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1. Losers

You work so fucking hard to achieve your ideal in the time that you've allowed,
but no the guarantee didn't hold up, swallow hard bite back the fear.
It's always been this way, you just deceive yourself into thinking everything is fine.
Cut your wrists watch them bleed a drop for every promise you can't keep.
You're a loser not a winner, you were born to lose.
Them that has gets and you've got nothing you're a loser not a winner.
It's always been this way, nothing ever changes.

2. Russian Roulette

Nations untrustworthy, room filled with gasoline.
2 men striking matches so they can see.
They raise their guns and dare each other play a game of death.
We call it Russian Roulette.
One chance is all you get.
Chambers loaded you got the hammer cocked.
Barrels at your head, a prayer's what you've got.
Détente is undermined by the savages who lead us blind, towards Armageddon or worse.
Russian Roulette.

3. It's Your Fate

Born into a class structure, rich man or slave at his feet.
Bystander or maker of crime killing in war or doing time.
The elders who possess the power build areals in defense,
You pay the price for their fears their memories they won't forget.
It's your fate, you don't decide,
It's your fate, struggle just to survive.
The verdict in long before the first breath filled your lungs.
Tomorrow you'll rise look around you wonder why.
All you see in decay fate has not been kind.
Holy war
Suicidal bomber dying for a cause, and the life you're losing it's well worth the price
You're on a mission for your god, and the innocents you take with you are examples of us all.
Holy war holy war you keep killing you don't know who it's for.
I watch you soldier as you stab her and laugh, her mother draws her near.
She takes her last breath.
Then you unfold your leader's picture, show him what you've done.
Then you kiss his photo, praise his holy one.
Holy war holy war you keep killing you don't know what it's for.

4. Holy War

5. Catalepsy


6. Shattered Illusions

The giant fears that creep upon you as you gaze with open eyes.
At the world that surrounds you, hollow shells of faded dreams.
Somewhere close I feel your breath and somewhere I sense death.
What I felt for you last night is dying with the morning light.
Shattered illusions makes me confused.
Start making every scene searching every bar.
You're working on another scheme, illusion takes you but how far.

7. Life Is Pain

Deceived by false hopes into thinking there was something more
I've left what matters slips away.
Like grains of sand falling through my hands.
All tomorrows are yesterdays.

No one really cares
They're just out to survive, and if you find it hard to believe you're the one who's living a lie.

My life is pain, all was taken that I gave.
Left were only broken promises.
All tomorrows are yesterdays.
Can't you see you're wasting time.
Believing in a better day that never comes, and all the prayers that you pray won't change tomorrows from yesterdays.
Death to our false love we live only to be gratified.
Raise the sword high strike us down.

8. Blood I Bleed

You don't know me I owe you not a thing.
Yet you believe it's your right to take it all.
Wanting a slave you can devour, I should fulfill your need [?]
Not on your life.
Abuse me exploit me, thick and red the blood I bleed.
Dominate defile me, drink it down the blood I bleed.
Drill in my mind little girls are tolerated, often used, despised and hated.
Gonna rot alone in their middle ages, kept in line must control their rages.
I see you've moved to another key holder.
One's gonna treat you much better.
He gives you strong advice about your life girl.
Now that lover you trust and believe in has got you on a corner charging a fee yeah, it's just the blood you bleed.
I rip the flesh from your bones.
I laugh as I watch it fall away.
The blood from your veins falls like a shower.
This passion you want to control.

9. Widows Walk

I the judge and the jury.
I deliver the sentence.
You who've not seen the light of day, shall die before you awaken.
There is no force in my life that I cannot control.
I have your seed, I spit it on the ground,
I will not reap what you've sown,
On the widows walk he waits for thee,
On the widows walk I call your name.
I'll give to you what you gave to me, a term of confusion and pain.
I stand alone await your return,
I have nothing to gain.
You can change fates decree on the widows walk I wait for thee.

10. Vultures In The Sky

Can't you see we don't care about you.
Can't you see we don't want your kind.
We give you weapons to kill each other, can't you see or are you blind.
Vultures in the sky, flying overhead.
Vultures in the sky looking for the dead.
You're doing just what we want you to do, killing off your population.
We've got you by your stupid pride.
Rewarding it with frustration.

Line Up:
Dawn Crosby - Vocals
Caleb Quinn - Guitar
Ross Robinson - Guitar
Steve Hochheiser - Bass
Dennis Butler - Drums

Thanks to luxuskaizer for sending these lyrics.

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