fiammanti
Mater solve et coagula
Idolus Immondus Mascheri la tua realtà

Awaken to see a desertion war
A twisted lie your faith has left you blind

3. Deviations

Creeping into the dawn the mad wind you welcome
I am seeking for power desire or deviation?
I am the true enemy of your silent embrace
Destroyer of quiet I make bitter your days

A slave state in you a lifeless discard

You’re haunted by my cruelty
Horrific rage or sad reality?
You will feel the spell of lust
Your wings will split and turn to dust
Open to my wishes tasting all my gruesome sin

Bring me home there in the forest
My gloomy world I swear I am honest
I’m a beast in the wild scent of wicked love
Raping your brain twisting your eyes

No light in your pain another piece of you is gone
I move The shadows

Noia che porta a spegnere le vite che si nutrono di me

Night surrounds you it’s time to drift in the dark
In the eternity of times

Odio che porta a uccidere le vite che si perdono in me

4. Eterno Silenzio

5. A Darkened Room

In that morning shadows fell on me
I need faith now blazes taint my will

Incappucciati fratelli neri
Schiudiam le porte dell’eternità

A darkened room haunting my soul
Emptiness now hides everything

Can’t see the light, prison of silence
Dancing on leaves, searching for answers

Lies and ruins
Abasing my shell
I cast out in the skies
The venom inside me

Fornication with a filthy whore
I have no other mission
How many words been heard?
In my fog disappear

6. Hills On A Desert

Pray what you can see with beads and idols in your hands
In the hall of celebration obeying unchained laws

Can you feel my presence through the clouds of air
Silent is the storm a new flash arises
Once you have control so never be the same flesh
Leave behind all you were dead is your world
In the dark and endless deep there’s a fire - un fuoco
What I see around myself is black - che è nero
I’m a desolated creature - salva me

In your darkest hour enthroned in your silent dwell
Pan will tame your soul anxiety murders Hope

Walk with shadows you cannot be me
I’m the ruler of this bloodstained throne
Can't you see the rise of the moon
Never cross this land all your torment spreads

Tra fitte nebbie e boschi umidi
dai miei deserti ombre s’alzano
il nulla si spande e vive dentro te in te

7. Ave Maestro

Sicarius Inferni ‒ Keyboards, Composing, Lyrics of "Eterno Silenzio"
Toru ‒ Bass
Antonio Donadeo ‒ Drums
Mancan ‒ Vocals, Guitars, Composing, Lyrics

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