Dark Lyrics


1. Dream Machines


2. The Eye Of War

I am hidden
In my heart the fear
But I have to raise my head
I'm expecting
with my eyes full of tears
I need to see the death
Running through dead bodies
Always chasing the huge danger
To retain in my eye all this pain
All this horror on the floor
I am here because
Now I am the eye of war
In this war I'm a free prisoner
I'm waiting to find and to record
I can help you
But I'm not your salvation
I've to do my work
Day by day my sentiments
Vanish out of my soul
In this day I'm the only one
Maybe today I'll survive
Maybe I'll die...
In this madness
I'm a real victim
Sadness running through my veins
Open my lens
To record all your fear
I'll go out of this place

3. Nightmares Factory

When the night falls on my crystal heart
My eyes weigh. I am feeling so tired
But tonight stay away!
I don't have to dream again
He's waiting for me
In the depths of my dreams
I can feel you...You are here!
I'm feeling your breath near of me
I want to run to escape from your claws
I'm afraid, I'm feeling alone
Nightmares Factory
Destroying my dreams
I can not cry
He controls my mind
Nightmares Factory
There is no sun here
Only one friend... the fear
Now the fear is under my skin
I can hear the whisper and the scream
And my bones as the ice
Wants to move my body but
I am petrified, I need to wake up
But he's come to visit me
I want to return and not to sleep
I want to run to escape from your claws
I'm afraid, I'm feeling alone
"Mummy! Are you? Where are you mummy?
I can't see you... please help me mum!
He's near, he wants to catch me!"
...I'm afraid, I am feeling
your breath, your claws...

4. Without Angels

When the angels descend to the earth
They cover us with a real faith
But there is not wings for me
They'll leave me naked and free
Now I am wishing to flee
Who be the one to help me?
Alone I will be
The angels of heaven
They doesn't help me anymore
I'll never surrender
Maybe my angel will be lost
The angels of heaven
Now pull me under to my hell
I'll never surrender, never!
I will walk without angels
And I will be lone
I am lost and looking for your help
In my world I don't want to need you
But I know that you are the only one for me
Only your wings might save me
From here to eternity
Show me your reality
Your slave I will be

Embrace me in this purple sea
And raise me, I want to flee
From here to eternity
Show me your reality
Your slave I will be

Take my hand we will fly together
Return to be born
Only I want to live forever
Out of this world

5. Killing

Two snakes will decide my fate
Always near to my chest
In the middle of this land
In search of a name
I'll not be alone
I can find her dream
If you never lose your hope
Leave a chill, fly to fantasy
And all what you wish will be
Hep me! Now you must help me!
Hear my call...
In the mirror of your dreams
I was born
Hidden in the lines
Is the answer and the child
Read and find the door
This world is real
Under the rain
Flying with you through this tale
Day by day... Cry a new name!
Killing two worlds
Then nothing is evil and touch my soul
Defeat your hope
Tree black gates is feeling my pain
I've to cross it without blame
Help me! Now you must tell me!
Where are you?
Why the night and the twilight
Trust in you?
Then nothing come and touch my soul
Flying with you, killing two worlds
Cry a new name and save the hope

6. Enemy

You! My nightmare
You! My black air
Without blame I was betrayed
I feel the rage
As a wild gale
Biting all my lanes
I'll tell you bye! With a hand
In my face a big smile
Revenge has begun...
A sea of hate surrounds me
You thrust a dagger on my back
From now on till the end of all times
You! my enemy
Enemy always be...
You don't cross my way because
You are my enemy
Hating your name
Scoring yourself
In your world of lies and shame
I have to fight
And to survive in this game

7. Forever In Your Arms

I sing with my heart fearful of you
And feeling your passion
My eyes free themselves
My throat is free
Run until I fall
Under the sweat that flood my bones
Now, scream for me!
I need your voices without words
Time... time to set out on your flight
To feel myself alive
To live forever in your arms
Time to make you understand
That I only want
To live forever in your arms
When I feel your arms covering me
Only this day is true
Tonight I don't have secrets for you

Now you sing with me
Come! Come and rise your fist
Tonight I want to be among yourselves
The lights on my face
The music fill this day
You press my hand and make me fell so good
If I cry it's for you!
If I sing it's for you!
In my eyes tears and wounds
But you know
that my voice will be forever your...

8. Alone Again

Now I am here so free
Walking with the rainbow's tears
Without past grief
But if you call me
My poor soul
Run with you so lost
Though at last in my heart I know
That all my life will be alone...
Why I'm alone again?
But why I don't stop my steps?
I've to find in the air a reason to live
I'd like to be a wall
Without sentiments or words
Close your eyes
Close your eyes and feel me
I am alone... so alone!
"I don't understand why I am alone
one more time... sometimes I think
that all my life is a dream"
I am waiting for you
Flying through the sky so blue
I'll dry my wounds
But if you need me
All my hope
Will fight if you fall
Though at last in my heart I know
That I always will be alone...

I'm alone and still
The snow burn inside of me
Under my skin
Now a beautiful melody
Is covering me slowly
I remember your voice that say:
"you live out of reality"

9. Welcome To My Hell

Among dusty books my life
Is waiting for a smile
I'm still here with trembling hands
This room is swallowing me, is killing me!
I need to fly and to live
*I'm not afraid of devil or hell*
I need you Lord! I'll do all that you want
Tell me your name and you show me the gate
The darkness come back
The evil command
Slavery you'll find
Don't pray for your soul
Now you are in my home
You have to cross the door
Welcome to my hell
You don't have to be afraid
You'll die another day
But at last you have to pay
My will seil the pact
A droop of your blood
Relive your live
Your soul will be mine, you will be mine...
"do you want to find the light to live forever wild?"
-I want to live other life!
"do you want to pay the price? Forever you will die..."
-I know the sound of the dark!
*He is a spirit that bring you a piece of the dark*
I need you Lord, I'll do all that you want
Tell me your name and you show me the gate

Live this life, this time
I take you with me by my side
Screaming! You're bleeding and feeling
My mind into your head
The death... your cell
So welcome to my hell...
"only for a God's delight in a eternal madness
I will have your sacrifice full of blood and sadness"

10. Eternal Love

Today I don't know who I am
An animal with hope
Or a woman without love
Across the seven seas I lived
Too much lives and mysteries
Feeling inside of my heart
All your blood...
I don't want to live into your eyes
We can't fly together
An immortal chain beat my life
While I know that someday you will die
We'll never have eternal love
During the day I crush my dreams
Searching in nowhere
For you... immortality
I don't know where I will go
Time is like a dirty doll
Play with me and make me fall
More and more!
I don't want to live into your eyes
We can't fly together
An immortal chain beat my life
While I know that someday you will die
We can not fly together
We can not live forever
We'll never have eternal love

11. Crystaline Eyes

Entangle wires
Electric flex paint my thorny life
Million of waves flowing in the sky
Shake the earth, this eternal land
I'm like a chain
A boring metal in the air
The wire fence that spin me again
Now is making me insane
I have in a hand my sweet hope
Waiting for you in our blue sea
In the other hand all the love
And I feel you with me...
Save me from you
Save me from my life
From my empty times
Cover me with you
With the passion and hope
All your real love
Come to me! Your voice like an angel
Whisper me. Between blows of anger
All my sentiments around you
Come to me! The darkness is near
In my dreams
I can feel the fear but together
We'll can find the light in this land

Under my feet
This sand so white is caressing me
Starry nights walking on the sea
I'm believing in destiny
You're everything
I feel your fingers over me
Like a rose dancing in the wind
Anywhere my heart beat
...like a gale you can breath my air
the death is like a game beside you
near of your eyes
from the darkness of all my nights you'll be mine
your voice whisper me, you're my angel
there's no second chances through the dark

12. Awakening


13. Sleepwalker

[Bonus Track de Japón]

Spread your wings
This is the sweet key to heaven
You trust in me
Always I'd know that we will together
Don't lie to me, don't make me cry
I want to tell you that I will never hide
Open your eyes, open your eyes...
In your world my place is a lane far away
In the middle of your pride I'll leave this jail
Don't sing to the wind dragging your sadness
I'm building dreams
Walking through my land
I come to rest on your mind
I'd want to live in the past
I'd like to be a lie
I haven't Gods
And I don't understand
How can I live in this lie?
I'd prefer to be the dark
Beyond the moonlight
What can I do?
I can't find the door to madness
I'll wait for you
So I will bleed suffering and torment
Sometimes I fight
Sometimes I die
I want to tell you that I will never hide
Open your eyes, open your eyes...

14. Tears of Blood

[Bonus Track de Japón]

Down! Is down into the depths
Where you need my help
Where dreams and thoughts
Darkness and fate embrace my soul
Like the wind and the rain
I never meet anyone who really love me
I go alone... walking alone
In the space of your eyes
In the fright of your fall
Suddenly your words
And the sound of your lies
Floods my mind
I'm the sand where lovers walk
I'm the sand where lovers walking alone...
You! You cry! You stir up and shout I love you
How many years with myself telling truths
For no one to listen to me
Now I can live without you...
But embrace me for others times will come
I want to sleep my last dream in your arms
Feeling the wail of your soul
Trusting in the course of all my love
All my love will sing to the wind
With placid tenderness
My voice, my dreams will fly away
The sun dry all my tears
Tears of blood on my face

My thoughts are sweet knowing that in my days
Neither dismay nor spite have a place
Along the winter my heart making me cry
With no wings to fly
But I am free one more time

Thanks to samurai_deeper_kyoshiro, juanvi_elrevolcon, Damned & others for sending these lyrics.

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