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1. And The Bad Thoughts Come Again

It’s always a struggle
The drugs I need make me feel like shit
My thoughts are all clouded,
So I lash out because it helps a bit

No medication
I spiral deeper into grief and shame
It’s my only freedom
That’s when all the bad thoughts come again

Swing them from the gallows
Bury them deep in a vacant lot
I’m slow and methodical
Bind their mouths just to shut them up
Slice them open
Watching as their blood pools on the ground
Adrenaline flowing
Know higher rush is there to be found!

Bipolar is my nature
Stay away or it might be worse than you think
I’d like a word with my creature
Cause the hand I was dealt here surely stinks.
I have tried suicide
But I can’t find the method that will work.

2. In The Dark

Bread to live like animals, in the mountains and holes in the ground.
Fighting for religion, whose foundation is unsound!
Out of their mouths spit poison of vial corrosive hate
Death is part of their lifestyle, a syphilis driven trait

In bred Diseased
Incest Deceased
Inbred Diseased
Incest In The Dark.

An offer to gift them freedom, a new start in a prosperous land.
But stealthily hidden in the baggage hists a deadly plan
Offer them a helping hand and they’ll take it wrist and all.
An abortion of nature, one that will haunt us all.


Once it starts its to the death, committed to go all the way
I suggest you think seriously, these parasites are here to stay.
Racist slurs fire from the mailbox, like dogs covered in flees
Why should we be funding them, those brain dead oxygen thieves.

3. Bury The Past

What your thinking is not so strange!
The insecurities are melting your brain.
It’s not a nightmare!
It’s not a dream!
It’s just reality tearing at the seams.

You’ve got to bury the past today
You’ve got to bury the past today

You look for answers, You chase you dreams
The deafening sound as your lonely heart screams
You wade around in shallow depths of reasons why


4. True Grit

Remember from what height you have fallen and do the deeds you did at 1st.
and I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts,
And I looked and behold: a pale horse. And his name, that sat on him,
was Death.
And Hell followed with him.

With the reigns between his teeth, He’s a man of true grit
To the sound of horses hooves, Rides a man of true grit
With a pistol in each hand, fires a man of true grit
He’ll never let you down; He’s a man of true grit
Hear the rooster crow, He’s a man of true grit
Fill your hands. Roars the man of true grit
Righteous is the man, The man of true grit
Ready and at hand, is the man of true grit

So untill Armageddon The wise men will bow down before the throne.
And at his feet they'll cast a golden crown. Listen to the words long written down,
When the man of true grit comes around.

[Dedicated to the men of true grit John Wayne & Johnny Cash]

5. Goodbye

There’s a tremble in my heart as I knell down beside
A lonely tear it stumbles on my face
Your golden silhouette is slowly rising up above me
As a frozen scream is silenced on escape

Theres a candle on the table, castes a flicker of shadow
And memories they roll neatly through the flames
The wind outside is vague but it’s raining to the max
And the levy of my mind it bares the weight.

Wilted flowers they stare back from the corner of the table,
Tattered carpet it rolls neatly to the door.
So I stand and slowing turn heading sternly to tomorrow
But this day will linger on forever more.

6. The Sermon Of The Rose

God can see you! And the trouble hidden in your eyes.
And if there’s a problem, who’s gonna help you work it out?

From the heavens above an ancient spirit came to me
A strange sensation, I feel it taking hold of my life.

Seek my council, and you’ll answer to the riddle of life
The blood is flowing, the blood that wipes all the slates clean

7. She Lied

She lied, with eyes caste down.
Slowly I felt my stomach churn.
When the light shone, she had gone.
When the night shone, she’d gone away

She lied, with blush shaded lips.
Slowly hers words they crushed my heart.
When the night come, she had run.
When the night come, she’d run away

She lied, with an iced charged tongue.
Slowly she froze me to the core.
Where the light shone, her shadow had gone.
When the light shone her shadow fades away

8. 100% Pain

So won’t you take a seat in my office?
We’ll investigate the feats that you claim
I can show you a nightmare!
One that will torment your brain

Once more you are left screaming
But it’s really not that big of a stretch
You just don’t have the pedigree
You don’t have the marks for the test
100% Pain

I understand your desire
And the need to vent your rage!
But it’s not always about you
It’s what you can bring to the cage!.

I see your kind almost daily,
A belief you can go all the way!
But takes so much more than desire
You’ll have to do more than just hope and pray.
100% Pain

9. Glory To The King

The battle weary bring the wounded home
The soles of the dead face the Holy one
As the King smiles unto the Rose
Justified in what he knows

Sing glory to the King, for his holy win,
Over terrortory [x2]

We bury the dead and turn the horses for home
After laying a wreath against the last tombstone.
A final word for the passing by the Holy priest
We head for home for a celebratory feast


10. Terrortory

As the wreath lays all alone
All alone before a fallen stone.
As the wind plays within the leaves
Of the all seeing trees.
And the shadows seem to stand their ground
As I slowly look all around
Will I live to tell the story, who tells the Terrortory
Will I live to tell the story, who tells the Terrortory

As a scream breaks the dead of the night
I wake with an awful fright.
And I’m wet with a cold cold sweat
One I never will forget’
As I lay back an settle down
With my eyes darting all around
Think back over the history of the Terrortory
Think back over the history of the Terrortory

Laughs were heard as the nails pierced his hands
There was no one on earth that could’ve altered gods plans
As they rolled the dice for the clothes he had warn
The curtain in the temple was torn.
Three days from now he would rise.
And there were many who were surprised.
There’s no more mystery and no more Terrortory
There’s no more mystery and no more Terrortory

11. Hard Luck Woman

[Kiss Cover]

12. Wild Wild Angels

[Smokie Cover]

Zanitorian - Guitars and Keys
Tier - Drums
Legion Draxsen - Bass & Vocals

Thanks to legion for sending these lyrics.

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