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1. Power Of Revenge

Buried in another world,
Locked in a rock deeply,
All memories forgotten,
That chained to me somewhere,
And when everybody believes,
Me to be dead,
Then shall my time come,
When I seemingly fall,
Then suddenly,
My eyes open,
The rock falls from me,
Like dust,
World of revenge speaks again,
There exists no time to forget it,
And now as I am awaken,
The body I have been buried in,
Now Dies,
For the truth has killed,
The body of a liar dream,
In that I have been captured,
And now I see the place,
Over even this,
The place inside me,
That's me,
Where no life dwells,
Where dust fell from me.

2. Shadows

I am everywhere
I lurk there in everybody
I slip along as shadow everywhere
I lurk in the background
And from time to time
I break free to surface
I am the darkness
The true is behind the lie
Behind images of dream
I wait when my time will come
Since all times
I am here
To life
Only the death can
Bring deliverance
No one else knows the calm
I am true, pure
So dark
That a living can't see
So cold
That living can't even know
About me
A dream that we dream
A life that is eternal captivity
A death that delivers
And now I am dancing as shadow
Coming from the dusk
Now i am here again
Purely and truly
I remember again
Not buried already
Deep in body
A dream that we dream
A life that is eternal captivity.

3. Carpathian Darkness

In an ice-cold forest
Darkness covers the forest
And surrounds me also
I'm full of eternal hate
A fore blazes in my eyes
As once
When last time I walked on earth
So dark is this forest
So cold are these winds
My scream penetrates
That depth of wood
And all voices become
An immerse scream
Destruction and hate in my eyes
I am one with the wood
With the raging winds

Bloody spills to the soil
All is frosty and gray
Frost penetrates me
I am blazing as a fire
In valleys and mountains
Rocks and immerse woods
I lurk as a shadow
I watch and wait
My time to come
And now a fire blazing in my eyes
Like fire of hell
Glowing glance
We are the shadows of the woods
The word of revenge and hate
Darkness is now growing
In the Carpathian forests
I arise from my ashes
And freezing winds acompany...
My arrival...

4. Black Gate

Fire and ashes covering everything
That was seen by my eyes once
Song of fire flies far
In an endless forst
The picture of a memory
Holds back ages and forgetting
But it guards the ancient empire
Heights as a gate
And defends of entering
The black gate
Where those may enter
Who belong there
A gate that defends
Of all life
A gate of darkness and death
A place to rest
A gate that defends
Of all light
That may burn us.

A darkness infinite
A pain infinite
That doesn't let us die
A real world
Lived by not many
Black gate
Thou art locked before me
I am screaming in the night
With the dark purity of my soul
And my immortal words
The call of another word
Opens up
The memory of another age
Calls again...
And the black gate locks
Behind me...
To return to
A forgotten age and place...

5. Enter The Realm Of Death

When all is frozen in me
As a glance towards death
I feel its breath inside me
Its infinite frost
As it embraces and touches me
As I find it
I have seen looking for it for so long
Perchance there has been no beginning
But now I am full of
Infinite frost
That freezes all souls to ice
That doesn't let any hearts to fame
I couldn't see it as a mortal
But now I became one with it
It has always been here in me
But no mortal can enter here

Outside life
The gate of a new world
A gate between life and death
The gate is here
But can't be seen alive
Just when I am stepping over
Every life of mine
And entering
To the black unknown
Entering to the eternal darkness...
Where I am one with it
And so I can see
I've found it after a thousand lives
And entered to a black unknown
Entered to the eternal darkness...

6. Follow The Call

The forests are calling me
To leave this world
And to return
To walk in vast forests again
An once...
My soul stravaiging in the black forest
Far from all life
Where no one can see it
Far from this world
In cold and darkness
That is enlightmenting
And desires
That are calling far away
Now they are covering me together with the fog
The silence of the night is howling beside me
Voices that are calling through all time
Now they are followed forever...

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