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1. Hyperspace – The Arrival


2. Day Of The Gods

Seven days of darkness
Seven nights of ice
Then in eerie silence
It fell from the sky

All our knowledge and all our beliefs
Shattered like glass

We are not alone
We have never been
Today they return
To reap seeds they've sown

Mighty giants whose every step
Shatters the earth

3. The Armageddon Machine

We've never seen something like this: iron and steel
growing as a living thing, eternally
When they will move, what will they do?
When it begins, can we defend our kin from these machines?

From the farthest reaches of the Universe, the Space Gods have come!
They will pass judgment: an epic trial that will decide the fate of the entire human race!

Signs and prophecies
Never prepared humanity for this

The end is near
The end is near, but we won't shed a single tear
We stand together to survive, to survive no hope is lost!
No hope is lost, and no one will be left alone
Against all reason, well still fight to survive, we'll survive!

And now they walk, crashing it all beneath their feet,
leaving behind only smoke, dust and blood
Sparkles of light, electric might
Computer gods ready to strike from above and below

Their motives, unknowable by our limited intellect;
their thoughts, unthinkable by our lesser mind.
And there is just one name for their gargantuan vessel:
The Armageddon Machine!

4. In The Belly Of The Beast


[Storyline from the booklet]

Time, 2238 A.D.
Place, inside the Armageddon Machine

While the world around him stands terrified, and incapable
of understanding the aliens' purposes. Hal finds
himself inside the belly of the beast. The gargantuan
ship seems to be even bigger from the inside than on
the outside. Unable to move, he is transported through
an array of metal pistons moving incessantly and finally
attached to a strange but comfortable chair. Two alien
figures stand before him. Their shapes are blindingly
bright. As soon as they start talking, his mind starts to
wander. Memories are awakened after centuries of
sleep. His conscience starts drifting back in time to different
places. Different lives.

5. Revenge Is Done

Remember, remember, the 5th of November,
the Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I know of no reason why
Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.

I am the son of fire and I survived a thousand kinds of hell
They have taken everything, ail that I ever cared for, ever had

But theres a last inch of me and that's my own dignity
No force in heaven or hell can ever take it away 'cause I am free!

Your time is over, and so is mine
We're at the end of the line
Our revolution lias just begun
But my revenge now is done
Revenge is done!

There is no flesh and no blood
Behind this mask to kill
For I'm not a man, not anymore!
Ideas are bulletproof
You cannot shoot or stab them
They will endure, and so will I!

People should not be afraid of their own leaders no more
Its leaders that have to learn to be afraid of us all, 'cause we are free!

Remember, remember, the 5th of November,
the Gunpowder Treason and plot; I know of no reason why
Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, 'twas his intent to blow up the King and Parliament.
Three score barrels of powder below, Poor old England to overthrow

6. When Lightning Strikes

Staring at the lire pits, in control
Pain and Desperation Overlord
He's Alpha and Omega of a tortured world
Looking to expand his grim domain
Searching for the power to enslave
His iron will is all that remains

We are the ones, the only hope
We stand against his fanatic horde
We are the ones whose light will shme when all is dark
And we will arise
When lightning strikes

Born with a heart of stone, only one desire: a universe to mire Sons, spawn of Italy
Fight against the dire, feel the righteous ire Join our revolution scream!

Destiny awaits me on this peak
And there is no fear of death in me
I don't care, as long as I'm free
As I fall with bullets in the chest
I can see the eyes of my best friend
"Rest", they say, "for you have done well"

7. Winter Soldiers

Its 1812 and the Emperor has built
The biggest army that the world has ever seen
Their guns ire loaded, their confidence is high
A firm belief that their God is on their side

We're Winter Soldiers
Don't know surrender, neither fear
Well draw em out of here

I feel my heart pounding faster in my ears
The howling wind
My sense of time that is slowing down
The land will freeze
A sudden rush of adrenaline inside
To set us free
I As the thunderous roar of the gun
Shakes the ground

They strike so fast, so hard and they are sure
That in the end, our land they will secure
They've yet to learn that in the ice and snow
To conquer or keep is not the same at all

If there is one thing I've learned
Is that there is no righteous war
But we cannot let them take our homes, kill our sons
We'd rather burn to the ground
Positions we cannot defend
We will make sure that their clutches won't hold a thing, only dust!

8. Salvation

My time has come
On tins fateful night, I will surrender my life
With no regrets in my heart and no tear
For such is the way of the warrior:
To die with honor and steel!

Will never come

Oh son of mine
I am sorry to leave you behind
But my duty calls, and tonight there's no...

The siege begins
It won't be long before the end of our song
We strike as fast and as hard as we can
To breathe our last to meet a glorious death

Oh son of mine
I am sorry to leave you behind
But my duty calls, and tonight there's no...

My time has come
It won't be long before the end of my song

9. At The Flaming Shores Of Heaven

Promised to faith and the holy mysteries
Obedient to the righteous hierarchy
Follow the path of the unicorn tapestries
The heritage of our ancestry

By this night we anoint our steel
For the moon vessel to distill
As we are marching towards the sea
Our armors scorch our skin

Transcend every duality
For our souls to be transparent
Refuse every idolatry
And imitate our masters' ascent

I am your knight servant
To keep this garden verdant
Until the light will be back
Thy name is resplendent
Thine sorrows are the pendant
That glistens bright around my neck

Bow down on our wounded knee
And summon the Holy Trinity
My beloved brothers;
We must be one against the enemy

10. We Ride

Son of a land
Harsh and covered in ice
You must be strong
If you want to survive
To save our kind
From starvation and death
Pirates we'll be
Warriors until the end

Side by side
The crows of Odin he my guide
Kill or die
The only choice you have m life

We ride winds of fury
The blade is our jury
We sail when the dragon
Is awake!

For some of them
We'rе more monsters than men
Ruled by their fear
They do not understand
Now there's a storm
That is coming our way
Another fight
Against thunder and rain

11. The Awakening

All my life I've known that something was amiss
I am conscious now awakened from the sleep

I can remember all the loves
I've lost through the years
I do remember all my fights,
the joy and the tears

I am a man out of time
Tell me why?

12. My Endless Flight

Some people would say that I'm gifted
While others would think I am cursed
'Cause all of my lives end in violence
But every tune I am reborn

My soul was bound to this plane forever
By the strongest chain that cannot be severed
Like a guinea pig for a force beyond our wildest dreams
He crossed die ages but I never held my memories

I am a warrior coming from the past
But I am living for today
And now I understand
The final part I have to play

My endless flight
Will shape a destiny for all of mankind
For every wight
My endless flight
Will carry me to prove that we got the right and we're no blight

Gods of thunder descending on Earth
I will show you we're worth

Inside their temple of metal
While fires burn my whole being
I face the ghosts of my fears
I see the point in their game

Re-live all deaths I have suffered
It's not to test our boldness
And feel the worst man can give
It is to see where we aim

Will we end up destroying
All the good that we build?
Are we ready to change, or are we bound to repeat?

Through my eyes now they see
That despite all our flaws
There will always be those who will strive on and on
To make a better world

I'm tired and empty... and yet, somehow relieved
I feel their decision is fair
They've seen potential in humanity
So...thus, I am finally free

They're returning all to the state it was
Before their machines landed on the Earth
Guardians of the stars they have deemed that our history
Can follow on, 'till we solve their big mystery

I am a warrior coming from the past
But I am living for today
And now I understand
Theres still a part I have to play

Gods of thunder descended on Earth
I have proven we're worth

13. Aftermath – The Departure

Their march is done
Their march is done
And the judgment is over

We stood together we survive, we survived
No one was lost

No one was lost
In our fight for tomorrow

Against all reason, we were spared left alive
We survive!

14. Engage!


15. New Frontier

Here in the future
A united humanity
Travels the galaxy to seek
New races and cultures
To discover new ways to be
What an adventure to live!

Our starship goes
Where no one has gone before
Where empires fall
Or new ones are born!

Open a new frontier
Carry hope, carry aid to the planets in fear
Open a new frontier
Carry hope, carry aid to the forgotten worlds

Strange in the crew
Made of humans and aliens alike
Ready to serve or to fight
All dedicated
To the noblest ideals of all
Duty and justice's their call

Dario Beretta ‒ Guitars
Corrado Solarino ‒ Keyboards
Davide Dell'Orto ‒ Vocals
Simone Cappato ‒ Bass

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