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1. Dying Lord

You're the scornful lord pralinage
Got the privilege of seeing you dying
You'll know the price of prenance
And feel the sin in remembrance

You seek, silence and fight against pain
No more sun just thunder and rain
Now you're blind you cry in vain
Yes, maybe we'll meet again

Forget the past, see this tragedy
Sommellerie in hell, both in agony
At least you feel emptiness
In this life of loneliness

Devil will take your soiled hand
I'm the cause of it, I'm not ashamed
No time for whispers, no time for fear
For this dead world the end is near.

2. Jail Of Flesh

In the temple of lust
Where pleasure of flesh
Is melting to blood
She's dressed in a shroud
And she walks on thorns
Night gets darker and darker
And slowly candles become
Images of god
One more time,
Wolves will bite her...
Spoiled, raped and naked
She cries alone.

She just can keep face and whisper
Peace of mind is her only d├ęsire
Welcome into jail of flesh

Treated as an animal
Forced by hate
Men superiority overcomes
This miserable creature
She just can endure
This endless torture
Abandoned by love
Forgotten by hope
She'd like to close her eyes
And disappear somewhere
Release her wings
And fly away...

3. Destiny

Going away without letting tracks
Abandoned of this cruel world
Repulse: infinite darkness
For ever in the evil swirl
Time is a thing we must accept
Unexpected I sometimes fear
Destiny is what we all seek
Destiny was waiting for you

Going away
Wish to be save
Burn away
Such in my fate

Going away
To rest in peace
Burn away
For eternity

I've chosen dark, I've chosen night
I've lost my hope a day of life
I've never wanted to born a day
The silent sadness disturbs my senses

My eyes in tears my soul is burning
Shadow of death is hanging on me
Destiny is what we all seek
Destiny was waiting for you.

4. Bleed For Us

Bleed for us my lord
With my knife or with your sword
Think of me in your distress
Me, your selfish mistress

At dusk, you anger become shame
Is it fate's fault, our only ours?
Merciless life punished us for our sin
Now we'll both pay for it

Let's drown together in destiny
Stars won't let us nor the dove
Enjoy your sin in eternity
If one day I die for you my love

I pray and I pray day and night
To be sure that we'll meet again
Now that you've disappear forever
My whole existence is torn apart

Now that we're both in this cold tomb
Together, in love forever
We can mix our tears and forget our fears
Let's hope for a better life... in hell.

5. Never Alive

Nothingness is my realm
Loneliness is my law
I've never had any dream
I've never had any soul

My Poisonous serenity
Has Blackened my poor Scenery
My reflect is a stone
And I am just no one

Birds will never sing for me
Silence is my one company
Nobody remember my name
My cold heart is a frozen flame

Merciless time has forgotten me
I can see nothing, I can't be
Light hates me, I never shine
I will never be alive

Don't look for me I am nowhere
Don't talk to me I don't care
I can't feel your sadness
Can't realize your distress

Your insane reality
Does really mean nothing for me
I don't have any fate
I have no regrets

6. When The Earth Cries


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