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1. Faces Behind The Mirror

I'm down, he is watching me from above
My dream is burning, i dream forever
Keep my life, give me air
I try to think better and better

Solitude has disappeared
Harmony can it be reached?
Misery, don't stay with me
Le't me have a rest, let me be!

Lonliness and destiny
Let me have a rest, let me be!
Broken candles, long slumber
Look at the faces behind the mirror

Into this silent world
Loud cry is heard
My voices and reflections
Are strange and immortal
Mother earth life - giving power
Show me, show me the way
Deep down the dark world
Cross and some flovers show.

2. It Hurts Again

I only can see its face
It hurts and hurts forever
I'm lying in the dept of existence
There only walls around me
It hurts again,i cant feel my body
It was colourful world,
But my memories are getting faded,
Time makes things more pleasent,
My dreams last till day-time
I can see never more
The painful pictures are swallowed
Up by the past.

Faces and pictures live on the beyond
They sometimes touch me
The eyes are too blue behind the faces
They'll return to the mirror.

It's tormenting me smiling in my dreams
I can hear it's steps when i'm awake too
The present has faded
And the past has got clean
I can see never more
The painful pictures are swallowed
Up by the past

3. With Brush Of Madness

I walked on dusty roads
On burning lands
The wind picked up my sigh
The dust swallowed up my steps
Dark changed the light
The sky wasn't blue longer
Crying trees bended
Down over dryed rivers

Fire burned in the night
I fell down tired beside it
The fear spoke from the eyes
Behind the flames
I wait for the vultures
I watch them in silence
As their evil eyes
Are burning into my soul

I let the dream takes me away
Pulls me deeper and deeper
To our future
Painted with brush of madness

When the last leaf
Fell into oblivion
And the rain slowly
Carried away everything
While the wind is crying
The cold white dressed
Infinite night tells about
Frozen dreams

4. The Last Reflection

Time is riding with me
Like a long shade
My past is following me
I'm wandering
But my way never ends

Just fading away
The night touches me
In the silence
It calls my soul
Behind the clouds

Watching your face looking for
The past listen to the march of time

Floating in the space
In the blinding eternity
I was waiting for a sound
For a forgotten world
But everything is dark

Winter shade gentle breeze
This is the last
The last movement
The night is falling
To the velvet ground
This is the last
The last reflection

5. Somewhere In The Deep

The magic has gone
Everything's like chaos
The voice is strange
The touch's cold.
The night is colourful
Every sound of it makes me shudder
Attack me from the darkness
Breathes its frosty breath to me.

Somewhere in the deep -
You'll find me if you need me
You see, i needn't fear
The natural beauty casts a spell upon me
Somewhere in the deep -
From below everything's cleaner.
Don't disturb my dream -
I'm defendin' the secret of the world.

You can see a dream
Shades in the fire
Shade of a raven
As i returned.
My body belongs to the decay
Someone above is watchin' me
The sky's silent and feels blue
The wind dries it's tears.

6. Under The Dreams

Being submerged under the dreams
In an other dimension
The time loses it's essence
The mind's flying free

The memories that have been
Living in the deep
Now they're rising to the surface
The sounds are embracing me
They're calling me before the white light

The other side is summoning me
Its door is open
The world of eternity is waiting for me
The other side is summoning me
An other beautiful world
Unknown but known

You're stepped out of the present
Your soul's having a rest
This strange calmness
Goes with you on your way

Beyond the light in a higher level
You will give your pasts over again
Your faults,your virtues
Will help you to chose

//All music by Dying Wish, all lyrics by Lajos Papp and Janos
Moldovanyi, Guest vocals by Ferenc Mulicz on "Faces Behind The Mirror"
and "The Last Reflection" and by Illes Marsi on "Faces Behind The
Mirror". Recorded and mixed by Sandor Kiss and Dying Wish 31th March
1998, 01st, 02nd April 1998. Cover and band photo by Mihaly Nemeth.//

Thanks to szmester for sending these lyrics.

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