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1. Condoning The Use Of Inhalants

All i wanted is just to feel high. Little black dots are floating in front of my eyes. Cracking and spinning. I feel high but I can't breathe, airplane glue up my sleeve. The cracking. The flaking. Everything is spinning around, everything is falling down, warm red water. Can't feel my fingers. I can't feel.

2. Highschool Slow Dance

I've got the stages, everytime I try to touch you, that's what it's like. I've got the something. I can't even breathe, they built a shelf on my neck and my back. I've got the stages. I can't even say it. Why won't the words come out right? I've got the stages everytime I try to touch you every time I stand too close to you. You freeze the faces, and save them for dissection. you put the pieces in your pocket, smudge them out. Burn the stains to the edge with cigarettes and c herry red. Like secrets on a string. Standing on a line. Standing on the baseline baseline. Standing I can feel you Can you feel me?

3. Busy Signal At The Suicide Hotline

I want to hear you try to help me. I want to see you try to save me. I can feel it in my hands every time i dial. Oh dear god help me please because i don't want to die. 1, 2 , 3, 4...dead. It's all a lie exactly like i said. I did it. It's the time, the best time, 7 or 11, 10. Hang it up, try again. There're been a couple of really bad nights and I wasn't sure if i was going to make it. It's all i could do to stop myself from picking up phone. But now it's either I tie up the line or i let it...swing.

4. Sadder Than Saturday

"Wednesday night has always been my night." she said, and no one had the heart to disagree. There was a knife in the drawer....There was blood on the floor and everybody's looking for another way out. I don't want it anymore. Hands all through the window and they're breaking through the frame. It's not what you wanted. It's not what you needed. I'm not what you wanted. Not what you needed. I can't sleep at night. I swear to god I hear your voice outside of the window.

5. Mail Order Kindney

I don't owe you anything. The scars, the skin, the needle pushing in. Pins are pounding, breaking free. I'm already low. Can you send me anything at all. I'm not asking, now I'm telling, bend your pennies to what you're selling. Pins are, all breaking free. I'm already low. It's all scissors and paste. It's learning to wait, through the twisting tongues, through the marks on the lungs. I made my bed already. I won't die. IN this place with the planets, in this piece of the sky. could you let me go softly, could you let me go now? I won't die here.

6. Trouble Breathing

I've got talking sickness. Laredo number nine. I pull the pages over the line. Can you hear me? There's something wrong with me, I can't talk, I can't speak, I can hardly even say these words at all. Yeah I know there's something wrong with me, and I haven't got a thing that i can spin around my head. Ties the tongue with silver string and holds almost everything. Painted on like clouds and sky. I built a pair of human eyes. Ties the tongue with silver string hold on almost everything and it's only half of what you always wanted. Everybody's got it all and it's going around.

7. Supermarket Riot

Your radio can't hear me. You turn me down and tune me out. You signal can't reach me, your station can't feel me. The signal, the station. The last 20 seconds of hesitation. You can call me up if it starts to get quiet, 5,4,3,2,1... Ri ot. Supermarket Riot. Start your engines, start your riot. Green means go.

8. Clothesline

I'll tear your fucking heart out, you bastard Get ready to die. Tell me how does it feel? I've got the knife in my hand and I'm pushing it in. You liar You bastard I know where you live, motherfucker, you'd better sleep with the lights on. Tell me how does it feel? I've got the knife in my hand and I'm twisting it in. She said "It'll only take a second and..." Hand me the knife, hand of god, hand me the knife, get ready to die. I don't care what you said. I don't care. You're fucking, fucking dead.

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