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1. Boneless

A sphere to run to, a place to deploy yourself
Boundless in bliss
Shut down the day and enter the Neverland
Free admission
Yeah be the one, the McClane who saves the day

Boneless you're streaming
Fear awaits in darkened places, sanity at stake
Futile to try to escape, the story ends when you awake

But on the other hand a place where you lose control
You try to strike a match but it always breaks in two
Try in vain and
You want to use a phone but no numbers come to mind
Flee and wake up

Boneless you're streaming
Unbridled dreaming
Abandon all reason for good

Feeling so lost inside
Boneless nightmare

Boneless, dream away

2. Grow A Storm

A lifetime spent in submission
Breathe the fire that's meant for them
A mirror for what has been done
For the mirror for what's been back then

Hidden scars and scared black eyes
A hardened shell well-trained in lies
Reflexes that are in so deep
And the door's locked when it's time to sleep

Thorns that sting too deep
In eyes that are too blind
Gagged and bound in life
These wounds will always bleed

Reckless with words, deeds and curses
Belt, fist, secrets, mark deep inside
Bottle is closed, something moulders and festers
Sowing the wind that will grow a storm
Hate the hater
Loveless shell

Drown in drugs it's sufferable
Going the path that is a spiral
Not ahead, but down it leads
To the bottom of society

Creating their reflection
The victim becomes perp

3. Done & Dusted

You and I are not forever
So they say, there ain't no shelter
Take it as it is because
Every day could be your last

Me and you, we've both been through
Highs and lows, that's how it goes
But I moved on, to conquer all
Burn your ships like Cortez did
Call it quits

A better attitude
A futuristic mood
The storyteller's mute
A punchline that just goes like this:

You see, you cling fast to your yesterdays
"and that's why I
Turn my head"
Is what you said
"and lick the wounds from which I've bled"
There is no use in looking back
Confidence is what you lack

What's gone is gone - the die is cast
Can't be undone - decisions last
Burn your ships like Cortez did

Done and dusted
Caught and busted
Done and dusted
Call it quits

A punchline that just goes like this:
You see, you cling fast to your yesterdays
And swallow these bitter tears
Set out for what will be
It's all done and dusted

How do you live with yourself?!
Whining, rewinding, regretting, wallowing in pain

No complaint - no missing sense
No lack of aim - no use of fence
No rewind back into the past
Burn your ships like Cortez did
Call it quits

You see, you cling fast to your yesterdays and swallow these bitter tears
Set out for what will be
The past is just legacy

4. Closing Credits

It's been a month or two, separate ways to avoid
The other half and so we forgot how we've been annoyed
Minor matters grew, the base got dispensable
A single pebble thrown, shattered our status quo

Breathe dust, drink mud, eat stone
Constrained, accursed and lonesome
Befogged, despaired, undone
Leaves me demented like a
Horror addict

Hate replaced remaining rapture
Loss of soulfulness and common structure

You shift all blame on me
What for?!
Sewage always seeks the drain
And words you say will leave a scar in me

I filled the gap you left with ego trips, booze and whores
There's a rusty blade left to fester in your wound
I gave a shit about, too cold a shoulder to lean on
It doesn't make me proud, hate me for what I've become

No sorry eases pain
It's too late for regrets
The first strike smashed your crown
The only victim is you
It's my fault

But words you said and things you did have left a scar in me

5. The Set-up

All that you wish for in your life
Is being famous, being like
Stars on screens and in magazines
Sipping drinks in stretched limousines

Audition for a casting show
To get exploited strip your soul
Hop or top the spotlight rules
Playing the game, playing the saint, being the dazzler on the loose

Set up, money made
Parse the need to sell and feed

Nothing's won
(when you're) trying to
Play the game and
Smile at three
(cockeyed) judges for
Their affirmation
It's pathetic

Collapsing bitches, crying men
A copycat, fanatic fan
Muscleman with female voice
Justly sneared at, it's the public's choice

Showmanship on stage you don't deserve

6. Motör-heavy Piss-take

This is the motör-heavy piss-take

Let me show you:
God or how he's called
He justifies you all
False worship to confess, you fear the demons that you bless
"oh father I've sinned but regret it all
For sure you'll condone so I'll do some more"

Wake up, mendacious brainwash!
You are mendaciously brainwashed!
That's bollocks for me!

A thousand wars, a million dead, faith forced upon,
To rape, to kill, break and bruise, pillage, scourge and burn

Reset your mind, trust a logical adjudication
Forget your personal crusade and take a vacation

No more lies, no poor illusion
Behold the unfeigned solution
Life means:
1. to discover
2. to coexist - circles intertwine
3. open-mindedness - two wrongs make no right

Banned, bound, entranced and blessed
Coerced obedience, a human nonetheless

Fuck your motör-heavy piss-take!
Fuck off!

Disengage your mind
From obsolete doctrine
Break the chains that still
Arrest your thoughts and bind your will

Watch for the sunset, a new dawn has come
A wider horizon, there for everyone

7. Juggernaut

Jump inside or run for your life
A never felt shockwave, the swarm of the hive
Like clouds hide the sun

You are a victim of a proper confrontation and your picket fence world dyes grey
Thrown back, stricken down, perplexed you're lying prone
Ruts of ravage left on our way
It makes you say - wow! what's that?

Tornado - strong as a juggernaut
It grades you too - your place, your foundation
Won't let go - no hostage, we're breaking your
World in two - never sparing any piece of shit

We spread the thrill through countries and continents
Head crash addicted, the forehead ahead
Like clouds hide the sun

What comes next?

Never sparing any piece or anyone

It is up to you
Fuck off or rejoice

Never sparing anything or any part of your small life that makes me sick

8. No Pattern

How could you ever think you know
Anything about the things that I do
Anything about the music I play
And anything about the things I'm up to

Because you heard some people talk about me
When you walk down the street
That doesn't mean you know anything about me
But you think you know about me

You see me as what you wanna see me
It's sad for you because I'm a never gonna be
Anybody except who I wanna be
But never ever who you expect me to be

You heard what the people chat, what the people say
See me how I act, but I just play
You heard the rumours and believe them
You got to ease, fam, I'm just teasing

Now I've got to say it's about that time to break the boundaries, it's my time
I'm not who you think, or what you wanna see, I'm what I wanna be, it's my time, I'll
You wanna make me fit in your pattern but it's not too easy, I'm not gonna fit
In the pattern you'd like me to be in, you need to stop that thing

It's chaos we're made of
(and you know that you can't stop us)
Impulsive perfection
It's chaos we're made of
(and you know that you can't stop us)
Impulsive, undisputed selection

And further more you better don't hate on me or my peeps
Because we achieved some things you cannot achieve
And you can believe
Sometimes I went in too deep

It got hard to breathe, I could hardly sleep
Thoughts rushed my head
I could hardly get my rest
I'm so focused on getting the best
And now you wanna try to tell me that I messed up

It's a lie, stop acting like you know me, because you ain't got a clue
Man, why are you still acting, why?
This just ain't looking too good on you

Better know the fact that it doesn't make sense
To hate because you just wanna be friends
I ain't got time for your crap
I'm a gonna what, I'm a gonna what, I'll take the next step

Back that shit and smack that shit
Now move

9. Piss Drunk

Fuzz-free and totally wasted stumbling down the line
A maniac's double vision flashing through my mind

Play the clown - behaviour sucks
Reasons drown - the kong going nuts
The beer goggles are getting fatter
Sip by sip they're looking better

This is our time, our pint, our night
So, cheers to you!
Raise your drinks and cheers to here and now!
Cheers to you!
No regrets - piss drunk we yell for more

Everybody's dancing, overcoming their inhibitions
Singing along the favourite songs, merry go round

A drunken guy - who speaks the truth
A big balled girl - dazed and confused
We loosen up, defenses drop
A rush that doesn't ever stop

One more

10. T.I.A.

Born with an ak-47 in hand
Used to blood in your hood
Every week you lose a friend to war

Tossed into a vicious circle
Take the position that has been foregone
Capable of anything so
Be prepared 'cause this is Africa

Shape and fate resembles
The skull a synonym of death

One child per carat turns a pale neck to red
Diamonds are a girl's best friend
And fiend to those whose blood is shed

Trapped inside a vicious circle
Take the position that has been foregone
Capable of anything so
Be prepared 'cause this is Africa

Geared for gain an eye on profit, on another genocide
Guns against some rotten sticks, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Playing the warlord in a game of domino
Once it rolls the whole chain falls
One hits next, each after all

Locked inside a vicious circle
T.i.A. - hey, this is Africa

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