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1. Sacred Metal

I'm coming on the wind
to tell the story on two men
in the hands of a foreign king
they have been forced to sing

Listen to the wind it tells the story
of these men who fought
chosen by the fate to bring
the signs of their king high
searching for new places to fight
in the name of glory
they've been waiting for a long time
to wield their swords of doom
the gods have chosen them
to show the greatness of their faith
tied tortured and beaten
chosen to be proved or killed
but even in those days
they're not afraid to die because of

2. Warbringers

Blasphemous chants against the gods
threw us in the abyss of a curse
1000 thousand days of war and scorn
will make us repent to be born
no hope to flee from this jail
but we can't die we shall not fail
Our fate is written swords and shield
born to die on the battlefield

the curse has been cast
no place to hide or flee
we were named WarBringers.

Now I remember ungraceful days
taken as prisoners by the enemies
Under the fortress walls we will march
Our banners high again!
"...then we took refuge in the woods
with strange visions in our minds
a great plan covered by enemies' heads
until that moment I can't be dead."

3. Helms Deep

Goblinoid forces attack the fortress
aiming the tower with their evil missiles
Isengard banners and signs now shine
night is growing old on Helm's deep

Guthwine the blade of the mighty Eomer
Anduril the blade once broken now strong
King Theoden awaits for a last ride on his horse
Imminent dawn carries hope on Helm's deep
Will the horn resound?
Hear tremendous drums pound!

The battle at Helm's deep

Uruk-hai orks don't know their fate
Gandalf now returns on his gray horse
White rider brings with him the hope
The battle is raging in Helm's deep

Erkenbrand is coming with his red shield
Isengard's army now trembles in fear
From hills resound the horns of doom
A wood never seen
On the tresholds of Helm's deep

Resound the horn!

4. One Eyed God

[T:] The lost eye for wisdom reads the runes
on which our fiery people writes his doom
[O:] Devotion proudly sails in the lake of blood
Drunk by the ground of the young and the old
[T:] Your allseeing eye is hight for men and gods
For whom wait the age of dark Ragnarok
[O:] But so many enemies will taste the hammer
Of the viking hearts fiery banner

In battle my fate I'll show
it's a rite long time known
For I am your son
the wind brings my song
and you are of ravens the Lord
One Eyed God Ravenlord

Death, mist and cold plague the Niflhel
Naglfar the ship, made of nails of the dead
Sails silent and relentless, straight to that hell
There who didn't die in battle suffering will dwell
But to Asgard and Valhalla our fate is led
Because out immotrality won't serve its queen Hel
But in the higher Asgard we will kindly stand
and with strength and glory

5. Return To Imrryr

Yrkoon the traitor sits on the throne
Elric is back now
to show how much his hate has grown
His thirst for vegeance
now brings no name his cousin must ruin
covered by shame

Elric the White Wolf and his black sword
this diabolic couple has no rivals on th world
Stormbringer is called his infernal blade
powers unknown in hellish flames made

Dragon with the black sword!Elric!

His powerful ships to Imrryr now sail
(with) the lords of the sea
he's sure he will prevail
From his voyage returns
the bearer of the Sword
protected by Arioch and his infernal horde

"Cymoril beloved, I'll set you free
Yrkoon must die no dawns he will see"
The dragon's empire a 10000 years reign
Collapses like the towers stones fall like rain!

6. Nadsokor

7. Swords Of Doom

We're the ones
we're the ones
the chosen to wield the swords of doom
we've got to fight to free from the curse
that made us the bringers
of scorn and war

"In countless battles I'll have to fight
'till my sacred blade will shine bright
this holy sword will guide my heart
and only death can do us apart"

"Fight, my warrior,fight
Show the gods your might"

Swords of Doom

8. On The March

A procession of soldiers march
through the woods
vegeance is waiting to become true
the enemy's castle is there on the hill
a monument to our victory
through time will stand still
on the march!

Death is awaiting
our final day is come
praying the gods we are ready to die
make them hear our loud battle cry

battle is raging dead bodies everywhere
boiling oil and arrows
tear down the castle walls
five days under siege before our triumph
now another battle awaits
another march for life

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