Dark Lyrics


1. Death From Above


2. Resurrection

A memory of a time
When we were proud to live our dreams
There'll be no compromise
Standing tall, we will be surpreme

No one could crush our will to be
This time we're gonna make them see...

The resurrection time is now
Forever we survive
Back from the grave to take control
The resurrection time is now
Returning from the fire
We have the strength we have the power
Forever we survive...

They tried to tear us down
Rape our hearts and steal our dreams
This time we won't hold back
Glory bound, we claim our victory

Standing tall and standing proud
The beast inside is breaking out...

3. Paradise

I felt so weak, all hope was gone
My skin blistered slowly away Gangrene and Smallpox
No life left inside of me
The pain that I felt was unreal...

I make my last stand as success comes my way
My bones gain their strength
Nothing stands in my way
The final encounter decides who will win
Desire to live will survive...

Running away to paradise
Victory in my sights
Running away to paradise
The gods are on my side

My body aching - scarred, torn and wretched
Forced to go on through the pain
Was it will that revived me
Brought life back inside of me
With blood flowing fast though my veins...

4. No Way Out

Take a look at yourself
What you see isn't real
It's just a part of your imagination I see you standing here in front of me, yeah
I hear you talking yet you should not be there

Just an image from my mind
A dark memory
Stalking close and never letting me be
I push you back, close the blind, lock you away
Drive out the pain and all the misery...

No way out
Trapped in your world of make-believe
Lost in the dark, can't find my way
Your grip is tightening on me...

No point in fighting you now
You keep on breaking the rules
I make the play
But you just turn it upside down
These games you play
You know they're killing me
Haunting my dreams
And never letting me sleep

What keeps you safe in your home
Your locked and bolted door
Who knows your dark fear of night
Your TV screen can't keep you warm...

5. Wake Up

On every corner there's a preacher
In every city there's a prayer
And as they crucify each other
I contemplate the open air... yeah...

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

And every man becomes a saviour
So in the name peace condemn
It's funny how the big solution
Just brings the greatest sinners in... yeah...
Righteous to the end
As they rape your children
And like children we obey...

A holy war on the horizon
Same old excuses still at hand
They say he made us in his likeness
I say we shaped him like a man...

6. Fight

You - you promised us hope
You gave us a dream
You promised us lies
Now you - you've taken it all
You've taken our lives
And thrown them away

Fight - fight for your lives
Fight - fight to be free, yeah
Death to them all, the liars and cheats
Fight - to kill them all...

They - they think that they're right
They think they're supreme
They're too blind to see
Now we - we rise to the call
Stand 'til we fall
Broken and weak...

7. Severed Ties

So here we're stading now
So many years passed
Old words just like the stars
So much still left unsaid
Yet we know there's nothing more to say

The chapter is closing now
Stand at the crossroads
It's time to find a way
And as the sun goes down
We're walking away

Severing ties, severing ties
It's come to the time to say goodbye
When it's time to leave, it's time to go
When it's time you'll know
It's time to say your last goodbyes...

So thanks for the memories
Locked up tight
And carried deep within
And maybe cross paths one day
And new ties begin

8. Time To Die

Suffer my child, bleed for me now
Cleanse your soul, set your spirit free
Fly for me or the devil take your soul
Burn for me, you will believe

Rituals turning in my head
My senses dulled, I'm burning...

I see my life before my eyes
There's nothing there I can deny
What have I done in my time
Screaming out before I die...

Rescue me - somebody save me
Demons in my mind driving me insane
Darkness all around taking blood from me
Searing heat burning, peeling my skin

One more chance, one more life
There's still time to see the light

9. I Am Death

Death - the anti-hero
Champion of the doomed
I'll be there to end your life
To take you to your tomb
I will seal your fate, before me you'll decay
There's no escape, your soul is gone
I'll steal your life away

I'll end your suffering, I'll end your pain
When you take your final breath
Then you'll know my name...

I am death (death - death - death) [x4]

I live within the hungry children on the streets
I'm the disease that kills you while you sleep
I am the needle that's in the junkie's arm
I am the tormentor - the storm before the calm

They call me the reaper
I am the man in black
When you give your life to me
There is no turning back
You will know the end is near
You'll see my toothy grin
Now you leave this life of hell
But another one begins...

10. Judgment Day

These games that you're playing
Have gone on for far too long
Ulterior motives
And hidden agendas and lies
Transparent like glass
I saw through you right from the start
It's the end of the line, now it's time
Judgment day...

You can't run or hide
You know that I'll find you
Oh, it's now your time
You've reached your judgment day...

So blatantly clear
Are you stupid or are you insane?
A blind man could see your deceit
But still you try - why?
Feeding your ego
I tell you that you're not that good
Pull in your head now, my friend
Or I'll take you down...

11. The Legend Of Huma

Oh - the armies of darkness are coming to poison the lands
Takhisis, the queen of the night has risen again
Five-headed dragon returned from the land of the dead
To enslave us all

Oh - may Paladine smile upon us as we go to war
Like ancient Solamnic Knights have battled before
Defenders of light, sworn to fight for us all
To save the world

Silver and gold - the dragons of light
Pushing the darkness aside
The Measure and Code - the law of the knights
Echoing in my mind...

My honour - is my life
My honour - will survive

Oh - as I look deep into the elf-maiden's eyes
Gwyneth, my love, don't you mourn for me if I die
Your memory will pass with me into the next life
You'll always be part of me

Now - as I ride through the sky, a dragon of silver below
The dragon is one with Gwyneth, but how could I've known?
I focus my mind, remember the Solamnic Oath
As we reach the queen...

Flames were all around, they heard the victory cry
Ansalon was spared, but they knew they'd reached their time
With their final breath, her secret was set free
'Huma, I'm one with you - you're one with me...'

Now as you look into the sky, there's two new shining stars
The legend handed down from son to son, sung by bards
The dragon and the ancient knight did defeat the evil queen
They went to their deaths together
With a love that could never be...

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