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1. Rise Of The Dark Lords


2. Under The Banners Of War

The last of the Kai
Has travelled many miles
To face the dark lords everywhere
Through the fire and the ice

Scars on the flesh
Scars on the soul
Despite the pain and sufferings
The hero pushes on

How can we do any less?
Forget fear
Raise your heads!

Under the banners of war
We are marching on, marching on
Against the darkness we must be strong
Under the banners of war
We are marching on, marching on
To bide him time to come back
And save our world!

A flight from the dark
Has taken all his friends
The burden of Kai heritage
Entirely in his hands

Traps to the right
Traitors to the left
From Vassagonia to the chasm
He could barely rest

And now the wolf
Is on the hunt once again
We'll endure
Until he's back

The power of the gods
Within a frail form of man
A purity of heart
He's out for justice, not revenge

Nobody knows
His pain inside
We cannot see
We're just two blind

A bringer of hope
Into a violent age
The bearer of the summer sword
Will light our people's way

Bane of the Kraan
Destroyer of ghosts
He won't surrender to the might
Of Drakkar warriors

3. Run With The Wolf

My body is broken
My walking days are over
Yet I have discovered
There's more in me than meets the eye

My mind's eye is open
Your form I can take over
Skinchanger, shapeshifter
I can be all I like

And I wanna be it

Run with the wolf

To become the wolf
To become the eagle
Helpless no more
Nevermore alone

Leaving all behind
All the pain and evil
Never in chains
Nevermore again

And I gonna be it

Run with the wolf


Run with the wolf

4. Watcher On The Wall

The battle rages on, the fight for supremacy
Apocalyptic signs revealing our destiny

A game of thrones, a storm of swords
Nobody understands, divided we fall

A clash of kings soon will begin
If they don’t listen then we never will win!

We are the outcasts of a cruel society
Sent here to die for crimes of any variety

Beyond the wall, white shadows walk
A tale of ice and fire soon will be told

So stand ready for the fight
When the brotherhood calls
Never falter, stay alive
We'll defend our post
When winter will come

I am the watcher on the wall
I am the shield to guard the realms of man
Now and until my death
Tonight and for all nights to come
My honour and my life is not my own
It's my brothers' in black

To stand united in the face of adversity
Might be the only way to stop this calamity

Their eyes of ice, devoid of life
Telling a tale of murder and homicide
We need more men and more supplies
You’ve got to help us if you want to survive

5. Ride The Storm

Every day, all the way, we'll stand together
To survive the open sea, you have to be
Ready for anything
And to believe in each other and your ship

Our roots, our blood, we will never forget
Our homes far away will live on in our hearts
Anywhere, anytime
Greener pastures may never be found
But we must try!

Sailing on a new quest for glory
Knowing we may never return
Freedom is our destiny's calling
We can’t wait anymore

Ride the storm
Until the morning comes
And the clouds are all gone
Ride the storm
Under the skull and bones
Chase the light of the dawn
Ride the storm

Our lives can be hard, and unforgiving
Is the wrath of the gods down in the deep
Privateers on the prowl
As we're approaching our prey the winds will howl

Stay alert! Brig ahoy!
We will board every ship
Take you place for the fight!
Carrying riches and gold
Cannonballs flying high
Know that only by honour we're bound
Never by law!

Black prince is the name of our vessel
Dark sails, heavy cannons of war
Rebels we are called by oppressors
We will treat 'em with scorn

6. Burning

I feel the anger
The lust for blood and fight
It's burning, burning, wheels are turning
My heart is racing
I crave to show my power
Foes are falling
Burning, burning!

And when this is over
We'll sit in a circle, enjoy the night
Our classes will rise, full of bloodwine
Songs we will sing of our victory!

My blades awaiting
To feast upon the flesh
Of those opposing our glory
My heart is racing
For one more victory
My soul is yearning
Burning, burning

Sons of Kahless
Protectors of the empire
Fierce and fearless
We don’t back down!

Pain and sorrow
Are better than dishonor
Keep your head up
Until you die!

To prove our mettle
We'll take the birds of prey and our raptors
In savage battle
Unleash the fury
Make sure the enemy won't be returning
Burning, burning

7. Southern Cross

By the shining Southern Cross
I am reminded how far I have come
Left my home in the far, deep north
To seek my fortune on foreign shores

Many times I have heard in my dreams
The sound of violins, the smell of the trees
As I woke up and they were gone
I felt the sting of the memories of home

Now I know that the future is bright
That one day I'll return
To that place that will always be home
To the heart of a sailor once bold

Through the days and nights alone
I've often wondered is this what I want?
I'd have given up everything
For just a glimpse of my island of green

I'll be back as a wealthy man but no riches compare
To the smiles of the people I left
And the beautiful sights of my land

From the north to the south of the world
The trip was long and the stay even more
I've been working my ass off for years
To see my country again through the tears

I am ready to sail my own ship
I'm wise and older and it's time to leave
My farewell to the Southern Cross
The things you taught we will never be lost

I'll be back as a wealthy man but no riches compare
To the smiles of the people I left
And the beautiful sights of my land

8. Gods Of Thunder

Rainbows light up the darkness
Announcing I have returned
Back from the halls of Valhalla, and not alone!

On my chariot we're riding
Straight in the heart of the flame
Crushing the evils that try to stand in our way

Hammers of justice will strike

Foul creatures don’t stand a chance tonight

When the Stormbreaker sings
It's a song of thunder and screams
Let the demons be cast from this place!
Hear the call of Mjöllnir
When it summons lightning and wind
And the forces of Muspell will cry
They will die!

I have travelled the spaceways
To help my people in need
Odin has heard my request, granted my plea!

You are worthy of the power
A noble warrior's heart
Though our blood ant the same, brothers we are!
Let's show the monsters our might

Foul creatures don’t stand a chance tonight

Don’t care how many of them are there, oooh
Don’t care we will never fall or fail, oooh

Korbinite/Asgaridan alliance was born
Through lakes of molten lava and stones
Together they stand against evil bones
Together they strike 'til victory's won!

Hammers bite, blinding bright
We still fight until victory's won

9. Invincible

Don’t fear the fire, just let it burn
There is a passion play inside your very soul
Don’t try to tame it, let it be known
That no one else but you can set your dreams and goals

They’ll try to break you
So stand your ground
And be yourself

Be invincible
Let your dreams become an armor made of steel
Be invincible
Indestructible, that’s what you have to be

Here comes tomorrow, so brace yourselves
Life is what happens when you're making other plans
Just don’t surrender, never give in
Because you know that sometimes life can be a bitch

Make our own movie
You are the star
And no one else

And when you stumble
Stand up again to fight another day!

10. Call Of The Dragonblood

The battle is over
And our bodies lie there, broken and dead
A terrible slaughter
Many warriors met a glorious end

I can see them rising
Shining souls of the dead, courageous men
Whose side they were on matters no more
Now we ride with the gods!

Behind the veil
Asgard awaits
We'll cross the rainbow bridge to the call
The call of the Dragonblood

We have been chosen
For our valorous deeds, worthy of kings
The Valkyries come
They will take us away to that sacred place

Don’t cry for us brother
To Valhalla we go, it's our reward
By day we will fight, by night we'll feast
For eternity!

In the halls of Odin
We'll stand proud and free
Burn our mortal bodies
Ashes on the sea
Take care of our wives and daughters, we have gone beyond
Though we'll never meet again remind them of our love

The battle is over
And their bodies lie there, broken and dead
A terrible slaughter
Many warriors met a glorious end

Are they all together
On the barge of the dead, these courageous men?
My brother's with them, I'll miss him so
Now he rides like a god!

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