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1. A White Realm

Old times of pagan customs
Times of darkness
Belong now to the past
Times have come
Where idols can't stand
Within the once dark land
A white realm arises

Crusaders for the Mighty
Enter the land with storm
Now upon the proud mountains
A holy throne is built

The time has come
For Christ to hold sway
Because the evil empire is defeated
Now the good hordes
Invade the scenery
That belongs to The Mighty One

Throughout the land
Christ's love is spread
To build this- a holy realm
Never will this white realm fall
Like the evil did...

Proudly I raise my voice to praise
The Almighty who won the fight
Who shed His blood...

2. Natten På Harmageddon (Night At Armageddon)

Ditt siste slag er kjempet
Og tapt
Under Lammets vrede
Og blodmånens skinn
Vet du ikke at du lenger
Får være

Nå er skjebnenatten kommet
Hvor din vederstyggelighet tar slutt
Og du skal kvestes i kamp ned Kristus

Dine ugjerninger
Har kommet til en ende
Aldri mer skal du få herje
Blant Guds skaperverk
Med din villfarelse og avmakt

Stjerner faller til jorden
Den rystes i skjelv
Elvene fylles med blod
Plager stormer over landene

For verden og det som er i den
Skal nå gå til grunne
I en kullsvart natt

Der vredesvinen skjenkes ublandet
Aldri mer skal du eksistere, satan
For i natt får du nådestøtet
Dette er skjebnenatten
Natten hvor du kastes i ildsjøen
Og du skal pines i all evighet
Natten på Harmageddon...

3. Spiritual Battle

A battle within the spiritual
Ravages around me
Demons trying to ruin me
And my soul

But my soul lies in Jesus' hands
Because I let Him in
He fills me with His Holy Spirit
And suits me with His armor

When darkness and sorrow
Enter my mind
Evil thoughts torment
And exhaust my inner

Jesus, He comes
To wipe away my tears
And give of His eternal grace
To expel all evil
And replace it with new hope
And give me what I need

You too must receive Jesus
As Lord in your life
So you won't be torn into pieces
Without anyone helping you

4. Away From The Destruction

A breeze from the nocturnal forest
Howls in the northern sky
The moon is hidden by clouds
Dawn may not come...

The breeze is icy and makes me freeze
Darkness surrounds me
Everything is dying
There is no light

I hear shrieks from the masses
Whose hearts are black
Lost in the northern cold
Helpless without hope

I'm not afraid
My heart is clean
I'm living by my faith in Christ
Sanctified by His blood

As I look around myself
I see ruins of the holocaust
All life soaked into lifeless dust

Suddenly, as from nowhere
The Master comes
To bring His people home
To fulfill the prophesies
And the promise

The day is past I'm going to the everlife
Away from the destruction
To eternity!

5. Doom Of Antichrist

Listen blackened souls
Failures, blasphemers of Christ
Your time, in this age of chaos,
Will come, the day of wrath...

Your theory, the rise of hell
Will never come, the time will show
Evil symbols are dying
In the light of Christ

Failures, blasphemers of Christ
Surrender to Him
receive eternal life

The time of antichrist is coming
This is the end of the age

In this coming age
The pain will be big
For unbelievers
So there's one thing to be said:
Receive the words of truth!

Seek the Lord
Remain with Him
Eternal life

The antichrist is helpless
Fighting for its life
Loosing power
As we plunder hell

The day of victory will come...

Wrath, pain and death
Becomes the doom of antichrist

6. Missing Souls

Listen to the Word of God
Your soul is missing

Cry out
The truth will reach your mind
The healing life

No soul will ever live in peace
Without Him
Submit to the Savior...

Heed the name
That brings salvation
Heed the name-Jesus

7. Frykt Ikke (Fear Not)

Frykt ikke, broder, broder i Krist
Frykt ikke verden og mørkets makt
Frykt ikke døden, den når ikke oss
Den seier vant Jesus
på syndens kors

Vi er reddet av blodet,
frelst fra undergang
Jesus, den evige, har tatt vår synd
Lammet ble drept,
men stod opp igjen
Dødsriket stormet,
Jesus har all makt!

Derfor frykt ikke det onde
for Gud beskytter deg alltid
Han som makten tilhører

Frykte ikke...
Gud har makten
Satan har tapt

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