Dark Lyrics


1. Essence Of Brutality

I envision your face with a dead and empty stare. Not a tear will be shed for the loss of rotten flesh. I know that I will make you pay for the lives you've torn apart. I can't wait to see your carcass lying in a pool of blood. Now they see the real you. You were spineless all along. Poisoning the daily bread with your sickness and decay. All your scabs have fallen off. Your body bloody and exposed. Now it's time to face the truth: you've built the walls that trap you in. I will sew your eye lids together and blind you as you have blinded me. My eyes wide open, and now I see everything I should have seen before. I am coming to rip your life apart. Now is the time for you to pray in vain. The time is now. You have awakened the sleeping beast in me. Now revenge is mine. My pleasure is your pain. Waiting in silence, death fills the air. I can hear your heart pounding as you lie in your bed. Essence of Brutality-I drag the blade across your throat. Can you hear hell calling for you? I vomit on your fucking corpse. I smile as I watch you bleed. Justice has been served. Revenge is mine.

2. Pinned To A Guardrail

Step out into traffic. Your life is lost....worthless. You can kill yourself now. You lie to others--lie to yourself. You live a lie. You can kill yourself now. I'm watching your death come around the corner....your brains splatter on the windshield. I'm laughing. I've watched you kill yourself through the years. Too late to salvage what's already gone. There's no peace with what's left behind. Empty shell of what used to be. I'm watching your limbs fly off your lifeless corpse.....me spit in your face as you die. I'm happy. Pin yourself to a guardrail. End your pathetic existence. You're dead to the world--dead to me. A bleeding waste of flesh is all I see. Your life is fading further away. DIE. Your violent death is here today.

3. In Rat We Trust

Your god is a rat. Holy reeking vermin, stinking through the sermin. Rabid creator, frothing at the mouth, double-crossing whore. Nailed to a cross, stinking to high heaven. Flesh is falling off, head and tail severed. IN RAT WE TRUST. The forked tongue talks, bullshit revalation. Its slithering cock fucks all the Christian children. IN RAT WE TRUST. Oh Father Rat, please shit upon us your pellets of lies. Intoxicate our stomaches. Oh Rat Lord, Rodent be thy name. Lying bloody in the alley, rotting in your shame. Filthy ass-Jagged crooked teeth, knawing on the weak. Child molester-molesting the youth's privates in your nest of garbage.

4. Self Destructive Malevolence

Pray for the weak, God bless the deaf and the dumb. Where's the pride in watching our sons suffer? Democracy--the only way. Force-fed into starving mouths, now you're free. Kill their morals and social standards....all who oppose. Freedom is here. Destroy their past...their way of life. Reshape their world. Freedom is here. Burn this world until there's nothing left. Innocence is irrelevant. Nuclear war erases life. Scar the earth with their shadows. Violence begets violence. The cycle will not end until our kind ceases to be. Blood of those who've died justifying this world-wide killing spree. The only end: nuclear winter. Stop this madness before it's too late. No remorse. No Mercy. No life. Burn.

5. Terminal Gluttony

Glutton--over consumption. Consume it all, everything in sight. No control, never-ending feeding frenzy. Laziness--don't move, let your dinner come to you. Lie in your filth. Expand and rot. Dig your grave. Eat the soil. Vomit. Bury yourself repeat. Keep digging. Eat yourself into the grave. The path is paved with the garbage on which you feed. Let your huger consume your every thought. Do not stop until you cease to be. Feed your fat ass. That's it, keep eating. Eat your life away. Keep filling your stomach until it bursts. You live in disgust with yourself. There is no cure where there is no will. Morbid obesity spreads throughout the masses like a disease. Self-control has become obsolete. We all must feed far beyond our needs.

6. Bit By A Rat

Rabid demon in the street knaws my flesh so it can feed. Blood pouring in the spot that i stand, makes a feast for the vermin attacking my hand. Attached to my palm, I scream. The burning pain it needs. Rabid beast knawing my flesh. It shakes and twists. I wish for death. Red, all I see. Rat won't let go. Devouring my fingers, watching blood flow. Rabies entering my veins, infection growing. No feeling but pain. I cannot escape this relentless attack. BIT BY A RAT. Conciousness fading fast. This scar will forever last. With red, fiery eyes it screams. Taken down by its disease. BIT BY A RAT

7. Cleanse The Flesh

There's no escape. Hide you stupid cunt. Retribution is knocking at your door. I feel your presence. I hear you breathing. I must stop your blood from flowing. I follow your footprints. Stained with blood. Your lover lies bleeding on your bed. I walk into the bathroom. I smell your fear. My shadow lies upon you. Your end is near. I grab you by your hair and throw you in the bath tub. I run water over your face. I make you choke on your blood. Beg to me now. Beg for forgiveness. Plea to me now. Plea for your fucking life. No escape. Bleed. Choke for me. Bleed for me. Cry for me. Die for me. I wrap my hands around your neck and shove your head under the water. Take a deep breath. Inhale the liquid. The pain will stop when your lungs are filled. Slip away. I take your life away. I put an end to your stupidity. Your lies can't affect me now. All emotion turns to hate. My satisfaction arrives with your demise. I know you want to scream. Your dying eyes scream for you. Die for me.

8. Wahnsinn

Dyssentary develops. Suffer in starvation as your stomach eats itself. There is no light, only punishment for the crime of existence. Dyssentary devours. Your body is consumed. The disease of hate has taken you. Light is returned. Your death is revealed. This race is purified. Purify--rid the earth of lesser filth. Euthanize--murder those not fit for life. Purify--the time is come for genocide. Euthanize--millions of lives are nullified. Merciless murdering--no escape from the jaws of inhumanity. Death--the only escape. When you live under the reign of the beast. He promised prosperity....salvation....unity....lies. He lied. Burning flesh--the ashes rise into the night. Motherland--stained with the blood of impurity. Now your fuhrer is gone. Hail to his glory now. Fucking supremecy ended with cyanide. Now your fuhrer is dead. Hail to his glory now. Fucking stupidity ended with cyanide.

Jordan Varela ‒ Drums
Joe Payne ‒ Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Thanks to red.tiamath for sending these lyrics.

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