Dark Lyrics


1. K.O.B.A.

Don't speak - just read my lips
It's coming, I can feel it... yes...
My thoughts are far away
drifting insanity
Let the ritual begin, we call the
People of labour - unite
Let the revolution begin
I command you in the name of Red October
Spread the blood of the bourgeoisie

The five-armed star clouds my mind
I'm beating a march rhythm

Just strict orders
'Za rodzinu'

I'm drawling words in an unknown language
Oh, there he comes!

A little Georgian
Soso, Koba, Josef

I see blood everywhere he goes
'The Man of Steel' - 'The Iron Man'
The yellow-eyed servant first
The master of servants then

Sanctified be thy revolution
With halter and knife
Resolving matters by force
is the only way

No retreat no surrender
Body by body
'We're learning' you say
but your goals fade away

Heads fall down from scaffolds
gorged with human vitae

That is the way

Based on the old fashioned mankind compost
Night & Day
become an execution

We will burn all books
and our love on the funeral pyre
which stinks like depravity
whatever party desire

I'm the holy sword
I'm cutting Hydra's heads of capitalism
Feed me!
I can't breathe!

Our legion needs human souls as many as possible

The vision's over
I can see no more

2. A Merry-Go-Round

Dance, milady, in the mist
A rotting glow will follow thee
Even kings will bow to your knees

For you and because of you
I'm asking sages
Who or what do we think you are?!
Captured sadness
An artificial lily
A frozen lake
Unleashed fury flogging fettered horses

A kaleidoscope
A merry-go-round
You are a cog wheel
Winding up the clock of life

A hidden tattoo
A merry-go-round
A borderline
You're a part of it

Let my arms be thy cross
Spread on both the North and South poles
Watching fire in the sun
Yes, I can truly see you now

I await the inevitable knock on the door
For the time will come someday

Just when I discover what life is at last
But I know that this time will help me to fulfil my oath
Which was branded in us
On our birthday

Oh, death - what are you?
Where can I find your trace?

Is it in the grey hair of my grandmother
Or in my brother's fading eyes

Or in the depths of a human soul

You're the justice of the world
Baudelaire's fantasies
Goya's visions of war
Dance Macabre

Through the tunnel of light I crawl
And then into the Styx I fall
Charon takes my last obol
Est-ce que tou sa n'est qu'un fruit de mon imagination?

Pulsing light
In the blink of an eye
Like a united song
Everyone is equal
And it ends
"Not with a bang but a whimper"

3. Phantasm

It can't be my shadow,
Although I'm standing alone.
I feel as if...
an imaginary monster has nested deep inside my innerself.
And, I fear, it has became an integral part of my soul.

I walk by your side
I'm losing my mind
I don't know where I come from

On that fatal day
I've chosen my way
Right... Wrong... I don't know

My demons remain
They mess in my brain
And tell me what to do

I'm cutting my veins
I hope it's the end
But someone keeps rescuing me

Anxiety of the day...
every morning...
makes me weak and vulnerable,
susceptible to pain imprisoned in my mind.
The beast feeds on my suffering.

How to live with myself
When all I see is phantasmagoria
Time destroys everything
To live to die - seems to be an endless lie

We are vagabonds
always on the road
We are vagabonds
Me & my private beast...

We are inseparable now... like twins... like Siamese brothers...
like a host and his parasite on their fatal journey to oblivion.

And we meet people... many people...
Their soulless bodies are nothing
but parts of the huge machine
creating the system...

4. The Howling

Take a breath
Touch the frozen mouth of the undead

Discover the morbid mystery of ancient daemons
At last, it becomes a reality

I've found in myself
death lives in everyone
show me the way
The lost world will be yours

Demon Tailor from Chalons
Will show you the path
Feed the eye of the storm
my darkest friend

Let shadows wake my nightmares
So they can haunt me in the moonlight
Let the dusk ease my pain
For I shall not sleep again

I don't know anything
I've killed my soul to flee from myself
that's the only way
Beware and try to hide against me

Wolves are impatient tonight
Their howling echoes in my stomach
Stimulating my transformation
So let the world fall

Night's falling
I'm starving
I'm searching the nearby forests now

My senses are getting sharper

The full moon initiates my metamorphosis

I don't know anything
I lost myself but I have you
My gift is for the chosen ones
It'll make us leaders of the pack

Curse me!
The beast from the pagan past
Was born from my genotype

Peter Stube put on his wolfish belt
Found your trace
In the snow

5. Mazzatello

Oh, where can I find thee?
Mazza will demonstrate your poor dignity

I've gone way too far
Now my mission has turned against me

Don't waste my time
Your eyes won't see the hammer going down

I'm the hand of the law
Abandon your hope
And look around

They want a show
Symbolic masquerade
Mystery of Death

Pulsing veins of your neck
Will make my knife wet

Religion prevails again
Start preying to your god

Is this what you've prepared for me?
Do I have to suffer for the rest of humanity?

I've gone way too far
Now my mission has turned against me

I know it's the end
But I won't die in vain

The martyr I am

I see your world already dying
I know I'm only the maker of the cause
Let Mazza hit the corrupted Earth

My death will be your birth
Release your dreams and spread your wings
Be grateful and remember me
'cause I sacrificed my life for you

Kill me now
Change your brain
My vision remains
Time will be the judge of us

But you can't make my ideas dead
You can't...

6. Holyguns

Go with the blow and start an explosion first
I fuck your opinion I'm feeling goddamn mad

I don't care about the world
Stop patronising me 'cause it's going insane

Clench your fists and join me
Law of the jungle is the only key

You're repulsive with your compassion

Violence is the tool, which reflects me
My birth is the moment that shouldn't be

7. Lamia

I want to touch you
When you take my clothes down
You're my asylum

Surround me
Let my fingers find the way
Burn baby burn

Is this a spasm of pleasure?
Or am I alien here?
Is this what I want?

But we're still apart
So close and so far
Paradox forcing me to leave you

I'm not a toy
My ears can bear your lies no more
The things you told me, empty words
They castrate my soul
I know
you're with
somebody else
I'm not
your marionette

Here in my brain
you're screwing again
pleasure of hate
makes me stronger

your voice hurts no more
I know you're a whore
The one to ignore
Feel my anger

Don't tell me lies
Depriving my mind
No mercy now
Die, die, die, die!

"Was tot uns nicht, macht uns starker"

8. No More Question

Some people say, you're isolated
They suffer 'cause you're able to hide
Form deranged altars of their minds
But everything is all right
And the best way is to bury your anger
In the name of the Master of Flies

Breath in all pollution
I'm trying to entertain our death

No more questions, go away
What should we do, they always care
No more questions, go away
We must devastate their insane structure
No more questions, go away
They taught us anthems, forbid to feel
No more questions, go away
I'm not a puzzle of your game

Release you dreams
and open you mouth to the TETA waves
absorb it gladly,
without shame
Surrounded visions, Unwanted scars
Ghosts will find your body
Be a shelter, welcome them
There's a secret you have to know
But then you won't stay alive

Be my Icarus and beware the sun

9. Limen

It's like a waiting bomb
Your voice is cursing me now
It makes me guilty

Take me alive
You know I'm not afraid
And I don't want to hide
Here comes the thunder

Let me go
I'm feeling like a freak
I don't know how to talk to God
Like leaves in the wind
We're fighting together
We've always been apart

It's like a clenching loop
Another strangulation
Sadistical overdose

Stay for a while
I'm afraid of the dark
And bite me now
I must go to my rose

I'm falling down
I have a one-way ticket

Look at me
What do you see?
Something made my body damned

It's like a guest
But it isn't him
This infection's controlling me

All the legions in my veins
Sing the anthem of my pain
They're besieging me

Who am I?
I know the price
There's no return from this hole

All the weakness I defy
Turns to be my last ally
It's deluding me

So it begins
The Patmos dream
The vindictive hand of God

No compromise
We have no time
Ending up in boiling water

10. Jack-In-The-Box

Call me, call me...
I'm not your imagination
Your hysteria makes me stronger...
Call Daddy with a hook looking for salvation
I'll traverse mountains to be your shepherd
I'll do it especially for you
Everybody knows, but nobody talks
Polishinel's secret

People think I'm crazy - whatever
I'm the fan of killing - forever
I am the jack-in-the-box
Time to meet me baby - together
Welcome to my Urban legend

Follow me
Leave me be
Time to thrill

People think I'm crazy - whatever
I'm the fan of killing - forever
Welcome to my heart break hotel
Time to meet me baby - together
Welcome to fright night

Fear I sense
Dark romance
Time to kill

For me - Euphoria
For you - Agony
For us - damnation forever
Come to me my fragile bride

The hook in my hand
Unchains your pain
Hidden behind the mask

Give it to me
I feel what you feel
Till death do us part

Step by step through the centuries
My spirit will equal with the god's of mayhem

That's the end of mystification
Now you're down, but I want more
Every soul is my resurrection
Dark embrace and I'm reborn
I'm reborn
over and over again

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