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1. If These Are Good Times

Yeah yeah look here what I got for you
I can hear you inside screaming
feed me the juice
There's nothing left for you to do
I got get mine no time to be sorry

If these are good times

Hey man ya got some spare chane
for me brother?
All I need's a little somethin'
You see me sittin' here face to the gutter
All'ya pass me by ridin' high
If the last one dead's a rotten egg
Meybe I'm better off a bad egg

All we know
If these are good times

2. Think

I don't even hear what you say
It's all about what you do
You think you're the mack
I'll tell you a fact
No-one gives a fuck about you

What it is
What is was
And what you always will be
You think you're my friend
You ain't my friend

I hear you talking about respect and clout
You never get a bit
A front or a back
We're gonna smack
Time to flip the script on you kid

3. No Fronts

No fronts no tricks no soap box politics
No guns just blunts we kick this just for fun

We come with the fat joints
To uplift the moods
Big up to people catchin' on this groove
This is Dog Eat Dog not a snitch or a snoop
I might chew a bone but don't call me pooch
We're not braggin - No
Are we laggin - Never
I can already see we got your tail waggin'
I could doggy bad ya
Or have you for lunch
The answer is no now - who fronts?

Introducing the kids who get loose
Microphone check one to the deuce
Deuce to the tre relax and parlay
With the 4-5-6 we roll hits
Flip the script to move your hips
Flavor we kick the boom to the bip
The boom to the bap ABK type fat
Strapped with crazy herbs and that's that

Alright kid what ya want ya get
S.G. Dog Eat Dog represent
You know the time so act like you know
Listen to the way this ill shit flow
We travel around all boro, any city
Some got beef but they wont get to me
If you come correct and your vibes are true
Peace to your crew
We're looking out for you

4. Pull My Finger

If I pull my finger on You
Would you pull your trigger?

Bang clack clack pop pop
How many have to drop before it stops
Big man with a trigger
What makes him bigger by blasting off a cap
But how do you figure?
The number one son-of-a-gun is named death
A thief of life, a poacher of breath
It's against me here's a dead ringer
You draw the gat
And I'll pull my finger

5. Who's The King?

[feat. Darryl Jenifer]

Who's the king? Who's the king? Who's the king? Who?
Who's the king? Who's the king? Who… hah?
Who's the king? Who's the king? Who is the king? [x2]

You're the king if you can sing like the king of rock n' roll
Filled with a soul and all fucked up on Demerol
Like the King
you're only headed for the ground
Your own Graceland, Your body never found

I smell a rat up the back
But not a former champion
The hardest man alive's in an Indiana prison
What does Donnie do about that?
He lets his main man rot
As his pockets grow fat

Don't snooze, you gotta make your moves
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt

Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt
But still Rodney King got treated like dirt
And why can't we all get along?
Why get along with the cops
They beat you like a dog

jumping high with pride
in the red, white and blue
Was it the thrills, the spills
Of the Rocket cycle dude?
The King dare devil
Took it to another level,
Evil Knievel, a well paid rebel

Don't snooze, you gotta make your moves
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt


Yeah… you dog

The Dog Eat Dog you wanna know who ah di king
But dinga-linga-ling jah man the school bell ring
But first you hafi know what typa ganja fi bring
Say, chat the ridim jah man a song we ah go sing

Here mi now youth come check the listing
The one Michael Jackson ah di king of the pop
The one Don King youth man you get boxed
Elvis Presley ah di king of the rock

Say, Run-D.M.C. dem ah di king of hip-hop
Butta Dog Eat Dog ah di cream of the crop
Selassie I ah sit down pon high top, pon high top


6. Strip Song

Strip Song
Start off the day say you wanna play
You don't wanna pay but you wanna stay
Do what you want when you wanna do it
Could of had more but you went and blew it
Now the time has come time to have some fun
Won't see the sun until I'm done
There's one thing before we begin
Get on the table and let me see some skin

Back to the story you know you really bore me
Hard enough to live when you're always horny
I like you you love me
Simple as that it's gotta be
I'm givin' you a chance you better take it
An orgasm you fake it
Something you should know before I'm good to go
We're gonna have sex I gotta see a show

7. Queen


8. In The Doghouse

You don't have to be the person
actin' like the fool
About time you learned you somethin'
so (you'd better) go to school
You never knew you had the answer
but that's a lie
Livin' by your intuition
and that ain't right

Face first
In the doghouse
Face first

would not could not should not
but you did
Don't even try to cross me
you snot nosed kid
This fight ain't half way over
you soft skin clown
That ill pill you're selling
just wont wash down
I can't help but think and wonder when
my time will come
So when you go for yours
you better knock me out
You come back to my neighborhood
and I'll bust your crown

9. Funnel King

Wake up Monday nothing new
Weekend has caught up with you
Lie in bed hold your head
Pray to god you ain't dead
Alarm clock rings out like a bell
Start this day a living hell
Take a breath and what's that smell?
Well it smells like shit... but you can't tell

Just like you - always there
Just like you - never care
Just like you - head's in a sling
Just like you - the Funnel King

Puke it out think its gone
But you're in for a marathon
Lips are blue eyes are gone
Garb the rim just hold on
This is like a weekly thing
'Cause you are the funnel thing
OK now but you ain't done...
Just wait until next Monday comes
Knock knock knockin' at your door
Never ever gonna drink that filthy beet
no more

10. What Comes Around

Ear to the ground keep one eye on the clock
The crew that's rising up this time
ain't the N.K.O.T.B.
Don't wanna take a number not gonna
stand in line
Think we're buying all the bullshit
well you're out your fuckin' mind
I only see in front of me
Will you watch my back?
Searching for the guidance such a long time
we have lacked
Land of equality who is number one?

What comes around
goes around hard
What goes around's comin' up harder

Open your mind now hear what I've got to say
People livin' off the street growing by the day
Speaking on the numbers I look out for number one
Politics can't fix this mess could a revolution?

I only see in front of me could you watch my back?
These be the times when truth is crime
and lie is fact
People runnin' game to make a name
this one weighs a ton

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