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1. Carrion for the Vultures

Rancid pestilence,
Swamped in this rotten mud of suffering.
Drowned in misery,
Suffocated by the toxic traces of your breath.

Living by the ruins,
Of a crushing past.
Condemned to stay,
In this morbid reality.
No hope, no future, only pain.

There is no life,
Only vast deserts of madness.
Beyond my will,
I become in carrion for the vultures.

Longing about,
The realms of Death.
Only darkness before my eyes.
Perpetual agony.

Carrying this decaying corpse,
Through the halls of eternity.
Only to be the dust,
In the sands of time.

The cold caress of fate,
The ill embrace of nothingness.
To fill the void,
In this cosmic sea.

2. Dark Silence... Desolation

In a sky so black,
Dark and immense,
That burns my body.

Screaming in the nothingness,
The crying of the soul,
An imposing emptiness,
That destroys my being.

My eyes so blind,
Bleeding my fears.
Sadness of a man.
What are you looking for hope?

A life dream,
Lost in this mist
So fragile it fades,
Dying inside.

And the cold embrace me,
Singing it song.
Gloom in their voices,
Pain in my being.

Dark silence,
Drowning wishes,
Of a soul in pieces,
Who dies in its feathers.

Dark silence.

I need to cry to feel.
I must laugh and I'm not happy.
Feel to be able to cry and feel.
I need to live and fly.
Escape from your scents.
And overcoming the fact that I am not eternal,
Well, I need to live to die.

3. Spectral Voices

4. Bleeding

I fear silence,
That hide secrets.
I feel in my veins,
Those insistent words.

The silence goes mad.
Keeper of dangerous answers,
Found in my sorrows.

As cutting glass,
Dry echoes,
Screaming in the void.

The weight of the secrets,
That overflow us,
Dragging us.

As sharp weapons,
Dangerous parts.

Playing with dreams,
Controlling the fears.
Dragging us.

Bleeding inside,
Always surrounding us,
Bleeding inside.

5. When the Candles Burn

Breathing the dust,
Over my reflection,
Asking myself,
What will happen,
When the candles burn.

The red hot iron,
If you don't drop it fast,
You get burn.
What will happen,
When the candles burn.

What will happen to me?
What will happen to me?

For an inert pleasure,
Denying the miracle of living.
With greedy pride,
Without the need to understand,
Horror before pain,
Caused by Death.
I wonder if I changed during the night.

Who is this?
The creature that behaves like two people.

When the candles burn.
What will happen to me,
When the candles burn.

6. ¡Oh... Muerte!

Por el día duermo... En la noche lloro...
¡Oh... Muerte!
Que dolor... Existes en mi alma...
Acercate a mi... Se la única...
Quedate a mi lado, escucha mi silencio...
En la tristeza, mi anhelo
Dar, todo lo está
En la vida he fallado,
Durante años, he llorado congelada en el tiempo,
Dejando atrás tu arrebato y tu maltrato.

7. Beyond the Astral Boundaries

8. The Hunter

I found myself,
In the darkness of my fears.
I become my demons.
And like a wild bird,
Into the forest I sheltered.

I was dying for days under the sun.
But no one looked at me.
Like some kind of monster,
In the corner of the wall,
With nothing to loose.

One day I took the evil way,
And ran into the forest.
Thorns in the path,
Pierced my feet.
Black blood started to rain over me.

Now I'm a hunter,
I can see everything.
I'm predator,
I predict everything from a bolt.
And nobody see me.

Escape from the sun right to die...

9. The Souls Pit

Tell me the place where you die day by day.
Show me the rivers of blood where you clean your wounds.
Tell me about your dreams,
Those that appear in your moment of extreme unconsciousness.
Show me the black landscape you crave,
And I'll tell you where you can walk it.

Bury me in your garden of black flowers,
Hide me in your most distant crypt.
The most pathetic and forgotten,
Where plastic sheets get to wither.

Collect those blade roses that adorn your bed.
Gathers that look of pain.
Those broken lips so tired of pleading.

Teach me your fears.
Take me to that infinite darkness.
So beautiful and immeasurable.
A disturbed soul that bleeds fears.
Destroyed by the demons of divinity of humanity itself.

I kneel before you my brother.
But a strong wind collapses my body again.
Maybe I'm the misfortune of this world,
Darkening the life of mortals.
But still have frozen hands that can hold you,
Do the last damage on the attempt.

10. The Souls Pit (Demo)

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