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1. All For Nothing

Eyes full of hate, quick to condemn
Just stay in the dark and wait for an end
You don't really care, it's jut give and take
Keeping the distance, keeping it fake

Waiting for something that doesn't quite jell
Just cursing existence and hating your hell
Blinded by anger you don't really know
It's play by play as you put on a show

Your making your stand for nothing at all
Delighted with problems, a chance for a fall
Causing a scene to distribute the pain
It's all for one, such a nice little game

Your time flies by with nothing gained
Just talk of change and who's to blame
It's the same old story we know so well
With a premade ending you don't wanna tell

Still waiting for something you haven't found yet
Just hide behind vices and a bunch of regrets
Blinded by anger that won't go away
Treading on water as you sink day by day

2. Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny
More blood on the hands of Christ
They called themselves Christians
And gave themselves the rights
Disguised as missionaries
They were really after gold
Many Indians died for that
How many's never told

Manifest destiny [x2]

Forever moving onward
Said they were guided from above
Actually driven by hate
Disguised as love
But all their false love
Can't disguise true hate
And the racist diplomacy
Of the church and the State

Manifest destiny [x2]

The church must be rich
With all that gold
But they'll never return
All that they stold
It sits in a vault
Built just for gold
And there it will sit forever
Because it never gets old

Manifest destiny [x2]

3. Gone Too Long

I call you up
You've got nothing to say
I get the hint
And I'm blown away

Been gone, gone too long
I've been gone too long [x2]

You must see me
In some far away city
Wonder, is she blond
And is she pretty

When I'm gone so long
Our bonds grow week
Trust gone sour
Cause we can't speak

Been gone, gone too long
I've been gone too long [x2]

I wake up at night
Drenched in sweat
Another nightmare
I can't forget

Drinking and thinking
About what could have been
Smoking and trying to
Live with my sin

Been gone, gone too long
I've been gone too long [x2]

4. Do The Dream

Conform - It's only need
Distort - Not what it seems
Resort - To the deed
Report - To the machine

Modern day vendor that sells you hell
A line is formed, will you live to tell?
Money - machine, become all one
Hand to hand, the damage done

Conform - No not alone
Distort - What's always shown
Resort - The need again
Report - The machine again

Was it over when it started?
Has the warmth since departed?
Did you put your life on hold?
On the shelf while firing the load?

5. Shut Up

We won't mention names
But why don't you ever shut up?
You're constantly talking
And I just can't keep up

Conversations a joke
Is your head made of oak?
Endlessly blabbing
But sometimes it feels like you're stabbing

Shut up [x2], shut the fuck up

Bragging and lying
So you won't have to stop
I've got to get out
My head's about to pop

You know who you are
C'mon give me a break
You go on and on
Until I feel faint

Shut up [x2] what are you deaf?
Shut up

6. Modern World

Rapid transit
Star wars
Traffic jam
No wax floors

TV dinner
Nuclear reactor
Cordless phone
Max factor

Modern world [x2]

Space shuttle
Fuel injection
Late night Dave

Nasal mist

Modern world [x2]

Crack, Aids
Miami Vice

Credit card
Compact disc

Modern world [x2]

7. Think For Yourself

How can you be
So quick to condemn
By word or rumor
Heard from a friend?

One can't believe
All that one hears
It's your decision
And not your peers

Think for yourself
Don't rely on someone else

How can you say
That I'm that way?
You don't know
Just heard it was so

You're against me
Well, how can that be?
We've never met
Your opinion's been set

Think for yourself
Don't rely on someone else

Inspect each situation
See from both sides
Seek out the truth
Bury the lies

One can't believe
All that one hears
It's your decision
And not your peers

Think for yourself
Don't rely on someone else

8. Slumlord

Old battered building
Ready to condemn
High valued property
Expensive piece of land

Half fill with tenants
All poor on welfare
No heat or electricity
And slumlord doesn't care

Slumlord doesn't care [x2]

Millions in insurance
Covers the wrecked lot
And a week till it's condemned
Is all slumlord's got

He enters the basement
With three gallons of gas
And four hours later
There's nothing but ash

Slumlord doesn't care [x2]

The newspaper's all read
Forty die in the blaze
Slumlord now thinks
That crime really pays

And two years later
A skyscraper appears
With a plaque in the memory
Of the forty that died here

Slumlord doesn't care [x2]

9. Dead In A Ditch

A pretty young girl from the Oakland hills
Stole her dad's car and all her mom's pills
Got all fucked up and drove off a cliff
Ended up dead, dead in a ditch

Just like her mother always told her she'd end up
All fucked up, dead, dead in a ditch

10. Suit And Tie Guy

Suit and tie guy
With his fashion phases
And his quarterly raises
Feels he's better than you and me

Suit and tie guy
Thinks he's real cute
In the bathroom for a toot
Until his nose starts to bleed

Suit and tie guy
I see he always hurries
I know he always worries
He's gonna die of a heart attack

Suit and tie guy
On his way to feeding
Or an important meeting
Just like a car on a track

Suit and tie guy
He travels between stations
With certain destinations
Never varying from that routine

Suit and tie guy
And he'll tell you in one word
That he is insured
And it's not as bad as it may seem

11. Man Unkind

Sadder than any song I've sung
Is growing old or dying young
This earth is a grave, round and green
A tomb of sorrow which I've seen

A massive field we wander through
Great sky above vast and blue
Death may come in a day or two
Whether or not I'm false or true

Man, without an answer
Like a bird with broken wing
Wrapped up in his misery
Forgetting how to sing [repeat]

Straight from the stretched out womb of sin
The horrid fire bombs will fall
Here is hope for priests and preachers
Here is heresy for all

So, man unkind will perish
In a final fiery blaze
Or suffocate himself slowly
In his smoggy yellow haze

[Chorus x4]

The sun so sore from marching
Towards that receding west
Where pity no longer governs
With wisdom as his guest

Will rise somewhere south of east
Our sun will rise in morning
Wishing it could quench with tears
The fields and skies all burning

[Chorus x2]

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