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1. Twist Of Fate

Stuck your foot in the door, should've slammed it in your face
Twist of fate, you brought me disgrace you fucking snake
Crossed the line, no remorse for spoiling what was mine
Now I pay the price, punished for your crimes

Its true it's been a year or two
But I'm still struggling to see your point of view

Lessons learned, bridges burned, can't find my way home
Heavy heart, heavy thoughts as I roam alone
Did I deserve all I got? Did I bring it down on my head?
Don't want to know the truth, won't find out until I'm dead
I played my part, and I'll never forget
I pushed you away, into the arms of regret
But you made the call without a second thought
Now I hope you're happy, with what you got

I hope you're happy with what you got
I just hope you're happy while you're waiting to fucking rot

Waiting to rot along with your name
Carved into flesh, lost in the flames
This is my cross to bend and break.

2. Don't Need A Reason

Don't need a reason to feel like I do
Don't need a reason, but I've still got a few
Don't need a reason, don't need advice
From trash in the gutter on the road to paradise

I carry grudges that are older than time
The burden breaks my back, leaves me blind and paralyzed
Forgiveness is a virtue and pride is a sin
But neither one has saved me from the mess I'm in

Corrupted institutions
With violent solutions
Revel in agony and moral decline
War without terms
Food for the worms
Things are just fine

I owe a debt that I can never repay
A sacred allegiance I can never betray
I've stumbled and I've fallen but I will not stray
Don't need a reason to scream for a change

Hand over fist
Blissful ignorance
When the train runs off the tracks
How else should I react?

I'm not a victim but I'm not a crook
Don't give me a reason or a second look.

3. Mercy On Judgment

Into the unknown
By myself but not alone
Caught up with ghosts I'm chasing
Running out of time I'm wasting
This dog will have his day

Peace of mind you left behind
You'll never get it like that, turn back
Retribution, persecution
You'll never get it like that

A safe bet's no bet at all
You're not on top if you're scared to fall
Breathe deep, take a leap with me
See what I see

Holding out for what can never be
A casualty of the worldwide misery
Peel back the skin to bone
Release the fear that you've never shown

Mercy on judgment
When the hour strikes
Mercy on judgment
At the time of sacrifice

Eating the bread of sorrow, drinking the wine of greed
I've forsaken tomorrow just to watch the guilty as they bleed.

4. Next Life

Tried killing the pain, but the pain killed you
You played god so god played you
So much that you'd been through
So much I could but didn't do

Hard days or the easy way out
Made your choice without a doubt
Found faith at the end of a rope
Too late for me to help you cope
It's still a hard pill to swallow
I can't lead, but I won't follow
Locked in with the rank and file
Don't need an inch, don't want a mile

Reaching out, I let you down
Couldn't get a grip, you hit the ground
It's darkest before the dawn
But you couldn't see the light, and now you're gone

Got lost in your head, it's on the headstone in black and white
I guess I'll see you in the next life

You had it rough, such bad luck
You were tough but not tough enough
Tired of scheming, tired of believing
It ain't fair but fair's just a feeling
Fools die but the wise die too
You died young, what does that make you?
A raw deal, you played your hand
I'll carry on, for you I can.

5. Bloodline

Saw the path laid out for you
Turned away from what they wanted you to do
Cast out, still hurting
Some lessons aren't worth learning
Never bought it, never believed
They laughed, called you naïve
You clenched your jaw, you clenched your fists
No choice but to resist

You define, you define the bloodline
Born out of the scorn of mankind
We define, we define the bloodline
They don't matter, pay don't mind

For years you hid your face
Too low to fall from grace
Clinging to a scrap of faith
Hoping someone out there relates
You've seen the weakness devour
You've watched them leech our power
Eaters of consciousness
Shut them down, show them we resist

When to stop, when to keep trying
When to talk, when to keep silent
When to laugh it off when you're not smiling
Common sense
You're one of a kind, no denying
If they say you're not, they're lying
Still standing back to back
Steadfast, built to outlast

Don't need an end to justify the means
This is where I'll be through ups and downs and in-betweens
I swear this oath 'til I'm resting in the earth
The bloodline, we define, the last shall be the first.

6. Benefit Of The Doubt

In the eyes of the pure I see the other side
Refused to hide my pride, I laid it on the line
Now I'm faced with what I couldn't embrace
Too little too late, nothing but a sour taste

I said my prayers to god, so he answered me
Gave me what I wanted, not what I needed
Turned away from the light, every day's darker
With each line I write, the heart grows harder

So what do I do
With the promises I made
So what do I do
Do I shine or do I fade?
So what do I do
In my ways I'm set
Wait and see what I do
I'm not finished yet

Trust in no one and no one will trust in you
Failed the test
Tried, not fucking true
Locked up in four chambers till the blood runs out
Bound and gagged with your foot in your mouth

Smoke it down to the filter
Like a slap in the face
It's been a long time coming
Gone without a trace

I know the night is young
But I feel so old
Cold air fills my lungs
I'm almost home

So what do I do
With the promises I made
So what do I do
Do I shine or do I fade?
So what do I do
In my ways I'm set
Wait and see what I do
I'm not finished yet

Benefit of the doubt, you sold me out
Enemy of my enemy, sight unseen
No use coming clean

Unsuspected, standing corrected
Disbelief suspended.

7. Lion's Share

The lion's share goes to the vermin once again
You didn't lift a finger and still you call me "friend"
Now I'm getting my way
Even if you get in my way
Cross your heart and pray
The dawn breaks for me alone today.

8. The Verdict

The jury's still out on you
Time to face the music
Shouldn't be much longer now
The whispering, I know you heard it
Say I make you miserable, that's a two-way street
If you want to make this a pissing contest, you know I've got you beat

A rusty key in a broken lock
You shouldn't act so shocked
Call me a goddamn son of a bitch
Told you to think about it, baby

Taking stairs two at a time
Taking steps without reason, without rhyme
Follow my heart's twisted paths
Bleeding fast, how long will I last?

Slice me open, stitch me up
Pour salt deep in the cut
Flatlined, you gave up
Dead on arrival, open and shut

Second chance, third and fourth
This is my last resort
I trusted, you're busted
Seized by the hand of justice
I trusted, you're busted
Case closed.

9. Crying Shame

Forget everything you see
Everything you heard about me
I've been way below down
I've been way beyond out
The voices that you hear
Like poison in your ear
They're calling out your name
Choosing how you play the game

It's a crying shame
You believe the things they say
It doesn't matter anyway
Because you're just the same

Forget everything you know
Everything that you've been told
You were born to swallow lies
You live to sever ties
No more pretending to care
I've done that, I've been there
Look out for number one
Get it through your head, I'm done

When the truth comes crashing, excuses run thin
The proof is the passion burning within
Devil may care, but he won't win
Think that you do, but you have no clue what's happening

When they pull your card, you'll know that you were wrong all along.

10. Beyond Recognition

Feel free to lay the blame on me, I can take the weight
Don't apologize, never compromise, you are what you create
Victim of consequence, too late to turn it around
Prisoner of your own devices, heavy lies the crown

They say fortune favors the brave
There's more at stake than your soul to save
Final confession, an act of despair
The punishment is more than you can bear

It's a force of habit, you gotta have it, or so I'm told
I couldn't sit back and watch if my life was spiraling out of control

Go ahead, follow where you're led, that's fine by me
Walk tall through the halls of perdition, misery loves company
King of everything you see with your eyes sewn shut
No redemption for the heathen heart, shit out of luck no matter what

Fortune favors the brave
There's more at stake than your soul to save

Sit back, let it fall away
Turn the page, throw it all away
Thus always to the wicked
Soul sick beyond recognition.

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