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1. Prologue: Gracefallen


2. Serenade Of Sorrow

And the fires burn'd inside my eye's
as ye fall's ascending like a moment o' joy.

[Spirit of Night:]
My thorns where sown in ye light o' Day,
His thorns were spawned from the grasp o' God,
and the winds: they blew... and the pain: it grew...
until my winds, they blew no more. but holiness grew no more.
I scream'd out into the dawn!

fro' the horizon she comes...
I wonder if I could stay in His world,

'cause sooner or later this pain must end! Pain must end!
My life... it cries to be free, His life cries, but soon to be free...
but legions of stars... the stars suffers with me!
Thou art the star o' Venus...
Oh Seraphim!

[The Holy Spirit:]
Thou must obey thy father, thy God!
Bow down before his eyes... before his very eye's!..

My God... 'father'... hear us cry!
Tell me why!.. Thou wilt die!!!

Oh, Enslaver of Souls;
Thou can not be our father!
Oh, Avengeful God;
Thou hast brought us agony!

Into heav'n our sorrow... Sorrow
ye beautiful moment o' tragedy... so beautiful...
Falling fro' the lies of His 'perfect world'. They are falling...
Takest us away, so far away... falling!
here is nothing but pain. God is smiling...
Farewell now as we enter our darkness... smiling!
and we love her, the realization! Salvation comes but pain
Behold our salvation! still grows.

3. Una Tertius


4. Storm Of Damnation

Shadows now fall over this tearstain'd strife.

My angel dark; I grieve these frozen years!
To thy knees thou fallest, trembling in thy fear...

A mournful gloom o'er these bleeding wounds.

[Spirit of Night:]
Angels sing for us...
They cometh fro' below!

I shall rise from His land of pain...
Darkness I am and the autumn-rain!
senses and hope leads astray...
time will slowly fadeth away!

Starfire burns, our black misanthropy...
but the battle is lost, and His wrath upon us.

They are so alone... so sadly beautiful.
My love will shine and give them hope!

[Spirit of Night:]
Fires burn for us...
they cometh fro' below!

Lord of Heav'n and thy masterplan,
How could thou force us to worship man?
Here at last we shall be free...
In this darkness lies the key.

In darkness lies my key!

5. Unfold Thine Hands

How I wept in violent distress...
how I cried in horried anguish!
I know thou art hurting inside...
I know of thine suppressed grief...
I know... I know His light!..

So unfold thine hands;
Hosts of Seraphim and Archangels...
host of Thrones and Cherubim...
Lift thy knees from desolation
and join nocturnal salvation!

6. The Morningstar

"I've cried a river for you to swim
to let you know the state we're in.
I've dreamt a vision for you to see He's dreamt a vision for us to see,
that the night is the only worthy key that night is the worthy key...
(and the sound of silent cries is heard throughout the skies)".

I have seen Heaven's sleep, We have felt Heaven's sleep,
and I've watched the angels weep, our God hath made us weep
they are slaves of fear and pain
(that is ruled by a god insane).
I know that the night will save us all O Lucifer, O Morningstar...
as long we praise the dragons call. how we praise your ancient fall...

Eternal seems the time,
but the only true love will remain,
and darkness shall rise up to Heaven
to embrace the last, final prayer...
Cause the grace of His word once spoken
is now shattered by a promise broken.

"So curse the tyrant, curse the light,
for we are free here in the (endless) night.
How free we could be in the night...
So embrace the sorrow, kiss the tears...
follow the wind to erase your fears,
Follow the wind, follow the sign...
for the fires burn bright, the fires of blue,
and in the end it will burn in all of you."

The war will come,
apocalyptic storms of a tortured silence
as God oppresses His last, final soul...
and eternal seems the time,
but the only true love will remain,
and darkness shall rise up to Heaven
to embrace the last, final prayer...
So deny God's light and His words spoken...
We regain Heaven and crush His skull wide open!

"I've cried a river for you to swim,
to let you know the state we're in.
I've sent a message throughout the stars,
He's sent a message throughout the stars,
for His kingdom is full of scars.
God's kingdom is full of scars.
I am Lucifer, the angel of light
He is Lucifer, O Lucifer...
come with me and love the night!

And legions of angels out from Heav'n fly:
Oh, how they soar above the mountains high!

I am the Light
That Leads to Darkness!
I am the Night
Behold Pandemonium!
Behold Pandemonium

7. The Gothic Embrace

Oh angel o' my winter;
grieveth for the pain o' sadness.
A gothic embrace restores my love
God took away...
Ye romance o' forgotten times...
in eras without the sun.
An ocean o' tears I see...
A nightfall o' dreams caresses me.

Thou wert, thou art, thou shalt fore'er be...
Ye nightshade o' thy sorrow, stretching out for it's romantic rose in twilights beauty.
In love with ye thousands o' nights...
but weeping in silence... in ebony... for melancholy... forever!

Jesus Christ walks the Earth...
A pitiful shade of God.
A cruel conspiracy for the sake of slavery,
and He drags 'em down to the plague of humanity.

I've killed my holiness...
killed my emptiness!
I'm fallen from God...
fallen from guilt!

I've abandoned the light, the light that blinded so long!
Free from submission, but still under His spell.
We're in pain... pain... pain!
Sorrow turns to anguish...
and I scream with hate at the tyrant above!

Hosanna de Profundis!
Dethrone the tyrant...
Take his throne, take the throne!

Gothic moon... ablazeth the eventide so sonorous,
ye solemn of a lovelorn gard'n o' crimson souls.
All true beauty is sad...
but lost within the clenched hands of God.

I mourn that the night passes us by...
Let there be an eternal night... eternal night!
I mourn that the night passes us by!
Let there be an eternal night... eternal night!

...I shall call upon the dragon...!

8. Cauda Draconis

In Pandemonium the rebellious counsel aligned.
As the great dragon arrives from beyond the magical abyss,
the eleven-pointed star rises for the sake...
Samael spreads his wings with enchantment.
In front Lucifer stands... with burning passion and a stare in his sad, tortured eyes...
As a gracefallen glare, uncertain of what lies ahead he turns to the daughter of Lilith.

For the sake of Apep - for the death of Ra...
For the glory of thine future - for the death of God.
Thou art the leader as night our saviour...
On the edge of Heav'n His false love shall die!

I want to look down when He's screaming,
when the dark night opens to Kliffoth.
Lilith sings with chanting echoes...
I now enter to awake the red beast.

The signs are calling to us all...
Soon it's time to fight the battle!

Tail now winding... Cauda Draconis!

O fallen friends, we raise an eternal night.
We shall never worship His humans...
The dragon has lifted our minds... (from the start)
Our soul has burn'd by dragonfire,
purified from all holy matters.
The flames are infernal...

...and Naamah shall guide us!

Cauda Draconis!

My fire shall burn to light thy way,
Fallen stars, soon you'll storm the heav'ns,
and the grace o' Lilith weakens the seed of Adam
for the sake of Thee, Seraphim Rebellious!

Oh, demon might... Oh, dragon soul.
Moons once lost I see in darkness supreme.

Oh, nocturnal queen, your evil eye's I have seen.
I've awakened thee... in Lilith... Cauda Draconis!

And myriads of angels... dragons and demons alike
flew like a dream out from the lovelorn darklands...
and with flaming swords they raged towards the vaults of Heaven.
The second rebellion of Lucifer has begun...

Oh... listen to the music in the wind!
'Tis time... 'tis time!

9. The Armies Of Lucifer

10. Storming Heaven

In glory and pride we rage and the dragon blisters...
May endless tears of pain stain His beloved throne.
We'll now dethroneth The Prophet and descend'th
upon The Lamb and the reign of the holy tyrant!

A darkness sweeps over the mighty skies
and armies of wrath storms the holy gates.
Flaming swords and spears raised in allegiance,
as war glimmers in all corners of heaven.

Raise thine swords, draconian hordes!
This is the quest of eternal might...
The war has begun, we are the lords...
Let's now conquer the holy and the bright!

Holy blood is raining from the infinite skies,
and as the gate shatters Astaroth shouts in fury...

Now, break the chain!

They gather around Gods temple.
One could feel His false glory was fading,
and Heavens winds sounds despairing screams.
Lucifer and Astaroth enters the opening...
and there on the throne He sits...

Finally we hath come to end thy reign...
Millenniums o' torture ends... it ends with thine light!

They rage towards the highest with burning eyes...
thunder and lightning roars the Heav'ns... so black.
Valiant the dark angel strikes in all his fury,
and glory as God forever clos'd His eyes.

Raise thine Swords, draconian hordes!
This is the quest of eternal might...
Our future's begun, we are the lords...
We have conquered the holy and the bright!

11. Epilogue: A New Paradise

God has fallen!
The grace of Heav'n shows her true face
and night fills up the lost empire of dreams.
The dark angels embrace their new paradise...
The everlasting night...
Their kingdom forever!

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