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1. Hierarchic Democracy

The sleeping hard worker listen to the television
propaganda. Each whispered word get into your

Foreign propaganda about the city of Hierarchic Democracy:

Hierarchic Democracy

"Our biggest party is the social readjustment a parade in February
where the poor and the rich fraternize. In this city sex is free because
water and food are contraceptives your dreams in the ideal city".

The truth about the social readjustment:

"Hard workers and bosses face one another down there
naked hands rum with stones up there in the lofts
hands shoot to kill the tourists
love the rhythm of these solidary people". (like said the propaganda)

"the readjustment works to eliminate the excess of old workers and
the unwanted as a whole".

Hierarchic democracy

16 daily hours killowatts salary hour they live in drain traps and are called the undergrounds.
In the lofts of buildings the owners of the machines practice the military religion and they are the uppermost.
Drain traps of the families terminated by the readjustment are delivered to a new family with lower salaries to be terminated tomorrow as well
Government reasons: "Social readjustment your retirement still incentivates the tourism in the city".

The female hard workers are fertilized by the test tube method when
the state wishes new workers use the official semen of the prized
toady hard workers and a conceptive drug.

Hierarchic democracy

2. Fighting In Gangs

Hundreds of gangs ravage the streets at night.

The existence of these groups is illegal but the law rests when the sun sets.
Gangs of religious militarists
(the state police, a sect with political education and/or policemen the religious education)
who terminate beggars and bums to protect their moral behavior,
by day, like excellent fathers and policemen.

The gang of the Clandestine is formed by hardworker's children.
Kept from governmental vigilance ever since delivery,
performed by Clandestine doctors,
away from schools that only teach hardworkers to be hardworker's children.
The Clandestine are one of the religious favorite gangs to be arrested and tortured.
The Green Shirts youngsters, who follow reactionary rues,
are a serviceable arm of the religious military movement.

There are some semi-pacific groups like the Drug
Freaks depending on the reaction and the quantity of the drug.

The girls who belong to these gangs are more courageous than most of the others,
from their very early years, they have been taught not to be libertine,
this being related to the fact that they don't get pregnant.
With more courage they face the possibility of being arrested in philthy penitentiaries.
Till the moment they are sent to S.R.S. (Social Readjustment Square).

The prejudice among the groups is not just a fact in the gangs.
The Undergrounds themselves discriminate a lower class, the Homeless.
The Uppermost take advantage of this disagreement.

Fighting in Gangs

Some youngsters get together in forbidden gangs others
try to be accepted practicing the most popular sport:
The railroad surfing. The first are chased to work
until death what's left for the late ones is to
live and die by the rules.

In each shadow a gang each one has an objective.

Each one look like one another despite all that.
No one understands.
They're all lost.

"We're the gang of the numberless ever since we were born we never had documents.
It's hard to talk about a city that doesn't belong to us.
We listen to heavy sound. we love our girls. We simply live.
This bothers much. Our parents pray for our exile in counter system".

[Clandestine's dad:]
"Counter system is a city separated from ours by a
castrating wall they say that there are no leaders no orders".

[Clandestine or numberless:]
"What can a youngster want? Fighting in gangs!"

The clandestine idolize the indians a free legendary race people doubt they have existed.
The numberless believes it's possible fighting in gangs is what's left.

It's in the sky it's the warning from the police come
on let's play the stalker and the prey again.

3. Misery Spreads

Clandestine farm hands raise small kitchen gardens in
the country side of the Drain Traps, there's a black
market of natural food without contraceptive drugs.
The food is used as an unofficial currency.
Many Undergrounds pay dues of a notebook of the
revolutionary war destined to get funds for a
revolution in Hierarchic Democracy, that shall permit
the carries the right of taking part in the future
revolutionary government of collision.
Other Undergrounds believe that these notebooks are nothing
but a governmental trick to choose the food used as
currency, regarding that the hard workers earn in
kilowatt salary hour.

Some Clandestine are even born due, to the eating of purified food and water.
This being done by female Hardworkers.
The government is aware of this and in order to take hold of the situation tries to
extinguish this food with the spraying of Agro-drugs
in the Undergrounds suburbs.

To tell the truth, they complain but they pay their monthly dues.
Light methods are more worth than a thousand clubs.

Misery Spreads

The election day is drawing near the promises as well,
there are two candidates the now president and the opposition the
military religious ones have given a relief the gangs during
these weeks prior to the elections but posters cover bathrooms whore
houses and loudspeakers in the streets transmit the speech of opposition:

"Stand for the new. Amnest to all gangs, new age of
progress needs a leader, I'm elected for the first time to be the
father of you all".

Misery spreads in the working class suburbs
intelligent Load carries are not interesting to state
to the hard workers the tools sex as much as they want
is enough and they watch the railroad surfin' games
(so that they feel a little human).

One of the clandestine speaks aloud to stray the attention of the others:
"Many stay in silence uncertainty rounds their thoughts
maturity is a kind of obedience what do the years keep for you?"

"For us a new life in counter system we need to be more united than even before".
Everybody holds ones another but one of them called IAN listens more than speaks
"Go to next door".

IAN doesn't have much of a conscience of what's happening he's
never chosen anything in his life his parents decided he'd be
clandestine the state decided he'd be chased his
friends decided he'd be one more time decided he wouldn't have more time

4. Not To Leave The Power

Rumors about delaying the election, a synonym of
calling if off.
They want to break into the
Drain-traps to arrest the drug dealers.
Probably to inspect the Undergrounds with a good excuse.
Rumors are fast and efficient.

Not to Leave the Power

They broadcast an electional propaganda during the
hardworkers sleep.
They were taught to sleep with
their TV sets turned on that get
off the air when work begins.

Hardworkers keep indifferent even under a threat of
not voting many clandestines disappeared from
meetings, they surrendered expecting
a reward (or forgiveness for such a great attitude).

"I must forget about my grand mom sleeping in
front of TV set my girlfriend left me, my parents are
growing older, this God that never comes.

My world was the room, now my answers are behind the wall.
My world was the room, that's what they told me".

[IAN's mom watches the electional propaganda and says:]
"These eyes don't lie. The face and the eyes changed but this
opposition candidate was our president 20 years ago, the same folks of yesterday".

"All possible efforts not to leave the power".

5. Only One Of Them (Must Be Left)

brief letter from a quitter says an adult doesn't have to act like a child.
He just wants to be fit,
have a job, a fragrant woman, a Drain-trap, a personality,
a wardrobe, a hair cut.
Being mediocre is a human condition that tells us apart from the other animals.

Only One of Them Must Be Left

They have chosen the same time for the final game of railroad surfin'
to runaway they have walked to a far point.

High tension cables pass over the players eleven fighters on each
train's roofs bodies electrocuted one after the other
only one of them must be left.

In the wall the fans were mixed with the themes of the
teams with the bursting of fireworks the sound of
thousand of radios, fighters heat up in the orgy of flags.

Every possible care is little but the drunk guards are much more worried with the result.
The TV broadcasts the prorrogation. now there's only one left on each train.
The two hordes scream: "We're the champs".

Clandestines: "Our indian flag is an ideal of faith and victory".

The dwellers of counter system led the newcomers to a center of
conscience where they must adapt to the new culture
debt is a strange word to a free zone but they're too happy to thing about it.

Free at last free in counter system free in dream land.

6. Gathered Prisoners

The social workers of center of conscience wake up the
guests with a good morning and a smile in their lips.
The TV in the living room shows how counter system has
progress and freedom.
The Clandestines weren't used to
be so well treated and were in eternal excitement.

Gathered Prisoners

They just couldn't get away from town happy winds of
hope brought forth a social worker warns that tomorrow
morning a train will come
to pick them up and stabilish their new homes.

There used to be blocks separated from the dormitories of the clandestine.

They used to be junkyard but there used to be a
strange movement around.

IAN went there by dawn to his surprise they were many
they were many, many gathered prisoners.

7. Childish Boots And Steps

Childish Boots and Steps

"We're political prisoners treat us with flowers would
be setting up one's own burial so they sent their
children disguised as soldiers in army suits".

Childish boots and steps

[IAN:] "They were only 18 and scared just like us".

[Other prisoner:]
"Our leaders are in cells under maximum control to
move to a center of conscience where it would be
easier to escape

Childish boots and steps

They urge many to die daily by fellows to force the
government to move them.
Anyone can die, anyone can kill, for the government
conspirators are worse than killers.
Dead we shall be someless to be fed by their fees.

A good outlaw is a dead outlaw".

IAN came back and told everything to the gang they said
conspirators always lie the gang conspiring in their
only city only
IAN could see they were biting their own tails the
circle was closed

8. The Ones Left Scream

In the morning a train came to pick up the clandestine
to the city erase a past to believe in dreams.
IAN distrusting and
the pals celebrating everybody's come to realize so it
was easy to run away

The wall's been returning

The two sides have always been the same piece they
were returning
maybe to the readjustment they broke into the door IAN
and his pals climb the train until the roof.

The law always triumphs.

Staring eyes on the horizon useless to ask IAN the
cables come flying inside cars the ones left scream
desperatly IAN lying cries
freedom comes dignified.

The train crosses the boarder IAN drops off and
disappears it's dawn
and both follow their destiny.

"I've always imagined the sunrise as an omen on
the end of the world before this statement.
I'm only a child in torment they can
call me a man, I already have a raped soul how much
weight do I still have to carry for the mankind?"
Go to next door.

9. History Starts (To Take A Route)

But the wall wasn't there. It never been there.
It was a moral concept, just like a mirage.

The posters warn that the readjustment began last night.
Next to the parade place, hundreds of hard
workers dance on a viaduct.
The loudspeakers play
readjustment songs to exalt the spirit of the fighters.
The dance blocks up the traffic.
The trucks that try to get through are plundered.
Police come beating them up.

Fireworks burst uninterruptedly.
Powder rises among thee sweat of the crowd.
All the air screams the claim of war and licentiousness.
A band goes leading the way, a fat travesty with razor
scars passes in an open car.
Two snakes around his neck, the head of one of them being swallowed.
The drunk people follow in procession like everything else
were useless living like the last of their days.

IAN starts running in the battle square.
The guards laugh at the show almost over.
What's left is the smell of blood and urine.

How to recognize someone among ruined flesh?

The tourists dance excited exorcising for love later,
and take a chance to shoot the dying and see how they
have fun, drink and admire from near the bloody skulls.
Mothers with sleeping children in the laps
talk about what to do tomorrow.
Children running on the remains, the posters sweep the splinters.
The firemen wet the corpses.
The urban trash company takes the remains away.

Bodies are gathered, at last they understand one another united in eternity.
All the gangs, enemies, lovers, parents, children, abortions.
Now they're all dead, from now to five minutes they'll be out of date.

History Starts to Take a Route

IAN locks himself in his room and just waits, nobody in his home.
Two other people walk to IAN's house.
They're two drop outs.
They had given up surrendering.
They hope that IAN would come to take them.
They break into the door, floor is all vomited IAN's body's in
fetal position, the two still tried to cheer him up but they ran away
scared leaving IAN and a dream behind.

Fireworks explode in the air party is over another one's just begun
people celebrate victory of the opposition's candidate
salute to hierarchic democracy.
Nothing looks more like an old rule than a new rule.

History starts to take a route.

Everything can happen again another way another time mankind
lives in circles that never meet.

"I'm me I'm one I'm everybody I'm what I've always been
things are changing all around me there's a reality
inside me and I'm on it the light no longer transmits me anguish I know the dreams
will leave beyond us. A new beginning of life where I ended up".

Hours later the state doctors came to exhume the body they found
sings of death by suicide and an unknown name in death certificate.
People start talking about a martyr thinking about whatever hope
they might have.

History starts to take a route.

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