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1. For Your Health

with age comes regret,
but regret never changed a thing
when will i learn to grow from my mistakes?

2. Blink Theory

i've watched as my world slowly changes around me
and i can't seem to grasp that this is all out of my hands
whether it be the constant desire to fill an empty void,
or hating my friends for living their own lives
i need to just accept that this is what it's like to lose my youth
things will never be the way that they used to be

i have to find some sort of faith to overshadow my regrets
faith in myself to know that this is the life i chose,
no matter what it takes from me
i know i'm only human, but what more could i be?
all i want to know is how it feels to truly overcome
spending my whole life with one eye pointed to the past
has done nothing but hold me back
it's time to let go of everything that i've kept inside

i'll show this world my heart, forever unbroken

3. More Than This

my words are anchors, they hold me back
my words are anchors, and i'm easily attached
they teach me every day how much i've failed to progress
i try to live my life in reverie
but those thoughts will never set me free

my childhood dreams cover these sidewalks in chalk
will they ever be reached?
or will the rain just wash them away?
time keeps disappearing as i lose my youth
every dream ends with a promise
a promise of something greater than this
whispers of the past have traced an outline in my flesh
but theres nothing left to show
from the burden left around my neck

i just cant let my life be forgotten

if i can make it through these days of longing,
then i'll learn to sing a song of hope
but sentiment is all i have to remind me
that i was meant for more than this

4. The Good Life

[feat. Grant of A Past Unknown]

this is my conviction

where am i drawing true inspiration?
what good are my passions if they aren't followed by action?
i know that i should be the one asking you what you stand for
like i've got it all figured out
some days it's so much easier to just hide from the guilt
i am no godsend
i am no walking saint

but they say we're supposed to be the change we wish to see
an endless search to fill our lives with purpose
i know that i have been selfish
but that's something we all can change
we all have the means to break our chains

we are supposed to be the change we wish to see,
but i get so lost in my own reflection that i forget what lies inside

what does it take to make a man?
i've made my amends

5. Muskies Never Lose

sometimes i lie in bed and pretend i can control my dreams
i try to fake reality, but my conscience reminds me that you were never mine
love let me go, and this is what we've become

now i wont hold my breath for a reason to give you praise
i never knew how i'd get myself over this
the way your lips spoke as they pressed against mine
was so much more than a whisper in my ear

the coming fall air will be my best reminder
that what lies in the past was never meant to last
we were never meant to last

i opened my world up to embrace what we'll never know
and with all my hopes and dreams beating within you,
you just walked away
but even with the lungs you stole from my chest,
i found a way to breathe without you

6. Needless To Say


7. Three Years Deep

this is the end
i'll never look at you the same way again
you walk a path of shame, all the while bearing your father's name
would he be proud? would he be proud of the woman you've become?

do you find some sense of comfort filling your life with broken nights?
it's hard for me to picture what's been between those thighs
and really, it's not like i'm some golden boy
but this is all still nothing new for trash like you
we've been through this once before, yet here you are
trying to convince me to lower myself to your standards
do the world a favor and never sober up again

you play the victim so well,
as if none of us can tell
that's no way for a woman to carry herself
that's no way for a woman to respect herself
you've spent the last three hours knee deep in all your failures
begging to get your fill from a man that means nothing to you
it's people like you who make me scared to be a father
because i would never want to call someone like you my daughter

8. Semis Passing Semis


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