Dark Lyrics


1. Providence


2. Chains

Captured by time, I'm trying to move
But my limbs don't react. I've lost control
I'm so frail but I'm reaching the door
And I lean against, but it's closed

The fire will burn, no matter what I'm trying to do
And it seems that the flames are laughing
Figures all around, they're reaching for me
The play with me, a bloody game

And I'm tired now, I don't care anymore
'Cos there is nothing I can do, nothing I could ever do
And my chains won't fall

My legs are burning and still there's no way out
No chance to escape
A last unbearable pain
And for a second I heard a voice

But I don't care anymore, I care for nothing anymore
I am insensitive now
My chains won't fall

I'll always be locked in this iron cage, where no key exist
I feel that something cuts my veins but they're dried up
I've lost all my sanity, I'm paralysed
But I don't care anymore, I care for nothing anymore
My chains won't fall

3. Condemnation

The last glance at your door is killing me slow
Like a final sign of time
And these handcuffs can't tie me to this world
No answers can be given anymore

And so the winter came when we waited for the sun
It's the icy breath of a flower
In isolation I cry, but no tears leaves my eye
And the walls will crush me again

A child screams - innocent and silent in this night
Far away...
Glass is breaking with a noise
Louder than I ever heard before
Let me out

All that we wanted was eternity
Didn't care for the price we would pay
But now you're alone, I don't know where
And I ask you how long must I stay
Let me out!

4. Dusk

The leaves are drifting with the sunlight
Far away from here, like a ship into the void
The birds lapse into their last song
The final sounds die
And only dust remains on earth

No river will flow, no fire will burn - anymore
The wind has lost its power
Another piece of the universe is gone
Grey stones bury your will to live


But now I stand here with my arms outstretched
Breathing clearest air
I've found everything I've lost before
And when I fall I fly in endless circles
Noone catches me, noone stops me anymore

Now the grey days are gone
And it's time to rest, to find myself
I was always searching for this
It's a kind of death, but you're not dead

5. Obituary

I've seen the rain in vales of a deeper joy
Don't mourn for me or my demise
I'll away until we've found our deliverance
The tears of your pain will melt the ice

I'll never see when you smile, when you're laughing
I'll never see when you cry all day
I fall asleep, but you still got my spirit
I'll always sleep until we meet again

I turn around and see your face for the last time
You think "good bye" but your lips are kept closed
I go away, 'cos my fate was programmed before
Eternity took place in me

6. Everlasting Words

I don't believe in the phrases of a dying age
These never ending thoughts will drag me to death
I always see the empire of the falling rain
And I answer with a smile
Should I pray? Should I die? I'll die!

I'm following the way to beyond
Following the pain to the endless haze
And the fire and poison around goes through me

My hands touched the borders of my life
The tearful try to breathe, the endless fight to be
And nothing will drown me again and rape me

Give me a place to begin to recover
Give me the time to begin my work
I don't want no more of the air that I'm breathing
I understand your everlasting words

Those many ways converge in this point
The answers of all thoughts are raining down on me
Cold tears pouring down my face, they kill me

And my questions and my feelings
and my senses are unimportant now
And your voice that still remains in my ears
I don't care, I don't want it anymore!

7. Dissolution

The lake lies silent there tonight
Not far from here
And the colours turn to black
Like a tear of tar - in your rigid eyes

I'm walking down the path to the rocks
Where we stared into the stars
I touch the water and I see your face
And your rigid eyes

One more time I see you die
There's no salvation
Something breaks you deep inside
It's the end of your dissolution

Suddenly a bright white veil is rising
Far above my head
Like an epitome of beauty I see a face
With your rigid eyes

Your glow is leading me to a place
So far beyond this world
I drift away, now I can see
Through your rigid eyes

8. Mortal Hope

I'm walking through our forest again
And I'm waiting for the sun
The crass is damp, the birds are dumb
They don't sing their melody
But I still know how it sounds

Now I'm sitting down at this stone
Where we were waiting for the day
The sun is cold and heaven's grey
It seems like yesterday
When I was at your grave

Where will I see you again
Hoping for coincidence
When will I kiss you again
Feeling no more alone

I watch the sun it passes by
I don't feel the heat anymore
'cos now you're gone
But I am buried deep beneath your feet
And I can't see tomorrow

9. The Racking Call

When all the clouds surround my head
Like bandages of ice
As if they could heal my wounds, but they're incurable

When all the branches stroke my hair
Like your fingers do
As if they could make me forget, but I can't walk back

I hear another racking call, it burns me out

When all the fog rises up
Like a white veil of silk
As if it could close my eyes, but I've seen too much

And again I hear this racking call, it burns me out

I see you walking barefoot, I feel your dying shades
I know your world will crumble down
I hear your evil laughing, I watched your killing change
And I hear another racking call

So I am stumbling through the night
Confused and destroyed
Can noone hear my cries for help?
But maybe I am dumb
I feel my body escaping, somehow my body is failing
I scream - another racking call

10. Buried Again

I can't drive my thoughts away
The depths of heaven haunt me
And I see no excuse for my mistakes

I'll never see the sun again
The clouds will darken everything inside
No way to get me out of this or to return

The wind will blow my face away
No love will last, just endless calm
Tomorrow is the strangest word for me

Soon I'll be forgotten
I'm drifting weightlessly in time, all alone
I was suffocated by your kiss, I'm buried again

1996 Nuclear Blast

Guest Musicians:
Louisa Bradshaw - Female Vocals
Julia Richter - Female Vocals
Ted Loose - Additional Keyboards
Tom Tony - Additional Guitars
Michael Schirmer - Additional Guitars
Peter Voss - Classic Guitars

This album was recorded in March and April 1996.
Recorded and mixed at Thommy Hein Studio, Berlin.
Produced by Thommy Hein and Dreadful Shadows.
Mastered at Preussen Ton Berlin by Gerdi.
All music was written by Dreadful Shadows.
All lyrics were written by Sven Friedrich.

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