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1. Chronic Pain

My so called friends call me Skippy and hop a long as well
And even though I don't fit the profile I'm in the same prison cell,
Chronic Hell

So if you think you know me well you know what I claim,
That everything I've earned through life I've earned in chronic pain.

Now we live everyday man, the best way we can
And when it comes to rock n roll we really know how to Jam!

2. The Cowardly Few

Out on the streets their there,
The bustling crowds hinder their way
And without fear they press on and on.

So in our sheltered homes we wait patiently,
'Til the cowering few
Breath their final breath

And so the plague it spreads,
Selecting prey randomly
Our so it would seem.


So the bodies they mound, and the people feed on the lies,
feed by the cowering few.


3. Glory To The King

The battle weary bring the wounded home
The soles of the dead face the Holy one
As the king smiles unto the rose
Justified in what he knows

Sing glory to the king, for his holy win,
Over territory [x2]

We bury the dead and turn the horses for home
After laying a wreath against the last tombstone.
A final word for the passing by the holy priest
We head for home for a celebratory feast


4. IT part II

It's back, after 10 short years away.
And it's out to get me as sure as I stand here this day!
And it's motivation
They're more intense this time.
I could hardly believe my eye's, I'd thought I'd left it behind.

He is in every nightmare and stocks me everyday
I'm infected by him and its deep into my core.

The devastation of knowing what lies ahead
The battle to end all battles is right inside my head

He is in every nightmare and stocks me everyday
I'm infected by him and its deep into my core.

5. Your

Is that death in your eyes?
Is that death in your practiced smile?
Now you've established your ties.
We all think that you're...
We all think that you're...

Scheduled pills is just a code.
Deep depression is just a way of life.
And to this faith you must hold.
We all fear that you're...
We all fear that you're...

I hear you say we don't care
All we need is our attitude
Positivity will get us there!
And we fell for you...
Yes we feel for you
That you're...

6. Who's Laughing Now (The Cowardly Few Pt II)


7. Where The Darkness Screams

To may impulsive mortals running around spreading inane Lies
Their inward admiration supersedes there dilettante ties
I'm oh so frustrated degraded provoking a response
Where the darkness screams

Words dribble from your mouth speaking in tongues
From a syphilis mind!
Your pugnacity suggests you rate as one of a kind
Your oh so distorted, aborted, grave is the one.
Where the darkness screams!

Where is emancipation, locked away in a dream like state.
Emotions fueled with anger, volatile, galvanized in hate
Renouncing, who's counting,
What will your tombstone read
Where the darkness screams!

8. The Power Of The Dream

Now you re standing at the starting line only fate stands in your way
And you re waiting for the start gun to set you on your way.
Do you have the team to go the distance?
Is it your passion or someone else s scheme?

In the daily grind and struggle you ask the question everyday
What is it about you that will take you all the way?
Is it your team that makes the difference?
Or is it the power that comes from within.

As you walk into the cauldron you hear the thousands scream your name.
And after all the years you've sacrificed, It s still a 50 ‒ 50 game.
It s not your team there just a factor
It s your heart and the dreams your own.

That's the power of the dream!

9. Grieving


10. The Stain

When I look into your eyes, I see the task at hand.
For me to proceed, I must be sure, You clearly understand.

There'll be an ounce of pain, when I take away your stain,
Your mark of Cain, The blame was placed on you one fateful night [x2]

The contracts here and you me sign, agreeing to the fee.
Take you time and read it through, That you might clearly see.

Do you understand, there will be some pain [x4]


Your question is still reliant and time will clearly show
Now your clean and satisfied,
Where did your stain go?

Well now I wear your stain.

11. The Cracked Mirror

[Bonus track]

Tempers in the cauldron
Have just about to reach boiling point.
Anger steps up to the throne
For you to anoint.
And in the morning
Through one black eye
You refuse to see
The cracked mirror

Pouring gasoline on fire.
Is like you and alcohol.
Only fools could find an answer
In the bottle that you hold
And in the morning
Through one black eye
You'll refuse to see
The cracked mirror

Act one scene three
And I still see no change in your attitude.
Your friend has left you
'Cause she didn't like to be abused, oh, no!
And in the morning
Alone at last
Face to face you see
The cracked mirror

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