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1. Fallen Angel

Humble yourself, give him a bow
Bow down, this is your Lord
Renounce your pride, give him a bow
Humble yourself
Don't wait, or his wrath will strike you
Renounce your price, give him a bow
Give a bow, or else he'll curse your name
Satan, my brother - peace or anger
He has made a choice and since then evil has come upon the earthly paradise
Death picks his harvest
Sin and disease rages, the world is suffering - a victim of his price
Death picks his harvest
Give him a bow, damned is your name
This is a hand - your last chance - don't reject it
He bleeds, wails, staggers
But is still alive
Without a birthmark each enemy
Blasphemy doesn't have it's end
And once the Lord loved him
He sat down among the angels at his feet
But pride and conceit drove him to rebellion
Torture by wild temptation
He walked away, first promising revenge and death

He longed for power
And since then the battle has been going on
And the one who fights hasn't brought peace but the sword
Who will win this war?
Give him a bow, damned is your name
This is a hand - your last chance - don't reject it
Father, why did you banish me?
In my madness I've sown sin
Forgive me, Father, I hate you!
I want blood and your souls!

2. I Spit In Your Face

Stone walls, the stench of graves
Dark vaults and hungry rats
The Blasphemous roar of hell
The black flashes of torches
Black crows, souls of the dead
Buried at the dead of night
Without fear you're awaiting their pranks
Because the cross is on your chest

You reign in the castle of death
Your eyes delight in tortures
Insane thoughts shake the fanatic's body
Dragged by the power of your rules
I'm fettered in chains
Given to you for sacrifice
Insane demon's thoughts
You say you fight for the good
That you are the Lord's messenger
Blood from your wounds soaks the monk's habit
In which you've clad your body
My body is trembling in pain
And thoughts cloud over torture
These are your hands holding the torches
Your arm is raising a whip
I spit in your face
You have me - my oppressor
I yell as you want me yell
Blasphemy, dark truths
Which you're forcing into my mouth
To sentence me to death
To accuse me of heresy
Who is he, in whose name
You inflict these horrible tortures
You kill, set stakes on fire
You know, his name!
The Beast's fire burns in your eyes
When your mouth worships the Supreme
Your Lord raises his hand with a whip
And sets fire to innocent bodies

3. Tears Of Satan

I'm handing in chains
Infernal fire burns and tortures my body
I'm silent, too proud to cry
But I beg you to pity my soul
A bitter tear in my eye - I meant the best
I created the whole world of love
The Father envious of his power
The power of his fist has crushed me
Tears of Satan - I'm still a Son of God
Spurned, thrust down into the abyss
Tears of Satan - I am alone
I am silently crying
All's lost
Eternal darkness
No limit to my suffering
The hatred of the crowd follows me
Tears of Satan - I'm still a Son of God

4. Deceived

Now you feel only pain
The scream vibrates
Terrible palms of fire caress you
Behind the throne of death no one is waiting
In fire - death!
Crime, man, verdict - suffer at the stake
For your thoughts the fiery king will devour you
Trampled - step by step you are crawling along
People are spitting on you

Where is your Lord now?
He deceived you, swindled and you are alone
Long nights of torture, bestial roar
Torture instructed you in your insanity
You are alone, the Lord laughs
You are wailing alone - heaven is hell
You are burning - he has won
You want to cry but you can't
Wild torment is tearing your throat apart
Satan, help me
I implore on my knees for your favour
At the last moment of pain I'm selling my life
Take my soul

Your Lord - a traitor, Satan - an oppressor
They are amused, you are dying
Your torment is their fun
The sweet sound of your scream

The ruler of the night is amused
Each of your groans is his delight
The Lord presents him with a soul
In return for the debt

5. Simon Peter

Judas gave away the Son of Man
When he was praying in the Garden
Angry apostles cried:
"Master! May we raise our swords?"
The time of darkness' power's come
The flame was stifled with envy
Caught by the chief priest
Battered with sticks
Peter was one of the disciples
Satan insisted on his death
The master asked him not to lose his faith
"Master", said Peter, "with you I'm ready to go to death."
"Don't swear! Today you'll deny me."
In the yard fire flared
They were sitting in a circle
Treacherous flames shone on their faces
"Galilean! You were with him. Your name is Peter."
"It isn't me, I don't know him"
The first cock crowed.
"You were with him. Your name is Peter."
"It isn't me, I don't know him"
The second cock crowed.
"You were with him. You - Simon Peter."
"It isn't me, I don't know him"
The third cock crowed.
Traitor denied three times for the fear of death.
Is it a sin?
When the cock crowed the third time
The master turned his eyes to Peter's face
He felt the bitterness of loss and shame
He left, conquered by fear.

6. Destructor (Sewer Of Graves)

Strength, magic power
Creates a monster composed of dead bodies
Creeping carcass - of death's house vengeance
Blind giants forge the armour of clean hearts
Oh, Lord have pity, release us from his hands!
Creeping carcass - of death's house vengeance
Weird nightmares - an assassin is born stripped of feelings
Lord of darkness and fear
Nightmare turns the world into hell
In battlefield bloom the flowers of fire
Powerful and evil
Who'll set us free?

Fear is with him, the sower of graves
Anger fills the bowels of evil
He destroys holy places devoted to resurrection
Saliva boils with hatred, sinks in the ground mixed with blood
The damned are walking along
Blind instruments under the curse of power
Many have dies of those who turned to spit in his face
Death picks his harvest
The sky opens, the Monster burns in flames
He who was kept faith, will live forever!

7. Into The Dark

I am sitting in darkness, on the throne, in the fire of waves,
The Lord of creatures, my power reaches heaven's gates
Down on your knees, turn your prayers to me!
I'm your Lord, you're my amusing flock!
Through the prism of the night I'm looking at your wicked world
I burst out laughing when the flower of war blooms in flames
You miserable puppets, you dance to my tune
Cruel desire, I'm kindling in you a killing madness!

My heart turned black long ago, far from here
My evil thoughts devour the leprosy of wrath
I once spat down the drain and you originated
No one will save you, you'll serve only me
My soul longs for your blood
I want you to live in torture
Under curse: die and decay into blackness!
Countless are sacrifices which you'll bring me
Millions of souls which the turmoil of holy war will draw in

Your souls are evil, I poisoned, with blackness, your dreams
It's me who's flinging torches among you
So that in the horde's eyes explodes the flash of madness
Death is the title of the song which I'm playing today
I slip swords into hands, watching their cruel dance

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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