Dark Lyrics


1. Entering The Gate


2. Dead Is The Black Metal

On a freezing and distant land
Under the sign of darkness
With dead soul
And freed by the death
A diabolical shadow appeared in the fog
He brought salvation of the rot and death
From a forgotten age and place
Touched by the death
The one who exceeded the roads of life
He showed other worlds
He wished other worlds
He never walked on human roads
He is dead
Someone who was here not as a human
He is dead
who brought darkness and damnation from the hell
Dead is the Black Metal...
Dead is the Black Metal...

3. Carpathian's Legend...

In the dark forest of the Carpathians
The shadows of the night
Have been whispering a story since the ancient times
On each full moon night
At such times even the trees are whispering and rustling
From the Carpathians' mist
It grows together with the dark forests
Their ancient power is covering
This gloomy land until all times
A spirit born
To lead the shadows
Through endless roads, which are even thicker
Than Transylvania's most darkest forests
The one who will break the curse of eternity
Will bring twilight upon the day
Will bring curse upon the blessing
And a blessing upon the curses
One will take the living into death
And the shadows will slide away
With the wind of passing
It echoes as an immortal curse
In the deep of all life
Sparks of fear
Flame as great blazes
One will open the worlds' gates
And know the death's gate
One will lead the world into dusk
Will lead the dusk into death
The death to nothing...

4. Transylvania's Coldest Breeze

On endless dreary roads
On the land of dreams
Unimaginable darkness covers everything
And descends at nights with the fog
From the mountain forests full of secrets
And the valleys are being covered
By an ancient dark power
That has been here always
And at nights shadows and dark souls
Descend in the valleys
With the cold Transylvanian breezes
Which are so freezing
That even the fire freezes
The cold permeates into the souls
And it brings a scream
From the surrounding mountains
And from their endless dark forests
An ancient curse descends
With the cold Transylvanian breezes
I am at home there
I feel the call
I'm one with the dark curse
Which covers the Carpathians
I am the coldest breeze of Transylvania...

5. Dark Hunger

Sateless hunger obsesses me
A voice that keeps on calling
Dark hunger of my freezing soul
An endless hunger
For a total darkness
For a total death
As cold as the wish for death
And so hungry in a stranger life
Walking in abandoned freezing forests
And appease my soul's scream
The grey Transylvanian sky above
Frozen rain on my face
I'm the immortal hunger
An eternal searching
For a total darkness
For a total death
And so hungry in a stranger life
I'm the immortal hunger
An eternal searching
For a total darkness
For a total death
A scream in the silence
Eternal deathwish

6. In The Fire

Everything is ablazed around me
My body ashes in the eternity
And now everything is so familiar
Now everything is blazing because I'm dying
No sound, no shape
Nothing exists that is not eternal
An infinite walk among the blazes and ashes
So deeply outside of life
So far in the infinite death
The blazes are flashing everywhere
Still everything is so frosty
That thousands of souls are frozen everywhere
When everything is so pure
In pure pain
In eternal suffering
An eternity's curse
In infinite dead space
Lost is all hope
That once was blazing as a fire
Every living thing is given up
That once was fighting
That once lived
Now everything is so dead
Now everything is so cold
Desolated and empty
Infinite Death
At the gate of deliverance...

Shadow ‒ Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Gelal ‒ Drums

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