Dark Lyrics


1. A Touch Of Evil

Searching for a purpose
A conclusion that defines
The thin line crossing borders
As I speed dial 911

Different innovations
As a flaming ball of fire
Change your aggravation
And the platform for your anger

So now I know you never let go
Carved in stone
As the truth reveals

You know I long for you
You know I'd kill to be
Could give up my life for
You are all I need
I'd buy the stars above us
Consort with enemies
But that doesn't matter
A touch of evil

Time is just a conduct
So we know how long that's left
Until the final curtain falls
Inhale our final breath

Say it doesn't matter
As it circles in my mind
I never dare to ask you
So you never will reply

2. Set The Heavens On Fire

Boost my pain
Once again
What I gave was all in vain

Give it back
The time you owe
Please return to where you're from

Light the flame
Just a spark
Needs to make my bomb go off

A puppet to your strings, like I was hollow

Leeches on my skin
Kills me from within
Time to spin the wheel
Run for tomorrow

An outcast alone in the cold
I'm my strongest contender
It feels like I'm wrapped in a coil
Set the heavens on fire
Determined to bring it to you
All this sadness and sorrow
What's been given will come back to you
Set the heavens on fire

Heartless child
Welcome home
Broken bones, a heart of stone

Pictures bring back memories
Give it back
My identity

Forced to be
Forced to see
Crawling, falling, let me be

A puppet on your strings, like I was hollow

3. The Warning

Sunday morning blood shot eyes
Didn't see it coming
I ignored the ringing bell
Took the stairway down to hell

'Cause the day you cross the line
There is no such thing as fear
Your dexterity grows stronger

Walking down the road to hell
A step towards the line
When things can't be undone
Then I realize!

It's a warning
The colour of your soul
It's a fire
Which sparks through me and you
It's decisions
To follow every move
An ignition
The final move
I'm leaving it to you

Yet another day to kill
And another bottle
Can't endure the massive pain
As it's running through my veins
What's been growing up inside
An invisible machine
Can't explain this brutal strain
Like a bullet through my brain

4. So Weak So Feeble

I open my eyes
I'm getting cold
I'm balancing the blade as I walk alone

While crossing the line
A hundred times
I've never ever worried about the warning signs

I'm living my dream
A life of glass
As long as you are satisfied, leave out the rest

It's hard to explain
A cryptic mess
I'll do it again, it's a call for help

Yet one more plane to catch
Without no strings attached

Must be destined
Carved in stone
Am I insatiable?
Imagine you as me
So weak, so feeble
Kill my hunger
Make me pure
Reincarnated god
Dependence is my heel
Please someone rescue me

I'm quenching my need
My lust for more
I run around in circles
That's my metaphor

To bleach the black
You paint with grey
The future is ahead of me I hope and pray

An everlasting conflict for me to bare
Clutching weak straws
Just to stay aware

I'm building a wall to stay alive
My weakness is my will to strive

5. The Curse

Same dream
Sweat runs down my spine

Her eyes start to flatter

Leave my future alone

Please let me out of this world
What I see for my eyes
How we're all gonna burn
Follow the line in your hand
The path of your life
Like a map in our heads
Please let me out of this world
What I see for my eyes
How it's all gonna turn
Just like exploring new lands
Our future is written in lines you can see in your hands
It's the curse

And some start to shiver
Lucid illusions
For those who are collusive

6. Worlds Apart

I wake up cold
Turn around
You're still asleep

I dreamed that we belonged like this
Side by side
A silent kiss
But who am I fooling

Afraid to see
We're meant to be
It's a venture

My innocence
Leaves no room
For feelings that I have to prove

Angels are crying
And so is my heart

When the moment comes
And you feel alone
Then you try to remember what went wrong
Then you realize
It's too late to cry
Spread your wings and learn to fly

I take my clothes
From the floor
And close the door

I've started my journey home
A cold wind blows
I walk the road
Another adventure

You lose your hope
To find the one
You're looking for

Instead you take what you can find
Another night with steamed-up lies

She knows in the morning
That you will be gone

7. My Sweet Revenge

I may not live until you die
But maybe my ghost will survive

I'm letting my ego prevail
Continue the game that we play

Lick my skin clean
I've designed
Your own medicine refined!

When I'm far away from you
A puzzle with two pieces
What's been missing on the run
A wound which never ever heals
When I'm far away from you
It used to be so easy
Intertwining into one
A wound can heal

Time's come to harvest the seed
And you'll see what time's done with me

And nothing can stand in my way
My scars are my memory lane!

Come and take
Me in your arms
As the countdown has begun

8. Exit 49

I've been driving this lonely road
For a couple of reasons you don't wanna know!

I will find what I'm looking for
No is the last thing they say
I am collecting souls

I drive through the mist
There she's standing on the side
Can you gimme a ride

She'll be the next in line
A heavenly design
Just like a holy sign
At exit 49

What came to be the end
And my walk towards hell
Where hell on earth is to be found
The exit 49

There's this weakness inside of me

What you want ain't the thing you'll get
So I decided to change that
I've never regret it

Right from the start
She just looked the same
And I
I thought she was
Into the game that I play

A mist before my eyes
And a blur I can't define
I'm buried alive

9. Nordic Rage

Snow is falling
Stormy rains
Darkness everywhere

Below zero
Always colder
Today than yesterday

Trapped inside
We hoard our food
And ration our lives

Some believe that
The sun is a myth
It's time for me to fly

Oh, this ain't wonderland
It's a place on earth
Where nothing works

Come feel the Nordic rage
I can't
Stand it another day
Can you picture it all
Life in a hollow shell
Born in hell
This is my revenge
Nordic rage

Finally airborne
On the run
From these godforsaken plains

Judge by my surprise
When I land
In the flaming burning drains

10. Song For You

I light a candle
Keep staring at the rain
I'm picking up the pieces
What was love transformed to pain

I look at photos
As tears fall from my eyes
Would love to hold you close
To be near you for a while

And even if I know you're gone
Oh, I'm still holding on to the loving memories

I try to find out
Was it me that couldn't see
I'm looking back to figure out, was it something in between

We never even argued
We never even shed a tear
But suddenly you flipped the coin and next day you disappeared

And even if I know you're gone
I sing this song here all alone
For the love of you and me

I sing this song for you
Wherever you may be
I hope you sometimes think of me

I hope you understand
The pain that I'm going through

11. Shortest Straw

Hold on
It passes through me
I know the race is on
One's pearl
One's sunday morning
One feeling in my heart

Defend your own reflections
The strife that fingers on
Just come and get it
As I seduce the crowd

And everywhere I turn
The crowd is getting wilder

Shut your eyes I'll
Stay behind while you
Let your body fall back to the ground
You're defenseless
Trust your senses
As you're planting the seed for your own destiny

On others' knowledge
Tonight that's all that counts
More lands
To be discovered
We draw the shortest straw

A lethal combination
Inside an empty sphere
Go on
There are no contenders
Come closer, raise your hands

And everywhere I turn
The crowd is getting wilder

12. Time To Exhale


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