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1. Varusschlacht (Varus Battle)

Xeru Sword of the Brave
Skos Shield of the Wise and Faithful
The Eye of Wotan casts its glance
Over wooded battlefields

Rin the Everflowing Blood
Guardian of the Sacred Land
Whala Spears shall fall
Donar is guiding us all!

Let the soil of Wotan's land
Soak the blood of Mars' and his legions
By Tiwaz's spear the empire ends here
We drew the line,
The empire ends at the Rhein
In Varus Battle

Armin leader of folks
Bringer of Unity and Faith
Lead us all to Triumph
By Wotan shall Germania remain Free!

Sodden paths our battlefield
Sudden ambush and assault
Roman blood paints the altars
Sacrifice and Victory!

[Solo: Sacred Heart]

2. Eternal Battle

I never thought
The legends were true
Now the golden hall open its gates
To its dying son

As one battle fades
Another one soars
I take my place, At Odin's side

Blood runs fresh and fast
Through my veins
I am now ready to fight

I can see the battle in the sky
Eternal battle way up high

Clad in a white wolf skin
Newly tempered blade at hand
My forefathers welcome their son
All father, here I am.

Should I be granted a wish
One last warrior's prayer
Then let my blade never null
And let me fight... for eternity...

[Solo: Sacred Heart]
[Solo: Deathmaster]
[Solo: Sacred Heart]

3. Wrath Of The Gods

Blood, scars and wounds
I shape my own fate
False truth forgers
My life is my deeds
Wrath of the Gods
Or Envy of Man
Evil and Treachery
Shall never defeat me

Before the Gods
I swear to never
Give up the fight
Wrath of the Gods!

Fire of Anger
Of Trust betrayed
Spirit of Ice
Stillness of Soul
Wrath-Tempered Heart
Trial by Solitude
The Strong did survive
The Blade is unsheathed

Scarred and wounded
I rise once again
I am undefeatable, Unbreakable
Ostracised, exiled
Yet unvanquished
I am impassible

[Solo: Deathmaster]
[Solo: Sacred Heart]

4. Soldier Of Fortune

Again the soldiers march
March under the moon
We know no better destiny

The Sound of clanging steel,
Is our life
Camp-fires our home.

We pray no gods of war
No cross no rune
Shall ever shine upon our way

Our sword rule our fate
Our shield our spear
Our courage, our fear.

Soldiers march to war
Soldier of Fortune rides
Your reward is to live another day
Soldiers of Fortune ride
Heart with no cause
Eyes with no pride
Let kings decide whether you live or die.

We live a life of war
Of death and wounds
No one waiting for our return

Memories are now mixed
With fantasies
And now all are regrets.

Great emperors that marched
To countless wars
Shall cast their name in history

Our blood still on the field,
Our name unknown
We die alone.

[Solo: Sacred Heart]

5. Battle At The End Of Time

For all the lives
Taken by the sword
And the blood washed from its blade
For all the allies
Who fell side by side
Their pyres with sky reaching flames

With spear sword sand shield,
Armour of Steel
We're Liege soldiers at Fate's command

Man monsters and myth
Meet their end
The twilight of idols descends

This is the final day,
Hear the final battle horn
No victorious chants,
This battle shall inspire no rhyme,
The Battle at the end of Time.

For all the times
We defended or Name
For a future that is never to come

And the steps
On a path which appears as we march
And vanishes behind our backs.

[Solo: Deathmaster]
[Solo: Sacred Heart]

6. The Fulminant

...On a Chariot of Fire he left,
With a Crown of Flames he returns,
His Armour in Black, Blood and Gold,
A Hellish, Earthly Celestial god.

He was The Fulminant
Lightning in his Fingers
The Fulminant, The Furious
Beyond His Eyes Lives the Bolt Domain

All widows and warriors
Screaming by his tongue
The Battle Ecstasy and Tragedies
Two sparks in His 3 Eyes

I am The Fulminant
Lightning in my Fingers
The Fulminant, The Nameless

Beyond my Eyes
The Bolt Domain

[Solo: Deathmaster]

He looked through the River of Death and Time

Survived A Pure Warrior's Code
In the memory of a child
Hidden a trail... Still Untold

All power surrounds Him
For the Day of Reckoning,
Give Him The Sword and Belief
To Clear all the Standing.

For He's The Fulminant,
Shapeless Animal of the Dawn
The Fulminant,
Merciful face of Death
His is the Eye of the Scorcher!

[Solo: Deathmaster]

7. Song Of The Black Sword

Against the horizon stands
The dark commander's shape
Detachedly he beholds
The army swarming on the low plateau

The shrieking note of his sword
Vibrates through dimensions and time
Impending the implacable fate
The blade rises, the end begins.

At his final sign - War shall be
Command of Death
Watch the blade rise - to the sky
The Sword of Doom!

Unbeknownst to them,
Soldiers are ordered to die
The wind reaps lives on the field
As the dark blade defies the sun

The world to and end
The blade slowly gets lowered
When you're Fate's Eyes and Voice,
The bearing the Sword in not a choice.

At his final sign - War has been
Command of Death
The blade now forced into the ground
The Sword Of Doom!

[Solo: Sacred Heart]

8. The Time Has Come...

[Written and performed by Sacred Heart]

9. Warlife

Oh imposing forests
Of trees I've never seen
You make the way to my fate
So hard to walk

Of foreign rain
Stinging my face
How unwelcome I feel
Sinking in merciless mud
As if you knew
Of forests and rain
That we do not own this land
We do not own this land

Of foreign land
I came here to die
Or claim you as mine.

Of foreign seas
With skyward waves
Hail, wind and storm
My life
Is marching to my own death.

As if you knew,
Oh sky, earth and seas
That we do not own this land...
I came here to die
Or claim you as mine!

[Solo: Sacred Heart]

Deathmaster: vocals and choirs
Sacred Heart: lead & rhythm guitars
Wrathlord: drums
Geilt: bass guitar
Music and arrangements by Doomsword, except "Soldier of Fortune" and "Song of the Black Sword" by Doomsword and The Forger.

Lyrics by Deathmaster except for "The Fulminant" by Geilt

Thanks to the_hammer80 for sending these lyrics.

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