Dark Lyrics


1. Forsaken Devastated Ruins

2. Thespian

[Lyrics are by Prabhin Velankanny]

Vicious rumors shake the truth out of my existence
The plague of desperate hope sticking to my spawning thoughts
The arrogance of intellect devoured by reality checks...
All the outcomes I've predicted...
None have found the here and now. Anyhow...
The thread's been cut, my hubris shut. Lessons to be learned...

Stare and see - the face of the madman!
More than a mask in a play misunderstood

Applaud the scene!
So brilliantly staged as in life itself
No flaw! I believed it...

Well deceived - the curse of the scared man
The twitching dance to desperation's tune
Crawling down on me - the tears of the sad man
Force-fed insight, that nothing is immune

Ovations for the thespian!
Of utmost importance!
Waving to the blazing light of the afterlife...

As doubtful eyes give lie to the tongue
Like a wicked song about to be sung
I peel off the bleeding mask to reveal what's underneath
Howling of agony! For the false grimace has grown on me
Suddenly sane! Rid of pain! Epiphany that struck me way too late!

Empty are the seats...
No one there to see
Oh the blazing light...
No one left but me

Slowly risen from the bleakest depths
The seeker has found what he needed to find
But the very implication of fulfilling fears
Are worse to him than being torn to pieces

Torn to pieces!

Stare and see - the fate of the mad man!
More than a task in a life misunderstood
Down on his knees with the eyes of a dead man
Tapping rock bottom for the shards of what was good

Ovations for the thespian!
Of utmost importance!
Waving to the blazing light of the afterlife...
Towards the blazing light!

3. Encore

[Lyrics are by Prabhin Velankanny]

Still they cry for more...
Yeah, they cry for more!

No! For what more would you like to see me dying for?
Nothing left to give but this empty shell wherein I do live...

Down on your knees!
You will entertain! Cater to all their needs!

My throat tightens to fear's embrace
I carve a knowing smile across my face
Hear, hear me sing in agony!
These misstruck notes, all I've left to give!

No! For what more would you like to kill me for?
Nothing left to take but this empty shell you'll leave in their wake!

Indifferent stares...
Expecting the spectacle...

Plenty more cravings, coveting more!
Give them your blood! Another encore!

It's what they came for...

The flame of the candle snuffed out in silence...
Uneasy to handle, the wasted violence...

In-between it all, mocking defiance!

So, here is more! My intestines piling up on the floor!
Gorge yourselves! Feast on them! Gluttonously dine!
Lest I be forgotten and lost in time...

4. Fall of the Curtain

[Lyrics are by Prabhin Velankanny]

Fall of the curtain, all its fabric unraveled!

Off! Away! I'll break these shackles!
I've been held like this too long!
I refuse to be used by you!
My true freedom I've won!

Fall of the curtain, to an uncertain end
Like the drop of a guillotine's blade forced a silenced lament

I will tear you limb from limb
Your remains won't be found
"Why?", you ask, you fucking piles of shit
'Cause I'll swallow every last bit

Fall of the Curtain, to an uncertain end
The End
Uncertain end
The end uncertain

For all the vain sacrifices made
The only thought spells sheer disregard
Then a muted voice struggling not fade
Recites an old rhyme, from times old and dark

"Created long aeons ago
Made from the dust of the ground
Driven by hunger to know
Betrayal profound!
Ever in throes of failure
Weakness turned to flesh and blood
Chance to be his own saviour
He'd rather be done with it for good"

Is it a warning to heed?
Have I strayed from the path?
No, I'm in no doubt!
I'll grasp and keep everything I need
This suffocating wrath
Will burn it all out!

5. They Dance in Hell

[Lyrics are by Prabhin Velankanny]

Once again, ravings spilling from my very own minds basement
A filthy dark hole, so devoid of the needed light

In the dead of night obscenity is revealed
Like blood from a scab that's scratched to never heal
Beguile denial!

With a heart rate well increased, so breathlessly
As the beauty fucks the beast, in ecstasy

They dance in hell!
Laced with disgrace, such a cold embrace
Under the spell!
Disturbed yet camouflaged ilk

Scowl and see!
Forbidden odyssey, almost blasphemy
Still foul make-believe
An opportunity for a demonical spree

Poem for the fallen
In the words of the sullen

Poem for the fallen
In the words of the sullen

Cold sweat, tingling thoughts of an old threat
Terror got her all wet, lecherous sympathy

In the end all it comes down to are dreary memories
So sick of seeing them through, so my choice this time - fucking apathy

All it comes down to in the end
So sick of seeing them through in the end
Fucking apathy

They dance in hell...
They dance in hell...
They dance in...

Thanks to prabhin for sending these lyrics.

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