Dark Lyrics


1. Mutant

How quickly seconds fly
Pendulum in my hands
A mutant
In hopeless desperation
I know that's my last day
The day when my world will be gone

Horizon blends with the sky
Into a black and terrible mass
A mutant

Bloody veins of lightning above
Rotten earth flooded with puss
Full of lumps of dried magma
Where are you, the Almighty!

I hear a hollow rattle
Strangers all around
Their distorted faces
Their throbbing flesh

Eyes burnt out by acid
Tumor-speckled skin
For me to become like them

God if you are there
In this great dark sea
Have mercy on me!

Stinking grease floods the ground
Absorbing monstrous mutants
The last day!

2. Memory

I'm walking on the dark ice of the North
The end of my journey is near
Every step is a wound
While dust is my death bed

The white sun
Is touching me
Freezing my blood
My pale face
The world goes away
I'm walking on the red snow of the East
I can see monstrous shapes under the ice
Wriggling in paroxysm of pain
In agony, madness and rage
Memory is already - dead
Future dead - as well
Faith without - good deeds
The old world - is gone
Our life is bound to die
Death's chill
Will get me
Will freeze my blood
Will suck my face
Will throw me down
I'm walking in the dead woods of the South
No one has won
The holy earth is dying
Asleep under the whip of ice
Helpless and naked
Our memory is bound to die

3. Altars Of Doom

Shadows of our shadows
Thorny winding streets
A train of drunk undertakers
Digging their own graves

The altar full of tongues
Of fluent politicians
Altar of suffering
Of the holocaust
The towns of grey sick faces
Jerking the ropes
Which keep them
In constant suspense
Every day struggles
With darkness for light
Shadows disperse
As there comes the night
The last rays
Of the dying world
Locked in the sockets of empty skulls
The small, the weak, the yellow
Waiting for the Messiah
Go away from his feet
Altar of pain
Of the Holocaust
Shadows impressed
In concrete
And ashes mixed with blood

4. Gallery Of Void

Trembling in pain
You're suffering
Heavy rattle
Asphalt is burning
Your feet sinking
In the dark

Streaming blood
You're dying
And you know it well
'Black spots are whirling
The painis gone
The clock is ticking back
Faster and faster'

The void - engulfs
The light - is fading
The clouds - fall down
The cold - is freezing
The kingdom of ice

You must watch
The doom
The fall
Into whiteness

Ice in your eyes
In your dead mouth
In every part
Of your body

5. Alley Of ...


6. Forgotten By Death

Shadows, fog
Sign of the fall
A dwarf, a face-a monster
Without form

You, son of void
Eyes in decay
The dust in throbbing
With dead life

Forgotten by death
You've become a thing
A relic
Forgotten by death
It's horrid not to be able to die

Eternal life
Where is death

Tangled in darkness
A blind sin

On the Tombs
You've built your grave

You long for fire
That brings you

Only one desolate world
Only one home uprooted
Only one shadow behind
Only the desperate moan

Forgotten by death
Tell them after thousands of years
Forgotten by death
A witness of the age of doom

7. Scream Of Death

Sound of alarm
On dried bones
By the wind
Cacophony of hollow sounds
All lost in empty skulls

And craters only
Will remain
Unhealed by life
Packs of hungry bloodthirsty beasts
Will eat the rotting scraps
Of human flesh

I am alive
I'm simply
Living in pain
With no future
Shelters full of
Where to survive
Means to kill
- Cannibalism -
Grey gloomy hue
Of bony faces
Look at me
At your future
Look at your

8. Prisoner

Sick mind with no past
Blends all days into eternal light

A sick face
A sick mind
A shadow of tomorrow
Maybe it's me

A prisoner with a shavel head
A prisoner of nuclear shelter
As horrified as me

A sick face
A sick mind
A shadow of tomorrow
Maybe it's me

Open graves
Trampled holiness
Where are you going
There's nothing there
But his hand gives me a sign
You're the labyrinth
Of madness
You're sinking
Into dead night

Take me with you
Into the burning abyss
Into the bottomless pit
With no respite

A sick face
A sick mind
A shadow of tomorrow
It must be me
Take me with you
In the dimensionless pit
Into the immense sea
Of schizophrenia

9. Song Of Darkness

A bird in agony
A dying shadow
I'm like a boat
Taken in the wind

Something is coming
The song of darkness
Like a bell

A voice
Underground echoes
I'm like a colour
That faded away

The song of darkness
I know that death
Is coming

A stormy sea
And massive clouds
I'm like the ashes
Like a waning glow

I know I'm dying
The sound of darkness
Like a bell

10. Final Introduction


11. Ashes Of A Generation

Closed the day
Immense buildings
All collapsed
Ashes, darkness
The world
You have known
Is gone into nothingness
Memory has gone
On the wings of struggle
Just survive
Blodd for blood
Remote past
Destroyed by the hands
Of hideous soldiers
Blood for blood

Struggle for life
Where to go
In this turmoil
Of raging death
The air kills
With fire and dust
Deadly glow
Where to go
All is gone

Just fade away
And you know
That's the end

12. Demon Of War

Marana - the spirit
Come, now it's time
I'm slowly losing my strength
Demon's evil temptation
Demon's conflict
I live on top
Of a huge tower
Someone has put a knife in my back
Demon's evil temptation

Hell down below
Burning glow
Waterless desert in blood
Demon's . . .

Silence in ether
Hammering my head
Awareness, loneliness, and I

A dying wreck
No sleep, no complaints
I'm waiting for death - it's him:
No one will tell me
Where i should go
Darkness and night
Silence of stars
Uranium veins
Throbbing with death

Crusader's sword
Has reaped all life
Held in the claws
Of the demon
No one will tell me
Where I should go
Darkness and night
Silence of stars
Uranium veins
Throbbing with death

Corpses in the streets
Corpses in the womb
This will be the end of the world
Demon's . . .
After the battle
Coming through the fog
Marana - the spirit
It's you

Music by: Jaroslaw Gronowski, Adrian Frelich, Grzegorz Mroczek, Krystian
Bytom & Tomasz Dziubinski. Lyrics by: Jaroslaw Gronowski & Tomasz Dziubinski.
All arrangements by Dragon. Produced by Tomasz Dziubiski

Dragon are:
Freddy - Vocals, Screams.
Gronoss - Lead Guitar, Acu. Guitar.
Demon - Bass.
Bomber - Drums, Percussion.

(p) & (c) 1991 Under One Flag

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