Dark Lyrics


1. Darkness Within

Waiting for the night to fall
feeling only hunger
searching for a victim for the nightly kill
Only a shadow in the night
No one can see the evil...
that lurks behind every step they take

The darkness within
Lives in the shadow zone
No place to run
You're trapped all alone

(Fear, Death, Hate,)
Darkness within
(Fear, Death, Hate)

Running through the streets alone
he is drawing near
Right there behind you
Watching from high above
As the sun goes down
this creature controls you

The darkness within
Lives in the shadow zone
No place to run
You're trapped all alone

No place to run
(Fear, Death, Hate)
No way out
(Fear, Death, Hate)

The darkness within
Lives in the shadow zone
No place to run
You're trapped all alone

2. Fight For Your Life

It seemed like a good idea at the time
A place no one could find
On the edge of town
No one could hear a sound

Almost like a hospital
But evil minds lurked within
conducting experiments
An exercise in sin

Too much power, unchallenged control
Too much evil and a blackened soul
Like in 1983... Cult like mentality

Are you ready to fight for your life
are you ready to flee the dark
what's happening here is no dream
but a cold reality yeah

3. Angels In White

Devils in white, heaven in black
Cross yourself now and never look back
Enter the gates of your biggest fear
Give praise to nothing as you enter here

This is the end of all you know
This is where your dreams come to die.

There are no soul protectors
There are no angels in white
As they pound on your soul
Killing your will to fight
And there will be no defenders
There will be nothing but death?
Breathing the poison gasses
As you die with the rest

The weight on your body to take another breath
Every moment a curse that fights your will of death?
Were you the answer? Or the question too?
Who is the "one" when two "ones" equal two?

Human perseverance a dangerous thing
You just want out to never feel another thing

Indoctrination, isolation the cult of the one percent
Termination and extermination this machine must be fed

4. Defenders Of The Skies

Launch the attack, warfare burns the open skies,
Gasoline death machines and men prepared to die,
As we lift off high above the ground
From below, the air-raid siren calls,
fire-watchers wait tonight as burning shrapnel falls

Hide in shadows
Watch for anything that makes a sound
This burning hellfire
descends upon the ground
Under blackened skies
By the light of the moon
we are destined for victory or doom

Never be numbers
Under blackened skies
Never be shadows wearing a disguise,
They are defenders
and they don't live in fear
they stand and fight as the enemy draws near

We choose our side and loyalties
We defend what belongs to us
We think not of the enemies
As we grind them into dust
We are the homeland forces
We do what must be done
We are few in number
Living and dying by the gun

5. Prophecy Is A Lie

Who are you to know the end?
And why do you speak to us of death?
Do you believe there is a god?
And has he told you of his plan?

Is all that you see
Part of the Divine?
Is it hell for eternity?
Is it a way to twist the lie?
Is the end what you foresee?

Preaching death unto the earth
Armageddon drawing near
Think you know what is to come
Those that listen live in fear

Truth fear?
The prophecy is only lies?
Truth fear?
You're a savior in disguise?
Truth fear?
Don't believe the lies they bring
Truth fear?
Gain your power from within

6. Life Through Anubis' Eyes

No place to hide
nowhere for you to run
only the end
waits for your life of constant lies
The time has come
For you to be found
guilty for your evil
time to be judged accordingly

Now no one cares
Take advantage of the weak
live off the suffering
of the fools your twisted truth
Distorted reality
You blindfolded all of them
No fear or conscience
An out-cast you stand alone

Stand before him
Life will be judged
Stand before him
Life through Anubis eyes

7. Rising Power

No one here gets out alive
but no one lives in fear
of the sounds the way of life
the end that's drawing near

Rising Power Screaming sound
Constant chaos raining down

You're not coming back from here
This is where you stay
Now that you have made the choice
you do things our way

Rising Power Screaming sound
Constant chaos raining down
This is the chance prepare to fight
take no prisoners this is our life

As you count the dead
and see the suffering
no illusions now
your final day is here

Rising Power Screaming sound
Constant chaos raining down
This is the chance prepare to fight
take no prisoners this is our life

8. Devil's Fiery Dance

Like an angel cast from heaven
Like a demon takes to flight
feel the fury of the black top
as I speed across the night

Feel the howling of the pistons
like a banshee cast from hell
as I'm cutting through the night (It bleeds)
play the hand that I've been dealt.

I see the evil out to get me
I won't give it half a chance
my burning soul will set the night aflame
like the devil's fiery dance

Can't stop me
Can't take me
Won't ever slow me down
Can't beat me
Won't defeat me
On this battle ground

9. The Unknown Horizon

Artificial starlight is dancing in the skies
falling from the heavens
the night is their disguise
they will walk among us
hidden deep within the crowd
they infiltrate and communicate
Their orders from the clouds

The blind and huddled masses-
make for easy prey
never would they dream that their end
would come today

Some would form militias
while others went to ground
scattering like roaches
In some abandoned town
nothing could prepare us
for what we had to lose
the scourge is all around us
devouring what they choose

With perfect cold indifference
their armys raged and fought
the terror of the enemy
clouded every thought

The fires of humanity
arc cinders fading out
those who never cared to pray
were suddenly devoute

No time for warning
the weak will be enslaved
another frantic exodus
and no one can be saved
Their overwhelming power
their methods have evolved
their strength is not in numbers
but tactical resolve

10. Revolutionary Suicide

In the cold light of morning
In some forsaken field
900 soles abandon
in the name of one ideal
Like some misguided prophet
A sheppard who chose to lead
Was this an act of protest
Or another darker deed

Oh greater one then us
Show us the way
path of no return ready to self destruct
obey your command
we are the lost
On the road straight to hell

Do the walls have eyes
Is the night alive
Is darkness just a shadow on the wall
was it easy to give up
was the power just too much
a mastermind in control of you

Falling and rising and
twisting and turning
crying and screaming and
dying and bleeding

Now feeling no pain
Now, nothing remains

What motivates more than the promise
Is the promise of the end
the weak will be lead
into the darkness they are fed
No turning back when you've come this far
They will take your soul
and will twist your mind
and leave you where you are

Ben Thomas ‒ Guitars
Ray Martens ‒ Keyboards
Giles Lavery ‒ Vocals
Aaron Thomas ‒ Bass, Guitars, Orchestration
Alcides "Seed" Stowe ‒ Drums

Thanks to irf.core for sending these lyrics.

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