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1. (Welcome To) The Social Event Of The Century

We forged the battlefield contempt and confusion
attack the lead streamlined straight for the bar
the crowd goes numb as the lights hit the curtain
just one more bump blast off hit the mic and were gone
we dance on edge of the nuclear fall out
prey on the night with it's endless intent
we're so far up get up wake the fuck up
the party will not stop till were fucking dead
the last time we rolled through
we conquered we rose the dead
and upturned these cities lights
we stay high blunts bitches and booze
you don't hate us you just want our life
smoke weed all day

2. There's No Glory In Fame

We're live from the lowest point at the top of the world
and i can't help but notice I've been here before
the faces not too familiar but the drinks taste the same
i feel like i'm walking on water
but i'm told i'm no messiah
maybe i maybe i should take a seat
now if you'll hear what i say
you wont think to walk away
you'll be askin me to stay
until the sun fucks up the night
hey "little miss what's your name"
with your eyes like hurricanes
everybodys gotta play the game
just once to say they did
i'm here to make a stand
as soon as i find my feet

3. The MusicVideo Game Olympics

The slime on your fingers will crawl
you chubby little failure
you better play a lot right now
like the king on the ground it's done
it's not your fault
fault fault
that you cant do this
so hold hold you'll do it again
you'll soon become a legend
when night falls you'll press play
someone should pay good money for this
someone should pay me fore my lack of real activity
nice try what the fuck are you doing
who the fuck am i to do this here
move your fucking hands
you always wanted what i had
and couldn't hack
wonder what happened to your life you dumb twat you fucked yourself
life you dumb twat go fuck yourself

4. New York, California And Nowhere In Between

Can someone please find me a new trend
one that wont lose its charm before it ends
a simple theme of air brushed tinted red
with her lose lips and charm it shall begin
go for the throat lock in and say goodnight
i know this venture won't be my last try
as for the families these rules don't apply
cause in the dead of night is when i strike
i swear to god we'll fucking party tonight
just like last night and the night before
new faces different places
but the graves all state the same
my thirst for blood has yet to be quenched
patrol the moon with malicious intent
soaked head to toe with last gasps of fear
hit the road past the sun we disappear
the only moves to make are to get out fast
this time around you wont be saved by the dance
as the king lays his crown on the thrown
his legacy shall continue as unknown
i hammer down the last nails in your coffin
double-checked to not make a mistake
i hammer down the last nails in your coffin
dropped it down to the bed of the lake

5. Wendel

lets talk of lessons learned
what the fuck were you thinking man
you'll never learn
you're lack of conversation
is public masturbation
your lack of common sense
in an underage nation
we been running around with our heads off
doing to you what we've done the night before
grow to fuck grow the fuck up
we've been running around with our heads off
what the fuck were you trying to do
i think its time that you grow older
hurry up now hurry up now and bleed
if theres grass on the field then the games fucking cancelled
what the fuck were you trying to pull

6. The "L" Train To "High Street"

The days colors never seemed so bright
as when i look at them through shades of night
i can't recall
how or when i got here
all i can tell you
i don't care
puff puff pass
go a few cars back theres a man with a briefcase
got bags of fun you've been looking for all night
trade green for green just don't look him in the face
a couple bills gotcha feeling alright
as it hits my chest it soothes my soul
i saw the red in the eyes of the conductor
i caught the scent and i haven't left yet

out of the tunnel regain visual
i see myself in shades of grey and green
from a window where the clouds escape
i felt the air and remembered the taste
chapped lips and blood shot stares
everyone is listening but nobody cares

there are no limits on this ride
all aboard the train to the sky

7. Cockoff!

By a show of hands
who hates my band
when we showed up
we were what was hot
we never cooled off
we're going places you're not
no no no no
no reason to explain
you talk shit to mask
your face full of shame
its so easy to lose
but we decide what is hot
we never cooled off
we're going places you're not
just tell me how much it hurt
when you fell off this shit
and looked up to the peak
and we're reaching for it
damn right i'm cocky
fuck yeah i have no shame
weve been fighting to get up
weve been fighting to make our name
they all come they all disappear
and its time that you realized
we are still fucking here
no need to apologize
we don't need respect
we know what weve done
so why don't you save face
were just having fun

8. The Rise And Fall Of T.H.C. Tennis

Once you understand my state of mind
all of you will be singing my lines
we've conquered land and sky
after being tossed on the highways side
as mother mary gave grace at your feet
we stood in courtside and watched your down fall
you confused your love with lust
your affair with the devil was hard to shake off
what you forgot is this was never just yours
aimed at the audience with passion and soul
your raft is sinking
you will never hold the crown to this kingdom
you efforts fall just short last nights misfortune
i'll never forget the look the stun
the second you knew you were undone
whats goes bad must come down
so i knocked off your fucking crown [x3]
just to recap we're not about mal intent
we gave our lives to this traveling camp
the smiling faces cross this country so wide
not a single one of them will tear when you die

9. Is This A Party Or A Dick Measuring Contest?

The bar fills up and the drinks star mixing
a cluster fuck of shame dispensed to lower your neck
by the time the bar keep hits the table
my sights are set on tonight's last pathetic attempt
movin like a huntress across the dance floor
we meet at the waist and re-discover our flaws
she's shaking hard when i sniffle so softly
she drops her glass and knees right down to the floor
as i show her to the basement apartment
that has been built on endless nights like this
i wont stop you your on your knees baby please
i understand that this might might come as a shocker
don't get upset you were somewhat still worth it
but at the top you gotta flip this shit fast

10. Show Stopper!!

i've been searchin for some time to find the question
trails of dead wrongs and missed rights
are any of you out there even living
or did we happen to fall in empty skies
i will never fall
to my knees again [x2]
this game is over you can't win [x2]
though this ship is headed towards the shoreline
we hit the floor as to not miss a beat
pack out the bar with motivation
now i know you feel it in your knees
i've got 36 twelve-ounce reasons
to forget my name
(i forgot why i came to this place)
tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits
(celebration bitches)

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