Dark Lyrics


1. I'm Just The Blacksmith Of Dreams


2. Glass Bones & Paper Skin

Give me wings like the birds that rule the sky. Give me hope so I can leave this emptiness behind. I've been lost, I want to be found so angels save my soul, from this pain and let my life not be in vain. I've tried to find a place where I belong but I've had no luck, so
now I want to be gone. There's a place I wish to go and things I wish to see, but being here on earth isn't where I want to be. I need a new life, somewhere far away with you I want to be up there, in the sky, so please God, give me a sign, make the angels come down, and
pick me up, I need to be with you, I need to see the stars from above.

3. Sounds Like These Don't Grow On Trees

Leave me in despair with all my dreams, withering. Tie me to the air so I float away, shivering. So please, help me as I find my way. I need a place to rest my feet I've been wandering for days. Nights so cold, left alone never knowing, where to go. Nights so dark, I
need a spark to light the road, to lead the way. I need you more than ever right now. Please, don't let me down. I put my faith in you and yet here I am, lost and alone. There's nowhere else to go, I'm here for good. Lost, alone, forgotten. There's nowhere else to go.
Free my soul, so I can finally escape this place.

4. Knock, Knock, Tsunami!

Waking up gets harder every day, the face that I see, is not who I want to be. It's hard to find comfort in things that I regret, because there's things in my life, that I wish I could forget. So now I find myself retracing my steps. This journey I have taken has taught
me many things, you have to have faith in all that you do, and I know he's watching over you. You are never alone. This is when the battle begins, this is when we prove our faith. When all is lost, and there's nothing left do you stand tall? Give it all you got, reach
down in your heart and put in everything you've got, there's no time to leave anything behind, this is your final calling. This is your life, live as you wish, and leave nothing behind.

5. We All See Stars

There have been times, when I feel this life, is not worth my time. When every breath that I take, will just collapse my insides. But I've come to realize, that there is someone who will never let us down

6. Don't Trip, I Know A Place Where We Can Go

Fly with me, on my wings, hold on tight, while we soar these seas. Search in your soul and find what you've been looking for. Search in your soul and find your true potential. We are meant to be, so much more, than skin and bones. We are meant to be, so much more. We are
meant to be saviors. No matter how hard you try, you will never blind me. I see my future and I go to it. We all have our own purpose and mine is to save. We all have our own purpose and mine is to save, and mine is to save you. Throw at me what you may, I will never
back down. Explore the unseen and all that's been lost along the way. Tonight we rediscover what we buried long ago.

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