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1. Pozytywka / Intro

2. Return

On the other side of heaven – brightness
Magnificent light goes on
I have left my body motionless
Some people mourn for it
They can’t understand real freedom
They weep for my prison, the cage of soul
The pictures of life shows the pass
The pieces of life I’ve lived over
I’m going to the place full of love
The place I know I have seen
I’m energy
I’m a thought
But something I’ve lost
Darkness disturbs to my thoughts
Wonderful light is dying
Something is pulling me down
I can see my cage
I’m energy
I’m thought
I can see those people
I can feel uneasiness
That restrain my energy
I can feel the pain of thoughts
They don’t cry
I’m in my body again
Wounded body
Suffering body
Why I had to return?
Why I couldn’t stay?
I’ve returned to my body
Wounded body
Why I had to return
I’m energy
But I’ve lost something

3. Etiude I

4. Looking For The Death

Open wounds
Of eternal victims
Gods – always demanded for man’s blood
Beating hearts of saint war
Sacrificed to the bloody sun

Mankind joins
Life and death
Rotting gut
Thrown for the gorge
Of hungry beasts
That’s the recollection of man

Massacre of thoughts
The word’s slavery
The despair like shadow
Always near
The night chains cold
Like ice
In the mass of fear
That’s the recollection
Of man

Whole world
Stays in the sin
Full of spite, avidity and foulness
Looking for the death – chase
Loneliness – incessant changes

5. Etiude II

6. Living And Suffering

I live and it seems to me
My life it’s a verdict
Lack of stable
Deformation of thoughts
Destroying old views
Incessant changes
Dreams that haven’t fulfiled
I’ve been sent to that place
To make evil
Like a harpoon tearing
Gut of devil
Living and suffering
From inside of forebode
I extract the murder fire
Burning friendly hands
Making cheap good
I’m in the dung
Of human’s suffers – why?
Living and suffering

7. Spell Of Recollection

Night - black crystal
Moon faded long ago
Someone’s sorrow has gushed tear
Someone’s face has gone

Many shadows have gone past
And it seems to me
That someone’s breath has left

Life is going by like a smoke
Leaving behind a stripe of recollection
And only tear will leave
In your grave

But I love the speel of recollection
Sad charm of the past
And I wonder in thoughts
Over the way forging from bronze

That night – the wind went mad
That night – the moon darkened

8. Etiude III

9. The Mystic

That’s the end of my life
The time to get out has just come
The door are open
Of my life, of my death
That’s happened out of me

I was born to die
I’ve died to return
The mystic of death

From the other side of the world
My face’s picture disappeared
The matter doesn’t exist now
I joined the bevy
Of alive and dead
I don’t search the retreat
The peace of nirvana

I was born to die
I’ve died to return
The mystic of death

I was born to die

I know they’re like me
I can feel their presence, they can stay
But I know I’ve got to go
To return to become perfect
What does it mean the perfact

I feel I return
I’m leaving nirvana
I feel I return
To born as a baby?
To born as an oldish?

The mystic of life
The mystic of death

10. Death From Agony

One day I saw
Dying man
I’ve stand over him
Felt disgust and compassion
I haven’t seen his eyes
I’ve seen begeting death
Death begeting from agony
Death begeting from pain
I’ve heard the vioce of your world
I’ve heart your mercy
I’ve heart frightened and blind
Now I’m thinking about agony
Thinking of suffering
I think when I’ll go away
Closed mouth
Say anything now
But there’s all in the silence
And agony is saying herself
Oh, alien world
Tell, how to make you and ruin as well
‘Cause the death it’s only a mercy
Oh, alien world
I’ve heard your voice
Thinking of suffering
Silent with worse irony
I hear your voices

11. The Route Of Unworthy Rest

Master –whom they’re
Their sure dusk
Over the great river
The death has died here

Master – what’s going on with me
Everytime I can hear the voices
Here’s darker existence
For them
Than there
Flits so quick
Who’d believe
That death caught
So many

The world didn’t let them
To last in glory
Mercy and judgement
Don’t help them
Behind the river
An immense black
Showing the route
Of unworthy rest
Master – here’s a fear

I can see the death
It’s getting near
Help me – take
Me back

The circles narrow
The bridges reveal
The suffer’s sea
There’s wilderness behind
With the sight imprisoned
In the brain
Where you go

Master – whom they’re

12. Time For "The Last Farewell"

Those flowers
Put into
The empty orbits of skulls
With inscription- the last farewell
This is for you
All that is yours:
The presence of sadness
There is yet no time
No this time, no their time
Not it’s only yours
Open your eyes and rise
Time for you
Time, time is yours
Time is for you
Those trumpets
And the leather shoulder – strap of grave – diggers
Carrying you like on the throne
Memory –
The presence of sadness
Time for you
Time, time is yours
The staring eyes of hungry rats
Slinks behind the black pageant
This is for you that crazy pomp
With the speech over the open grave
With the drops of the holy water
And the spilling sand

13. Etiude IV

14. 4.W.O.W.

You have created a human being
To scream your name
Make me someone better
To understand it completely

15. Crying Woman

Midnight has spread out
Call of owl breaks silence
And sobs of a shape dressed in white
Crying woman

Desperate sorrow
She is rinsing her pain with blood
Crying woman

She gave him love and her virginity
He left her bared
Leaving empty nights behind
Crying woman

She fell to his knees
"See you have two children”
He shouted: “Go away”
Crying woman

Madwoman rushes along the streets
Her dress is stained with blood
Her weeping will wake us up
Till the end of the system of those things

This mother, mother will be calling
Her children, children killed at night

My children are unhappy
[...missing lyrics...]

16. Etiude V

17. Sacrifice

I’m giving you
My body
My rotted brain
Observe it precisely
Because that is the most foul thing
That you haven’t seen earliner
There’s the pus in my veins
In my stomach worms are multipling
Crawling in the gut
It’s difficult to breath
To have desire
Vegetation of live, I’m living
Perhaps it is whole knowledge
Whole truth
If it is – I am a wiseman
Life is my sacrifice
I’m giving you
My body
You can do everything
But don’t mock at it
I’ve given you my body

18. Yog-Sothouth

19. Negatywka

Adrian "Fred" Frelich ‒ Vocals
Jarek "Gronoss" Gronowski ‒ Guitars
Grzegorz "Demon" Mroczek ‒ Bass
Krystian "Bomber" Bytom ‒ Drums

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