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1. Opera


2. The Phantom Of The Opera

In sleep
he sang to me,
in dreams
he came . . .
that voice
which calls to me
and speaks
my name . . .

And do
I dream again?
For now
I find
the Phantom of the Opera
is there -
inside my mind . . .

Sing once
again with me
our strange
duet . . .
My power
over you
grows stronger
yet . . .

And though
you turn from me,
to glance
the Phantom of the Opera
is there -
inside your mind . . .

Those who
have seen your face
draw back
in fear . . .
I am
the mask you wear . . .

It's me
they hear . . .

Your/my spirit
and your/my voice,
in one
the Phantom of the Opera
is there
inside your/my mind . . .

He's there,
the Phantom of the Opera . . .
the Phantom of the Opera . . .

In all
your fantasies,
you always
that man
and mystery . . .

. . . were both
in you . . .

And in
this labyrinth,
where night
is blind,
the Phantom of the Opera
is there/here
inside your/my mind . . .

Sing, my Angel of Music!

He's there,
the Phantom of the Opera . . .

3. Masquerade - Act 1

In which a mask is applied not only shielding the ugliness.

The loneliness weaving wonders
Left me alone as daydawn came.
The birdcry's timbre seemed like thunder
- to spit on me - it was the lark.

And on these daybreaks of my life
Kept closed my eyes for seconds more.
When dreams freeflow the bending mind
Of all the grief and fear be gone.

And on these daybreaks of your life
Just close your eyes and live within
Oh let them flow and bend your mind
Try to believe the fear is gone.

Start piercing me you wicked ghosts!
Your voices sneak from red-rubbed lips!
Those tangling whispers - want to soothe me,
But start what I've never dared to speak of.

As slowly as I dropped the cape
- the slumber sweet as velvet fell -
I saw the smiling face of a day
that blew away my ease at once.

Not love not happiness I dreamed of
No hope for this so rotten live?
How can I tame? How can I hide
This twisted me I cannot fight?

Not love not happieness you dreamed of
Lose hope for your so rotten live.
You cannot tame, just try to hide
It's you - It's me - you try to hide!

Start piercing me you wicked ghosts!
Your voices sneak from red-rubbed lips!
Those tangling whispers - want to sooth me,
But start what I've never dared to speak of.

"Goodbye to Eric" I heard my screams
And hoped that echos would reload in me
And strengthen me for this inhumanizing task
I got up and applied a mask of velvet black
- square as the one it hosts.

"Goodbye to Eric the human-faced -
Shall he be known through the mask he wears".
"Shall fear be forever repelled by the ways,
We'll walk; and we'll melt into the face,
Of all bodies and ever for all I'll become:
be gone now Eric - be gone - be gone".

4. Masquerade - Act 2

In which the way is mind and mind is way.

And off they went - both of them -
The charm of luck fell in his hand -
Or shall I say into his face...?
Or shall I say to you...?

This sudden moves his mind allowed -
Walked distance to his fading past
Left space for thoughts so mountain-high.
Left space for thoughts to you.

Where shall we fly my timeless pal?
So strong in harmony we stand.
The river Styx or Hades cannot hurt
the sparkling sprouts of the living days.

Shall find the rose's blooming hills
To pick the chosen one so bright
And water it in the endless wells
Of what I found so deep inside.

His steps stayed steady as he frowned
uncertainty felt on his face
No one could see behind his mask.
No one could see behind.

Help me half dead ghoules for long
You've pierced me in my timeless days
I've payed you with my blood and pain
I demand: Take me as one of yours.

5. Masquerade - Interlude

So see me enter those timeless walls
The city of Paris - or was it Rome?
I do not care - Oh! - I nevermind.
Nowhere I run to - I can hide.

So masked my face - so masked my mind.
The body well hidden in this opera's walls.
The stones start breathing as my heart stops beating
as I listen to her voice.

How can I take and dare to touch
These waves web sounds of angel's voice
Come! Close your eyes and shield your mind.
And sing with me - sing tonight!

6. Masquerade - Act 3

In which the darkness masks the mask.

I close my eyes and wonder: "Where is this man"
Who spoke so true with passion felt through centuries
When I was alone this voice washed my fears away
These sounds from the dark that vanish in the light of day.
What I feel and what I see is not the same
Deep within your voice swings more than one world's pain

Look into my eyes - for they belonged to him
And if you listen well you can hear him sing through me.
In dreams I hold you close my dreams are always near.
May worlds split us apart at night I'll always hear
The sounds that turned in me the plea for death to harmony

[Eric & Christine:]
I feel so alone my God where have you been?

7. Masquerade - Act 4

In which not only the mask dies.

So as the year has spent the meaning
Of all the hopes - the bitter days.
To learn the good within the griefing
To hope the best as I start to sink.

Why did I have to leave my fears
Behind the hills of loneliness?
Why did I have to find her here,
who loved the black behind my mask?

Hand scratching this face - for Christin and the days.
Blood dripping on dust - for the love I have lost.
My flesh and bones - for the fear and the moans.
My life - my pain - to dream with her everyday.

This angels voice that fell upon
My fading life my fading lies.
Christine may you now mask
This dying naked soul of mine.

8. Within

And as the dragon rises
He stands so tall
Waiting for the daylight
To fly away
He'll never fall
Spreads his wings and flies away to Avalon

Guided by forgotten powers
He lifts up high
Into the dawn
Though some might feel
What no one knows:
The last of the dreams alive has left

Oh - his flame now fades
Oh - whithering away
Oh - daylight, night another day
Oh - alone so cold and alone so all alone

And as the flapping sound
Of majestic wings
Fades low
As dreams subside
within those left
Upon this crusty ball
The last one left.

He took with him
A warmin' spark
Of children's eyes
Now staying dark
With nothing to dream
Wave 'bye to him
The dreams have left

9. The Maiden And The River

Now as I'm settled so old and outired
And no one's here to tell about my live
I'll sing this lonely tune again and again
To bear the echos in my mind.

The things I did - the words I said
Though time passed by - I can't forget
In hopeless times - alone I've cried
Time, time - pass me by!

A youngster's guilt once taken upon
The strengthening shoulders of a growing man
The weakness age has rolled in 'em pines
Has not reduced the burdens I bear.

Alone I stood amidst the river
That flooded lightness onto my soul
As a simple tune so true in its beauty
was swirling across the glitters of light.

And as my eyes focused upon
a distant glitter amidst the woods
The sudden ungreening of the trees
unvailed a singing maiden's outstanding line.

"Step forward to the shimmering one!
Be kind to me my blistered feet!
Obey! My swollen tongue for once
in my life I have to - to..."

But not I moved for all my might
The maiden smiled and walked on by.
No scream, no words - just the pain
that echos on and on again.

Since then I never saw again
The skirts of springtime wandering by.
For all the colours of the world
Look dim compared to what I saw that day.

10. Lost Paradise '99

My soul's so dark - my mind is so black
My life seems so cold under my Mask.
My twisting thoughts they're piercing my mind.
They crash all my fun - my love and my life.

I remember paradise - a pardise long ago
Now eternal winter - my paradise is lost - my paradise is gone.

Drown all my sorrows - drowned in my hate.
Dwelling in darkness - just forget my fate.
I don't know what's wrong - I don't know what's right.
Where are my powers - my powers are gone.

My memories of paradise once have been my life.
Black waves close over my head - death will be salvation.

1999 Hall Of Sermon

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