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1. Perished

A chapter ends another one begins
But time will heal your wounds
Turn the page and try to forget
And your heart will ease from grief

All your visions have died
Your life has been dethroned
There are no more tears in your eyes
You are numb by the shock
You are shattered by the tragedy
And the loneliness are unbearable

A hidden source to descend
In the essence of your dreams
A hidden source to descend
To find shelter from reality

Just like all forms of life
It all begins and ends
Everything will be drained from life
Life is like a flower
That blooms but also withers
But it seeds will precede unto a new life

When tears no longer exist it's hard to cry
The agony inside increase every second
Your life is torned apart you feel forlorn
The soul inside of you soon to be redeemed

2. As Life And Death Collide

In every dream I have a struggle against myself
As pictures rape my mind
By every waking moment life falls apart
I've lost my perspectives

Will I fade away into the abyss of dusk
To dwell in shadows is this my bereavement

But no one listen to the silent scream
No one hear me why bother to even care
Will I find a meaning to win what I have lost
And will I forget my misery

I search for the light
the sadness drowned in tears
I search for the light
still the wounds a part of me

But I know that life can be replaced
My only wish don't give me sympathy
And my life only seconds from being erased
It is time as life and death collide

The sight gets dim I feel the calm
In the wail of death
Embraced by shadows my face ever so pale
To another dimension I fall

3. Razorsharp

I'm bleeding those crimson tears
From my soulless heart
In this void of emptiness
I'm drifting further and further away
All emotions have faded away
I'm losing my self in this hell
One colour is all that I see
The colour of blood pure red

When life slips away the body of man will rot
To be put in a casket six feet down and never wake up

I can't decide if I will take suicide
But the thoughts are raping my mind
After all I think I'm better of dead
Is this the end of my life

Let's roll the dice and face the fact
It's the end of my path
A sadly moment as I know it's about to end
Let's roll the dice and face the fact
It's the end of my path
As I opened my veins with a blade razorsharp

There will be no more sorrows
There will be no more fears
In death's cold embrace
My eternal slumber

4. Erase The Burden

One more day without my deepest love
Another day in sorrow
I struggle to survive from the
Life you left behind

But I know that our time will come again
When my life be erased from the burden
I'll be cherish the memories within my heart
In my dreams I hide

You gave me everything
The laughter filled my void
Lonely and unbearable
I leave this world behind

So I say farewell to the life
That I never wanted
Like a shadow I will disappear
Without a trace

Will it ever be the same again
Will we meet on a planet above
Or is it true what they say about heaven and hell
Or will I be reborn

5. Embodiment

Egypt the land of pyramids
Filled with legends of ancient gods and kings
A tale lives on about the one eyed god
Buried in a chamber deep within
Dusk so intact so bittersweet
Still the eye shines with it's beauty

The crimson crystal are shining
Red like a blood red sun
Guarded by the spirit of the one eyed soul
And his fetid corpse
And by the myth there shall be a curse
Of diabolical wrath
Chaos shall appear and the dark lord will
Reign your mind

He embody his soul with your flesh and bones
He redeem and cherish the heart of man
He embody his soul with your flesh and bones
One final silence a departed soul

Destination towards hell
Through purgatory and into the flames
The soul shall suffer a thousand deaths
In the fire your spirit ,explode
So intact so bittersweet
Still the eye shines with it's beauty

6. Scars

I never thought that it would end like this
I never wished for this burden of mine
Like a splinter I fall of every word that is said
A hopeless shadow in closing longing for my release

As I embrace the separation
Of flesh and of soul
A placid life turns to dust
I will depart

Like a well within my deepest wrath
Ripping through me like a plague of pain
Bursting out my cage of glass
I scorn life

Sever my heart rip my soul
Shred this useless life of mine
I can't bear these scars no more
I'm falling down I'm burning my soul
You can have this pain of mine
You can have it all I'm forever unbound

So many hours of fear loathing and remorse
Entangled in this web of self-denial
Like a venomous thorn in my heart
Silence fell with eyes wide shut
Failing the grace eternal

7. Serenity Of A Departed Soul

Do you want to taste my pain
And to live in fear until the end of time
I will guide you towards the end
Behind the curtains you never seen
But I shall cherish your soul
Within my heart eternally
As I end your frail life

Its the calm before the storm
All your dreams have withdrew
A body deprived of its soul
I pursue my hate on you

You gave me scars within my heart
But they fade with you
My wounds will heal with your demise
As I crucified you on the cross
Your life ceased to exist immediately
As I ended your frail life

A precious soul so divine
The blackened heart turns to dust
A precious soul so divine
The serenity of a departed soul

8. In Absence Of Life

How I long for that precious moment as one with the soil
Redeem my soul from my pitiful life
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

A journey beyond all pleasant towards another existence
Through dimensions of burning souls my voyage ends

I'm just a marionette pulled by puppet strings
In the absence of light I scorn my wrathful demise

But I try to hide in a glade of gleaming darkness
I want let my soul stand ablaze I didn't vanished in vain

I'm forlorn yes I'm godforsaken in the pits of hell
All I wanted was to sleep forever inside my tomb of dusk
Divine angel you beautiful goddess embrace my soul with your wings
I ask you forgiveness for all my sins
I'm lost and I'm astray

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