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1. Here Begins The Chaos


2. The Firewalker

In the night I am here
I’m the look of your fear
I make the dark and light a fire
I bear your soul so much higher
I sing to heal the wounds
of your cold heart and in your soul
it’s all the best I can show
the darkest cry and the perfect tunes

I feel so alone in this land
(I am a God in this land)
the dense fog binds my legs
(the Lord’s wrath binds my legs)
around me high dunes of red sand
but seems much less
Now it’s the time you know from where I came
Light of your life Firewalker is my name

In the fright I can live
a dirty love I can give
I bring the spark and kill the mind
always one dark step behind
I sing to show the truth
within yourself and in your thoughts
it's really all that counts
the saddest cry the sweetest tune

3. A Field Of Flowers

A field of flowers
and my blood now falls
it flows in the years
and I lose everything
and there’s only death
and it calms this thin air
and everyone sleeps
and dreams in the dark

A field of nothing
an empty memory
I’m losing myself
and leave everything
a field of white bones
a distant grey sky
a slow oblivion
enlightens me

But the clear and windy night
that touches my memory has passed
sometimes it comes back in the day
in the sultry heat of summer
Among the leaves there in the dark
many curious eyes appeared to me
and my life was made of wind and sky
a life absorbed in the light forever

A field of flowers and nothing more…
A field of nothing
I can’t see the sign
I’m not afraid and again
I see white walls around those hills
a distant sky and a strange light

4. Born To Kill And Suffer

I was born to kill and suffer
To make chaos and pain
I will enter in your useless lives
I’ll bring the wrath of the beast

I was only a child
when I heard that voice
It spoke to me and I was cold
A secret hidden by hate

The trees stood in the dark
and the moon was high on me
An owl showed me the way
The way to meet the shadow

While all the blood flows on the ground
my life and your life now meet again
(come together again)
and an ancient melody for children
(to fall asleep)
goes through houses, nightmares,
mountains and streets

There’s only one way to know
you have to try
and I was curious and bold
but I was trapped forever

When you fall into the pit
you can’t go back
you can’t understand my mind
you can only die

La la la la

5. Chimera

Death will come and will have your eyes
this death that awaits us
from morning to night
like an old absurd vice
your eyes will be a vain word
a silent cry a silence
so you see them every morning
on when you bow alone

O dear hope
that day we
too will know
that you are
life and nothingness
O dear fate
that day we
too will know
that you are
the master and the end

Death will come and will have your eyes
it's like having a remorse
like to see in the mirror
resurface a dead mask
like listening to closed lips
descend into maelstrom
chained in a long line
dumb and crushed forever

6. The Criminal

Rainy night I hear the screams of the damned
and I'm a sinner a thief of souls
in my dirty hands all things become hot lava
everything around me is consumed
and I push push push

I live a strange life underground
I won't ever see the sun
I live a crazy life with whores
Like a piece of wood I burn

I live in chains
(I am the king)
I can’t see the sun
(I am your fear)
I am your drug
(I don’t seek love)
Like wood I’ll burn

Empty streets I see the streetlights on me
and I'm a criminal an homeless outlaw
In my dirty thoughts all degrades
even the angels run away
and I push push push

…and where are you now?
brother of my past
dark friend of my soul
…and where are you going?
terror of my past
dark secret of my hell

7. Tonight

Deep in my soul in every silent corner
I feel so cold empty as I am
I can betray my poison kills
proud to be a different thing
I lie to explore from the abyss
can I scream my pain?

I see the starlight madness surrounds myself
I can see this darkness cloudy sky and rainy day
I don't know what it meant to me
a funeral or something deep
here in my house I see no sun
there's no peace for lovers into sin

Face to face you and me tonight
the prophecy of the second sight
now I know the way
and fall again

As night hath stars
more rare than ships in ocean
faint from pole to pole
so all the wonder of her lips
hints her unnavigable soul

Such lights she gives as guide my bark
but I am swallowed in the swell
of her heart's ocean sagely dark
that holds my heaven and holds my hell

In her I live a mote minute
dancing a moment in the sun
in her I die a sterile shoot
of nightshade in oblivion

In her my self dissolves a grain
of salt cast carelessly in the sea
my passion purifies my pain
to peace past personality.

8. Lord Of The Stars

Now at the crown of the year
the decadent days of October
I come to thee without fear
Pious chaste and sober

Hear me Lord of the Stars!
Hear me O lily-white goat!
Hear me Mighty Pan!
I come to Thee come to Thee crying

Hear me Lord of the Stars!
for thee I’ve worshipped ever
with stains and sorrows and scars
with joyful endeavour

Here in the dusty air
I build thee a shrine of yew
all green is the garland I wear
but I feed it with blood for dew !

La luna ambrosia risplende
Oscura sinistra e potente

9. Wind Of Doom

I see nine red snakes around me
an arid desert and black swarms of madness here
surely it’s a nightmare
that obscures my view
and now falls from my hands the antidote

Seven yellow stones stand on me
and golden sand on the edge of nowhere
maybe it's an idea that haunts my old soul
and now falls from my lips my last word

Bright is the moon
so deep the sea
I came before
the wind of doom

I won’t fall from grace
I came before the day and the night
let’s get away from this world this time

10. Nyctophilia

Notte io la vedo e la sento e la vivo

Night of wind and dust
a memory of a dream
it digs in my time
and opens its black doors
as a sigh of death
as a wicked look
it wraps me in his veil
it frees the blackness in me

Night of rain and thunder
a memory of a place
it digs in my time
and opens its black doors
like a cloak of mist
empty silent space
it wraps me in his frost
and brings dismay on me

If the darkness kills the world
and the fire calls you back
the black abyss drags you with him
with all his wicked devouring greed

Night and I see it and I feel it
and I know it

Nell’aria è un vento che va
consuma la mia anima
è un suono in terra arida
che brucia la mia vita

11. Nia Nia Nia

Nia nia nia
oles e mane exu pedia
pedia ce kiatere
telun' dota ciarma mene

Nana nana nana
dekatria na kami e mana
dekatrì massarie
ce to diome mian jana

Nedda nedda nedda
senza mai mu pai junneddha
mo lèone e kristianì
ti sènza mai mu pai junnì

Na na na
ce o pedimmu mmu petá
ce pai panu panu
ma 'a puddhia ta petenà
pai panu's tin anghéra
m'a puddhia tis primavera

Foresta scura (Foresta nera)
dorme la luna (tetra è la sera)
e la Mezzanotte fa più paura
(ed ogni bel fiore ora si gela)
prega che il fato (spera che un santo)
Dio bendato (ti passi accanto)
ti dia buona sorte (ti stringa le dita)
ti strappi alla morte (ti doni la vita)

12. Vipra Negra

Vipra Negra você é meu veneno
lick me in the dark
in the darkest depths of my soul

Now I'm still here in this hot desert of love
and then I see you I know that you want me
the sun beats down on our naked bodies and
we will burn in a fire without end

The ruin is in the white field, it’s an old charm
that torments me and caresses me in the night
I touch your breasts and go down where you want to enjoy
a scent of sin an innocent rebirth

Vipra Negra você é meu veneno
my love is like a dagger
dipped down in your honey

Vipra Negra você é meu antídoto
lick me in the dark
in the darkest depths of my soul

Il deserto è arido e io ti vedo
il sole è sui corpi
che bruciano al fuoco
la falce è nel grano
mi accarezza nel buio
io tocco il tuo seno
è nero il peccato

13. Satiriasi


Mancan — Vocals, Guitars, Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Sicarius Inferni — Keyboards, Piano
Demil — Drums
Nikko — Guitars
Miguel José Mastrizzi — Bass

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