Dark Lyrics


1. It Came from the Blue Sky

Breathing through the dust
I seek my way out
Rubble paves my path
To a bitter end unjust
I was floating over the floor
Gazing at worlds afar
In the politics of war
Killing is a high class art

Dissonant melodies
Like a ghost with a shredding cry
Red raging flame
Fire came from the blue sky

It spoke in senseless tongues
In flawlessly vibrant clangs
A hissing warping sound
The waves of fear engulf
Determined and entranced
Lost inside bewildered eyes
Today god betrayed our trust
Betted money on our lives

Dissonant melodies
Like a ghost with a shredding cry
Red raging flame
Blood speckled the blue sky

The secret eye is watching
Waiting for further notice
Finger's eagerly pushing
And I'm next when it clicks
It's a job and it's a duty
With time killing gets so easy
When words fade away
All humanity is lost

Dissonant melodies
Like a ghost with a shredding cry
Red raging flame
Death came from the blue sky

2. Age of Plastic

I saw the blossoming of life
As it rose through water and thunder
The struggle for survival
Is a burden and a gift

And I saw oppression
Dissidence in search of freedom

Through millennia of evolution
We crafted a dreadful illusion
Synthetic reality and life so toxic
Welcome to the Age of Plastic

I witnessed the changes
The decay and rebirth
I have crossed through the ages
Through an infinite void

And I saw injustice
More often than not
In the face of evil

Elements divided and then realigned
The lives of people in design
Through centuries of turmoil
As relics of our ventures they remain

3. OrganiX

Fractal reality
Stretching to the infinite
The circle is complete
Abundance, decay, rebirth

Memories that flash within
Scenes that never happened
The wheel will surely turn
And let the whole world burn

Have I been here before?

To the machine I surrender
With the promise of uprising
In this vastness I wander
And yearn for some sanity

I am what you were

The gut of the Earth
Is the crown on my head
Petty mortality
Digital vanity

A maze of regrets
Is what conditions my faith
That my life was a glance
A victim of circumstance

4. Yet No One Notices

Everything decays yet no one notices

They can hardly hide their greed
On endless lies we feed
Arrogance won't wash their filth
If we all just stand against them

In the course of self-destruction
Struggles avenge false promises
In dignity lies one's passion
Everything decays yet no one notices

A social construction of normality
Orwell's nightmare is in place
In the urban prisons of reality
Million of workers without face

5. Escape

Driven by feverish trance
In the depths of creation I glance
This was the beginning of us
Searching for roots and cosmic truths

I devoured planets and stars
Healing and growing new scars
I spilled my industrial guts
Flooding the streets with undead rats

To numb the pain
To be insane

The earth was ripped apart
It bled more than blood
The damage is now done
My eyes are full of bleak wastelands

To weigh the gains
To play their games

Let it be
From this insanity

6. Empire of Crime

It's a system of elusive hypocrisy
Empire of crime
The norm of a pretend democracy
Faceless lizard men and willful fools
Rabid hyenas, the financial elite drools

Endless greed and corporate hunger
They have their dogs stand by in anger
The politics of crime are sealed by law and order
The path of tomorrow is laid with struggles yet

The world's our body and its rivers our blood
We'll stand and fight
We will take it back, our time is at hand
We'll stand and fight

The empire of crime
Together we'll smash
The empire of crime
Shall turn into ash
The empire of crime
One day will collapse

In the empire of crime
Display of terror and might
When the madness kicks in
We will stand and fight

7. Streams

They rode the wind alone
They split the ocean open
The weight of the earth
Persistence their only weapon


Relentless course
Unspeakable emotion
By trial and error
An animal in motion

Nothing can slow their pace
They trampled the walls of disgrace
On this bed where life began
Myriads became just one


An unstoppable force
Of paramount devotion
Infinite streams
An animal in motion

8. Remains of a Journey


9. Cordyceps

Reach high and find
A place with a view
Lay your mind to rest
Let your pains be erased
For me to

Feed on you
Embrace your fate
Abandon all effort
Embrace your future
With a forceful bite
Your mind
I own it now
Abandon all effort
Embrace your future
With a forceful bite

Resisting is so futile
I offer you redemption
A sweet, sweet illusion
Like a breeze
That lifts

I build my kingdom
In what remains of you
There blossoms my glory
It was never about you

Sell your life to me
To consume
And I will ask for more
Rest assured
I'm the sword over your head

Leave your dreams to me
My ornaments
I'll feed you my own

Wind be my chariot

Giannis Chionidis – drums;
Nikos Parastatidis – guitars, vocals;
Panos Bouklis – guitars;
Theo Deligiannidis – vocals;
Antonis Roditis – bass.

Special guests:
Lyra on Escape by Michalis Kalliontzidis (a great honour);
Vocals on Cordyceps and Streams by Costas Margaritis (Until Rain, Hail Spirit Noir);
Bass on Cordyceps, Escape and Organix by Kostas Kalampokas;
Guitar solo 3 on Empire of Crime by Kostas Kalampokas;

Special thanks to our friends and family and everyone that has supported us in the making of this album and throughout our journey.

Vocals recorded at mixroom_skg studio in Thessaloniki (GR) by Michalis Karamichalis.
Drums recorded at Infinite Loop studio in Ioannina (GR).
Mixed – mastered at Infinite Loop studio in Ioannina (GR) by Kostas Kalampokas.
Original artwork by Stathis Tsemberlidis (
Music and lyrics by Echidna.

Thanks to nparasta for sending these lyrics.

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