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1. When People Become Numbers

sometimes our fingers speak louder than words (aggravates illness and passes through spit) I can see right through the back of your head. clearly. if its right or its wrong if this is wrong. I can't be right. dear god, I think they're right/ how long before this dies? we'll count the numbers, we'll just forget. we've learned to fail. we've embraced regret. that's not an honest answer and we don't wish it was. (you're like) sharpened sticks passing hands, aimed at hearts, passing through. straight through my heart, pass my way. sometimes our fingers speak louder than words. sometimes these wires pass right through the nerves if my heart swelled from my chest would you feed it glass or another kiss? we'll go on for days, for months, for years forever. you'll break my heart. if we count on each other over someone else's shoulder. the way we do when people become numbers am I a one, a two, a three, four, five or six, seven or an eight?

2. Last Weeks Minutes...

say something and let it go. more lines for crossing over everyday. it feels so good to let it go. saves me from those thoughts inside my head. feels like the things we say. gives them the words to choke on. the things we say, will never make them love you. like heat I rise. softest words ever spoke aimed like a gun at the back of my throat. you said it anyway. I can hear them in the back. I can hear them in the hall. I can hear them when they say anything at all. it sounds like tiny records trapped insides the grooves. when I try to turn it over I can feel the whole place move. it's what I did, it's what I said. it just a way for us to all wind up dead. don't have to try to hard at all to make me hate you. does it feel good? I've got friends that would die for me. some might just kill who's next? my guess is you. you fucking se ll out.

3. The Truly Dangerous Nature...

I'd rather be your coffin than your pillow because we press through flesh we break the skin. we push back through the skin. we chew through what we're in. we'll tear this place apart we'll piss inside your heart. we'll hit you where you live. we'll get under the skin we'll tear this place apart, we'll piss inside your heart. we'll push, we'll shove, put smokes out on your rug we hit you where you live. we live under the skin. once in 40 seconds. done in 45. this is what we're reduced to just to stay alive. tonight we're coming back and we don't care who we hurt. we'll shovel by the mouthful till they're covered up with dirt. this is where we live. our favorite place to bleed. stitched in any closer we'd be sewed into the sleeve. still stuck to the skin. same place that we're in. i'm the guy who lives next door lines up cans and shoots at the floor. pictures of guns and girls under the bed. we don't care because, baby, we're all dead. baby, we're all still stuck to the skin. same place that we're in.

4. Rock And Roll Killing Machine

take one for the team. cool kids know what I mean. can still stand up we're in control through losing blood from every hole. that's how it happens. it's the way it goes. we'll kill again for rock and roll. in another time in another place we still watch for ways to make it not happen again. can still stand up we're in control through losing blood from every hole. just a little blood, we'll clean it up. come a little closer and fear is contagious and tonight we'll paint the walls with a bucket of your blood. don't let this happen again, been so ling since I've had a knife in my hand. tonight it's all coming back, like poisonous tacks and barbed wire bats. tonight it's all coming back, so many people I'd love to stab. please take th is from my hands. don't let me kill again. darkest day. yeah we will, we'll kill again. longest night. we'll smear your blood across the walls. hold my hands up. now I can't stand up

5. Code Breaking Hearts

we're starting over, reset and counting down. now two keys are turning from stations underground. and if we made you feel this wouldn't it be seen as an attack? what once we were receiving, tonight, we're sending back. we are appearances. we are deceiving. all switches on. we are receiving. stilts built on emotion where logic used to stand, will delete all traces with one sweep of the hand. systems go, all engaged with switches on, seems so, so surprised it still turns on. died for your dials, your circuits burning. when we are ruled by our emotions- we approach our crimes with renewed devotion. and tell me can you feel it when your code is breaking? cut of the line, fell off the grid. now we're free y ea, we're free. you never had me, you just wish you die

6. My First Restraining Order

to sink so high desperate emanations, lamp light in the eye held your heart, fingers in the cavity all alone in the dark alone, we'll sail away, we'll sink so high, you're holding back again, you said you wouldn't. don't say anything even if it's killing you. don't say anything. sink so high, sail so low. tell me what I said, tell me what to say, bombs hearts. hearts are breaking, watch it all blown away. I called seven times said you're not at home. I can see the lights on. they said. they lied. tonight we'll say it second tonight we'll say it slow. tonight we'll say anything anything at all. at all. I called seven times said you're not at home. I can't take it back. I can't take it now. fell from the sky rain falling down. rain came falling down and down. down from the sky.

7. This Years Most Fashionable Signs Of Weakness

tell me can you see these tears in my eyes. are they cameras picking up the dying inside? needles last night did they stitch or did they stab.? as long as we look good it can't be all bad. don't say you love me with pins in your mouth. tell me i'm beautiful, its a beautiful lie. they'll take it in but they can't take it back. there's things that we say that are ugly as that. they'll take it in but they can't take it back. these hearts on the sleeves come straight off the rack. don't wear this out for anyone but me. don't look down no matter what you do, still can't face those fucking shoes. when we look in mirrors, this doesn't fit right. nothing looks good, this doesn't fit right. nothing looks good on me tonight. next time you tell me i'm beautiful I'll know its a lie. next time you say you love me lets hope it looks as good as it sounds.

8. If God Loves A Good Winner... (Born To Break Even)

those who are chosen do not ask why. if they ask say we don't care. when you're not here we're glad your there, we've still got our eyes in back. if they ask we didn't ask, we just want our bullets back. we'll stand on line to watch you die. historically oppressed. repeatedly marginalized made to stand on stupid lines. back rooms and detention halls. think of all the lives you'd save. your corner offices freshly painted interiors every last one will become your mass graves. say something anything at all if I was you and i'm glad i'm not all they'd hear is one gun shot. born to break even. we're taking over-weak willed. dedicated sinners. god knows, god loves a good winner.

9. Angles And Defenses

I don't know why, I know where the pieces go. suddenly everything makes so much sense we lay our backs across your fence, feels like i'm almost human. each gesture nearly commands respect, with ringing ears and ringing necks will hit the ground with scattered shots, we'll tie your lungs in miles of knots, we'll close your eyes. bricks and boards are not enough. they're not enough, not even close. goes right through your doors at night. it is a quality-not often appreciated, seldom admired, held to bare bulbs, we'll see it through short breaths stabbing sighs after all these years still afraid to die. crush your small sense of security. grinding it out underneath the cheapest pair of shoes I own.

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